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  1. Um also have Arsenal and Tottenham not got any self-awareness? Maybe they should try not to be utter dogshit in their own league before they start thinking about European super leagues.
  2. Oh well. That's horrible, but at least we still have cricket. Oh. Yeah...
  3. I saw a video of Kid Rock hanging out with Billy Gibbons. Seeing them together was upsetting.
  4. Shame it's pretty much the most boring football club badge you could imagine too.
  5. Thank god. I don't want to see those horrible clothes on MOTD.
  6. Too late. You made the silly post. Enjoy your confused reaction.
  7. I've not played this since the relocation thing came in. I'd quite like to give that a go. Can you expand the league or just move existing teams around? I mean, either is cool.
  8. I think people tend to find things a bit better when they hear it first time. I dug up this thread because I was looking for something about Metallica and I was amused to see the amount of people in the Death Magnetic thread giving it 10/10 or saying it was their favourite album ever. Wonder if they still feel the same way...
  9. Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually going to be Gordon Brown
  10. I used to like Lou Reed and now I don't. I used to dislike Metallica and now I like them. Isn't that fascinating? I'm such an interesting person.
  11. I've never knowingly listened to Tool but I recognise this song. I quite like proggy stuff (Tool are a prog rock band, right?) but this is kinda dull. Rhythmically okay and melodically uninteresting. I like enormous amounts of early 2000s RnB but NERD have never really been for me. I don't like their production style and Rock Stat is kind of boring. It goes too far away from early 2000s RnB and verges too close to early 2000s alt rock which I possibly hate more than any other musical genre ever. Fallin and More Than A Woman - that's more like it. I'm generally not a fan of minor key
  12. Got to admit that while I've always found it intriguing I've never listened to it aside from a few snippets. But in any case I'm not the biggest fan of post-VU Lou Reed anyway. Aside from Walk on the Wild Side, which is sublime, I can take or leave pretty much everything else he's done. So given my lack of interest in his "good" stuff I don't think I need to hear him mumbling along on top of Lars Ulrich's Incredibly Loud Cymbal. How did you find it?
  13. I’d love to get into Wembles for the England v Scotland game but at the very least I’ll head up to NW London and smash the place up a bit.
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