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  1. Are you really expecting after 27 games for them to radically changed it?
  2. I WAS ALWAYS THE IMPOSTER I was actually getting bored of it
  3. DKCDWQ Scratch that RUXERQ Europe
  4. AND I WILL GUT YOU (with love)
  5. Fog stopped P1 happening at the Nurburgring and could stop P2 today as well This is because a medical helicopter couldn't land/take off and the circuit is too far by road form the nearest hospital. Knock on of this is that Mick Schumacher did not get his runout as expected and will have to wait for another race weekend.
  6. If anyone would like a game JQRKWQ
  7. He means Lineker, Lineker is certain individuals
  8. Saying spiritually replaced sounds like reaching, trying to replace something which is gone forever, and has been replaced by something bigger, better and led by David Beckham.
  9. I don't know what burning sensations has to do with Doctorates of Sacred Theology
  10. KRWGXQ if anyone wants to join now
  11. RDRTWQ if anyone wants a game
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