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  1. Not to worry, wasn't a game I expected us to get anything from. A point would have been great but individual mistakes and injuries have cost us. We go again
  2. Fuck. We've been sloppy but we've not really deserved to be 2 down. Leicester are the best of the style of team we hate to play against.
  3. Jesus Christ, can we buy a bit of luck with injuries. Rodrigo has been in contact with someone who's tested positive so is isolating, Raphinha has picked up a knock, Llorente and Kalvin still out. Cooper is back, lets just hope he is fully fit this time. Pablo might not be the worst option against these anyway, we're gonna need someone to pick the lock. Expecting nowt though.
  4. Liverpool have one of the best teams in Europe, criticising Everton for not being quite on that level is fucking stupid. Everton have the potential to achieve a higher league position than they have for years, a couple of defeats shouldn't take that away from them. From what I've seen so far Everton, Leicester, Southampton, Villa, Wolves look far more like top 6 sides than Arsenal, Chelsea and the filth.
  5. Fucking jogging back when defending a 1 nil lead in the 94th minute. Jesus wept. They can both fuck off and form their super league with shite like that.
  6. What time does songs of praise come on?
  7. More title challengers than either of these 2.
  8. Yes Sky, Bruce and Ancelotti may have managed 20 teams between them but one has managed Bayern, Real Madrid and PSG, the other has managed Huddersfield, Wigan and Hull
  9. Surely no cunt is paying to watch some of this shit?
  10. I make it 10th: 4 leagues, 2 cups, 3 playoff trophies. 11th if you count Community Shield.
  11. The one about Rotherham never being in league one or the championship but always in both is true. I'm gonna go with Brighton are just randomly given points throughout the season, they never actually play any games. Pretty sure I looked through our fixtures and we don't play them.
  12. By eventually do you mean "before Christmas"?
  13. The person committing the foul is wearing red. You're welcome.
  14. These two came in the top 4 last year right? 😂😂😂 There's probably coming on for a billion quid of absolute fucking shite out there.
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