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  1. The stupid peacock service doesn’t let you stream all the games live.
  2. Just played a quick game where I went Merchant Republic instead of Feudal... got so lost when I died. It was fun since I’ve never done that before.
  3. I went to a Mets game during that whole John Rocker controversy a long time ago. The Mets were down going into the 9th and the Braves brought out Rocker to close out the game. He ended up blowing the save and it was such an incredible experience surrounded by strangers high fiving and jumping for joy. One of my favorite experiences of all time.
  4. Peru will face Brazil in the final this Sunday. Although last time around, Peru lost 5-0, I am cautiously optimistic we could nick a 1-0 or at least take it to penalties.
  5. The Eagles winning would be the worst for me. I live and work near Philadelphia and their fans are the absolute worst.
  6. I think I’m gonna have to start a brand new game. I didn’t get to craft all the upgrades or complete all the stranger missions. Also, holding off on online for right now. Do any of your upgrades transfer to the online game or is it basically a clean slate?
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