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  1. I posted it in another thread, but if we finish 1986 and the Glasgow Diamonds aren’t featured I’m going to buy a copy of this book and set it on fire.
  2. this is my favourite NFL team https://youtu.be/utsHE5xWges
  3. I'm the same with you on Manic Monday. As soon as I found out Prince had a hand in it it became so obvious. It's not a million miles away in terms of ornamentation or feel from Raspberry Beret which he put around this time too (another song I'd like to see appear here). Anyway, I really like this song. Really nice harmonies. I know we are supposed to move on from crude comments on appearances in these enlightened 2020s but Susanna Hoffs is very radiant in this one. I think it is an unbreakable rule that any ensemble song with Bruce Springsteen in it is going to be a pretty bad song. And
  4. The nanny state primary school I went to banned balls at lunchtime, so we were reduced to playing football with a bottle cap. This actually ended up being far more violent than any sport with a ball could be, but it is also the reason I have better close control than anyone else in the world.
  5. yeah, I mostly watched this one to fill an empty Sunday afternoon but there wasn't much to get excited about.
  6. Oh golly gosh, TWotM is another wonderful tune. Also right up there with West End Girls and Rattlesnakes for the best of the 80s. Epic stuff. The Waterboys are a really underrated band. They're usually a bit more folky sounding than this, but they're always really good. The singer is also my dad's cousin or something like that, but that is not relevant to my deliberations here. I don't think I'd ever heard a Suzanne Vega song that wasn't that doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo one. This Marlene one is okay. It's definitely a song, you can't deny that. How Wi
  7. When I was a little boy I played Championship Manager 01/02 on my friend's Xbox regularly. It was hellish.
  8. You know kids, the last time I did fantasy football you picked your team and sent it off in an envelope with 50p and that was you for the season. This constant admin and team changing is too much for me to keep on top of.
  9. Music and verse are such wonderful gifts, and nothing can rouse us or bring us together quite like song. You obviously have something special, but I beg you to use it for healing rather than hating. We really need it right now.
  10. Mind you, when I saw Charlie Adam in action for St Mirren and Ross County in his younger days I was always impressed by his very big bottom.
  11. Yeah, the way it’s portrayed as the answer to everything in that kind of snake oily way has made me even more sceptical than I usually would be.
  12. I think data can be used in a number of very interesting and very useful ways but I think when we talk about it or use it to make decisions without understanding how it was collected and analysed - or knowing how to interpret it - we have problems. (Well not really problems because it’s football and nobody dies but you know what I mean.) I didn’t really know much about how xG works (thanks gazz for very good explainer) but I am innately sceptical about any combined metric that attempts to force a number variables into one number. My background is political science and we get these all the
  13. you are what the tabloid media would call.a boffin. Pretty sure we voted you people out in June 2016.
  14. Racing Point's ugly car makes a pretty nice kit.
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