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  1. Broken Jaw, does this mean we won't be hearing him open his mouth?
  2. Bellator to be shown on BBC iPlayer in the UK from April.
  3. They do live in the backwards north remember.
  4. 不不不 不不不 不不不 But Coach Carter is awesome. Maybe Remember the Titans too?
  5. kettle, pot, really dark colours Klopp is doing what Fergie and Mourinho and a whole host of other managers have done before him, making the conversation focused on something so it doesn't focus on something he REALLY doesn't want it focused on.
  6. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    Did you get the sweatpants?
  7. Rich

    The Punk Thread

    I do! they are lovely lads as well.
  8. Of course the drivers want more grip and perfect tyres, but that's not what the sport needs, it's gonna be an endless narrative forever where the drivers will never be satisfied.
  9. Anyone up for a game UK evening time (9pm?) this evening
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