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  1. Ran through Devs pretty quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed it and especially Nick Offerman's work in it, it was nice seeing him in something other than a comedy.
  2. Very true. Admittedly, I didn't watch many Patriots games but the ones I did watch that kid was all over the field making plays, which I'm sure had a lot to do with Gilmore being the other DB in that secondary. I think that almost makes his INTs that much better though because the QBs were "picking on" him more and he made the plays. Not going to argue with Ramsey being selected though because like you said and I mentioned, the great DBs don't have many balls thrown towards them.
  3. I agree but they had the same amount of misses (3) but Sanders had 10 more FGM and was 8 for 9 from 50+. Hard to argue with anyone on that All Pro list although JC Jackson had 9 INTs and Ramsey had 1 but I know that Ramsey is Ramsey, most teams stayed away from him when they could.
  4. Same owner though. I don't care what my coach or GM wanted to do, the owner has the last call on matters like this. Don't see Jeffrey Lurie giving the go ahead after not doing it with Cooper. There would be a lot of backlash IMO.
  5. Not defending what he posted in any way. It's going to be hard to cut DeSean for this, when they didn't even cut Riley Cooper for what he said.
  6. Bosch is a very good show, just finished the latest season. Titus Welliver 👍 Just finished Season 2 of After Life and I really liked it, one of my favorite things Ricky Gervais has done.
  7. I like Reagor but I feel like we could've traded back and got him.. unless New Orleans was going for him.
  8. I think Arizona takes Simmons or one of the OT's. Arizona still has Kirk to go with Fitz and D-Hop.
  9. Need a shot of Zack holding the big ass Paul E. Dangerously cell phone and I’m in.
  10. As long as he spells TDs for the Eagles, I'm good with it.
  11. He's done it twice in the last 7 years. Not totally unheard of if he thinks it will help the team.
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