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  1. Watford, Southampton, Wolves, Norwich and Leicester, Norwich, Wolves... Sounds alright to me.
  2. That's a fucking embarrassment. I know Covid restrictions and shit but I'd give my left bollock to watch my team play in the European cup final, these shit cunts can't even give it away
  3. Just found out this was last night... Hahaha.
  4. What? Apart from Bamford isn't a wide man, none of that is correct. Bamford is the most natural replacement for Kane (obviously nowhere near the same standard) in terms of play style and I'm not sure he's ever played in a front two for us, maybe once or twice in the last 15-20 minutes when we've been chasing game but I'm not even sure about that.
  5. Bamford not being included is an absolute disgrace. Harrison probably a bit unlucky to not at least be in the provisional too. At least they'll get the summer off and it gives me even less reason to care about England's shit, depressing football
  6. Must remember to show this to the scum fan that told me "when you're in the premier league, everyone is that fit"
  7. Looking forward to finishing above Spurs next year
  8. It's all about second season syndrome now, keep up.
  9. Did Ryan Mason or whatever he's called win some sort of competition?
  10. Our lack of strength in depth is worrying, particularly in the attaching third. A couple of players out and we're a different side, desperately need an 8 and a 10 if we want to kick on, arguably another winger. Tyler Roberts is just not premier league quality and as much as I don't tend to question Bielsa, I do not get what he sees in him at all.
  11. European Super League 😅😅😅😅 Viva la Revolution.
  12. Oh no, I'll never be able to sleep.
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