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  1. I got a new computer with a souped-up graphics card. Mainly because I wanted to play Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, I recently picked up GTA IV (because let’s face it, it’s by far the best GTA if you’re not a moron) and by maxing out the settings it looks absolutely brilliant. Way better than I remember it looking on the PS3 a million years ago.
  2. Aye alright Gazz we heard you the first tIme
  3. The commentator just said Hamilton was hearing the UK national anthem played after a race for the 99th time. Why are they erasing Jenson Button's existence like that? 😕
  4. I actually quite enjoyed that race, but I also don’t really care if they never do it again.
  5. Yeah, remember when people were all like "OH WHY CAN'T FOOTBALLERS BE GENTLEMEN LIKE THE RUGBY PLAYERS?" And then it turned out the England rugby team was packed full of homophobes and anti-vaxxers. (But rugby players go to the same schools as the Laurence Fox types so it was never much of a surprise to me.)
  6. Yeah, that France team had a lot of good attacking players but so much of their success was down to Kante and Matuidi keeping things solid at the back and taking at their time.
  7. I don’t get the backlash against Southgate. Three goals conceded during the whole tournament and not losing a game in normal time seems like a pretty big success to me. Some of those angry people should chill out a bit. Compared to WC 2018 where England were not that good and were genuinely lucky to get as far as they did it is a massive step forward.
  8. 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️
  9. I didn't really care who won one way or the other. I found the behaviour of the English fans unpleasant and I found the behaviour of the Italian players unpleasant. Still, I felt really sorry for Bukayo Saka. He's only a wee boy and the pressure must have been immense, and whenever I saw him in interviews or whatever I found him extremely endearing. Real shame it had to end like that.
  10. I’m going to watch the final with a Danish friend who was at the semi-final and is still incredibly pissed off at how it went. I’ve got a feeling his whinging might be so much that I might even end up switching allegiance to england five mins in
  11. Really don’t want to be in London for the euro final. Petty and pathetic? Who, me?
  12. As far as I'm aware I've never actually had a laser pointer shone in my face, but how much of a distraction actually is it?
  13. Being serious for a moment I'm looking forward to this final as a (more or less) neutral. I think Italy will edge but it's quite difficult to pick a winner. do you think they taught him how to take penalties?
  14. Yeah, same. Nothing against England or English people. I live and work in England, got a lot of English friends, the people on this board are great. But I hope you get fucking pumped and the memory of Euro 2020 brings you nothing but sadness and the memory of a scoreless draw against Scotland.
  15. I've got to admit - and this probably just confirms any lingering doubts about me being a miserable bastard - I also dislike the posh lefties who have noticed the England team is perceived as being "woke" so have started supporting the England team EVEN THOUGH THEY AREN'T REAL FOOTBALL FANS AND HAVEN'T SUFFERED LIKE REAL FOOTBALL FANS
  16. I think the olympic pool might be a more appropriate venue for an England v Italy final
  17. you should probably go look up some footage of Franny Lee playing for England in the 60s
  18. yeah this at least 50% because I'm a miserable Scottish bastard. It's a, "it's not you - - it's you AND me" kind of situation.
  19. like a really stinky cheese
  20. You know, at the start of this tournament I actually didn't mind the England team. They seemed like a nice bunch of lads and I wished them the best. But then the hype ramped up and you all started being so ... English. And fucking Lee Dixon. And the team still seem like a nice bunch of lads but I hope they are utterly humiliated in the final and everyone is miserable to such an extent they decide to never enter another international tournament.
  21. lol. This is the only way England can win tournaments.
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