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  1. I don't think Stardom should have a Face/Heel Divide. Also Stables should be set to integral. Mayu Iwatani (STARS), Natsuko Tora (Oedo Tai), Giulia (Donna del Mondo), Momo Watanabe (Queens Quest) and Jungle Kyona (Tokyo Cyber Squad) are the Leaders of the Stables. Himeka joined Stardom in June as a member of Donna del Mondo. https://www.cagematch.net/en/?id=2&nr=19742&gimmick=Himeka From what I have seen in her first few matches, she acts very similar to Utami Hayashishita. She is also about the same size. So if you don't have her added already you could clone Utami.
  2. Brooklyn Page should be renamed to Brooklyn Creed. Change her In Ring Status to Active. Untick the Referee Role and set her Roles to Active Wrestler and Manager. She is also the wife of Logan Creed but I haven't found him in the database.
  3. On that note: Jokey aka Aivil retired at least temporarily because of an injury. The ICW Womens Championship should be set to vacant and Jokey/Aivil set to retired (and add a head injury [fractured cheekbone, facial nerve & sight issues], she explains the injury in the video below) Here is the video of Aivil saying goodbye in ICW:
  4. Thanks for all your work over the years with the TEW16 Real World Mod. Really enjoyed the mod.
  5. Looking at the rankings of the promotions I think there should be some small changes made. For example Impact is no longer in 3rd place behind WWE and New Japan. Personally I would list the Top20 like this: Also: It seems that New Japan and ROH will no longer work together for US shows, so remove ROH from the Alliance. In fact New Japan will start its own US Brand in the near future.
  6. Going by your guide - change both Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs to Middleweight
  7. Why do these women have AEW contracts? Emi Sakura, Faby Apache, Ivelisse, Jazz, Mercedes Martinez, Nicole Savoy, Shazza McKenzie, Ryo Mizunami, Big Swole, ODB, Priscilla Kelly, Tenille Dashwood So far, they wrestled one match for the company. But that is something that I've seen here (and the GDS forum) suggested a lot. Wrestler A has a match for Company X and immediately someone suggest adding this wrestler to the company. I think if a wrestler appears on 3-4 shows within a certain period of time he/she should be added to the company. Or if the company announces the signing of the
  8. Since it is a British promotion I suggest making another British promotion active instead or even better a European promotion. Currently Europe only has two active promotions with wXw in Germany and ICW in Italy. Maybe turn Fight Club Finland (http://www.wrestling.fi/) into an active promotion. US and the other markets (besides Europe and Australia) are already represented very well in the game. BTW I'm just curious why is Qatar Pro Wrestling based in Europe? Southwest Asia is not Europe.
  9. - Jacob Fatu is set as a Lightweight but weighs 300 pounds - change him to Light Heavyweight or Heavyweight (don't know what the limits are for the different weight classes)
  10. Thanks for the update. - Teal Piper was born on June 7, 1985 (according to IMDb) and set her to be based in South West - remove Willow Nightingale's injury - remove starting absence for Mercedes KV - remove Charlie Morgan from EVE, NXT:UK & Progress - set McKenzie Mitchell to be based in South West - add a starting injury for Samantha Heights (torn ACL - out for 4-5 months I guess?) WWE spoiler
  11. Janela confirmed in an interview with Chris Van Vliet that he will be exclusive to AEW. Regarding the AEW/NJPW relationship - I think once the deal between ROH and NJPW ends, New Japan will go All In with the AEW partnership. Also, Shawn Spears said that he has not yet signed a contract with AEW.
  12. WSU changes - I know the company is closed in the data, but since they changed the name I looked at the rest of the stats too and there are some changes that should be made if someone wants to make the company active (in my opinion).
  13. thanks for the update. - add mma fighter (other genre) to syuri The following is a list of Japanese female wrestlers that, according to cagematch and joshi city, are retired or their last recorded match was 2 or more years ago. Change their status from active to retired wrestler. - I don't know how exactly the young lions system in TEW works but I don't think women like Arisa Nakajima, Kagetsu, Makoto, Mayu Iwatani are considered young lions. All of them have a lot of experience, were part big matches for their companies and have won more than one championship. I don't know wha
  14. According to her twitter Rain is one of the owners of UCE Wrestling so maybe give her some Owner/Booking Skills (Rep [Owner & Booker] 5-10, Skill 15-20) that would allow her to take over a position of power. Also Rain seems to be married to the other owner of UCE Wrestling which is a man called Aleki (not in the data) who is related to the Anoa'i family. In the data Rain has a married relationship with Chris Gray so remove that relationship. https://www.ucewrestling.com/about
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