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  1. Sounds like they should sign a QB that's a New Orleans native with two Superbowls, and just as many working middle fingers:
  2. An AAAA player that is sort of OK at playing outfield. He also has good cleats.
  3. Oof that's a lot of money on an older pitcher, but I think the Mets wanted this anyway they could. Mad Max and DeGrom on paper should be insane. Good for the Mets!
  4. It was the right move done weeks late but I'm glad it was done regardless. I expect us to drop at least 30 on Philly this week now and have a ton of deep balls thrown.
  5. Another angle where he ran across the tunnel to try and get LeBron from the Lakers bench. 😅
  6. Stewart was completely justified here but I remember a couple of games when they played Brooklyn he got ejected after a hard foul, and another when Blake Griffin was getting rough with him they both got techs for going at it, so it's safe to say he has a very short fuse.
  7. A solid -4 between 3 of my 1pm starters this week 😂
  8. I hope Justin Fields has a great game and all... but I'm gonna need them to lose so I can enjoy your first round pick this year. 🙂
  9. Luke Walton had the most underwhelming run in Sacramento, but I fully expect him to land another mediocre head coaching job for a season or two just based on his name alone.
  10. I doubt he'd go to NO with their QB situation in limbo, I think he needs to go somewhere with a QB that has been a franchise QB for awhile otherwise he'll run himself out of town again. He's turning himself into the modern day TO unfortunately.
  11. I'm glad I barely dodged the bullet of being the vampires first victim. 🤐
  12. I got tired of waiting for the X and the PS5 so I decided to go with the S and Gamepass (plus the Xbox live hack) and I think I might be good with this! It's crazy how many games they have up on here. I think I might go with Yakuza, B4B and try out Ori first.
  13. I'm just hoping Garrett is gone after the bye week so we can get some idea of how Jones would work in an actual offense that utilizes his strengths.
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