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  1. Stop living on past glories @Kaney you're beginning to sound like a Liverpool fan
  2. Varane is being bought to win trophies. Ben White is not. Madrid are a club that need to sell. Brighton are not. Varane is a world cup and champions league winner. Ben White is not. You are not comparing apples and apples.
  3. Also also, I don't think Man Utd are concerned with what Arsenal are doing this summer 🤷‍♂️
  4. You can take it how you like sweetums.
  5. But what does he offer Poland?
  6. Wagner looks like he is going to coach Young Boys instead of WBA
  7. I wouldn't take his time at Schalke as an indicator of anything, that club has bigger issues than their head coach. (This is 100% to agree with Adam btw)
  8. Llorente has tested positive for Covid.
  9. Liverpool's future confirmed
  10. They have had Garcia and Aguero leave already this summer, sold about 5 players last season, on top of it looking likely that others like Laporte, Ake, Sterling, Jesus, could leave. Matchday money, in 2019, the year before the pandemic made up around 15% of their revenue, at £55m. Again, I think they are okay financially.
  11. They have just shed a lot of wages, have won the premier league and got the final of the champions league. I think they are okay financially
  12. I don't have to imagine, I saw it in the mid 1990's and the mid 2010's
  13. Liverpool won a trophy last season under such circumstances, to use it as an explanation or excuse now looks daft.
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