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  1. Oh I like the first three very much! Between the Bars is great but has been ruined a little bit through its use in all those wanky sadboi films with some skinny sensitive indie kid with shit glasses and a baggy t-shirt moping around feeling sorry for himself. But I guess it’s that kind of song. 😕
  2. Never thought I’d see Chris Cornell doing a Take That song
  3. You'll be excited with the recent news from the Chinese Super League then? In case you haven't seen it:
  4. by my reckoning this makes Latifi the 4th best driver at Williams. if he's lucky.
  5. Why the hell are there two Beck songs in this book? Devil's Haircut is better than Loser but it's still not very good. I don't think I've heard this Method Man and Mary J Blige one before but.I liked it. I think Liam is bang on with his assessment of Beautiful People. It's a bit shit but there's still a lot to like about it. I've listened to Fiona Apple's first album a couple of times and while it was by no means bad nothing was particularly memorable. So I know for a fact I've heard Criminal before but I just can't remember it. It's fine but this song doesn't really go anywhere
  6. Let me think. I’m a bit more out of touch with the new music than I used to be (getting old etc) but I’m sure I’ll be able to look out something!
  7. I’ve added it to my list!
  8. Tbf Arizona Iced Teas would be a brilliant name for a team. I would support them Oh wait I didn’t realise Arizona was a US drinks company. It would still be quite funny though.
  9. Sporting Kansas City is possibly the lamest name in all football. Not to mention that a few of the more generic sounding English language ones are being misuded. The appendage "united" was originally used to denote teams that formed as a result of a merger of two or more teams. Hence "united". It's improper just to stick it after Atlanta, DC or Minnesota just because you feel like it. But that's a minor quibble. It doesn't sound outright naff, whereas Sporting Kansas City most definitely does. I get why these silly names are being used though. Following soccer is used as a calli
  10. I really like a whole load of Animal Collective stuff but I didn't particularly like that Centipede Hz one and lost track of everything that came after. Maybe I should give it a go, because the sort of thing you describe is exactly what I like about them. Centipede Hz was just a racket.
  11. Maybe if they spent a bit less time implementing a penis length setting to make 12 year olds laugh they could have created a marginally less shitty game.
  12. You’re not allowed to say that these days
  13. Oh things have picked up now. Ready Or Not is a really good tune. I actually don't know that many other Fugees ones (although I like the first Lauryn Hill album) but this one is a top tune. I'm not overly keen on the Prodigy. They need to chill out a bit. In any case they deserve to have something in the book, and it might as well be Firestarter. It's pretty good when I'm in the mood for it. Nancy Boy is really good. It's also the only Placebo song I know particularly well. I had no idea that song was Tori Amos! I know it's a remix and all, but it's not the sort of music I'
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