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  1. What can I do in lundun today? What is fun?

    1. Gazz


      Helicopter flights.

    2. apsham


      I would've said "fundun".

  2. lvn da gr8 new choons from little mix n girls aloud n tulisa #girlpower #gotswag

    1. brenchill


      tulisa is well fit

    2. SRN


      All of those things are bad.

    3. YuKing CornEllis

      YuKing CornEllis

      I heard Tulisa's new album only sold 7,000 copies. Looks like she's blown it again.

  3. Oh man, I know! I mean, they're okay. They're not dreadful. But why does everyone make such a fuss about them?!

  4. what is the difference between Rimbaud and Rambo?

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    2. Your Mom

      Your Mom

      Rambo is your worst nightmare!

    3. Your Mom

      Your Mom

      Rambo is your worst nightmare!

    4. StevenRichardsRules


      Rambo has killed more Vietnamese people.

  5. I was so close to getting into a fight tonight guys! This guy was up in my grill all like RARARARARARARA and I was all like come on now don't be a meanie and he backed down;. Lucky for him.

    1. Owen


      rarararararara? It's not a good idea to get into fights with dinosaurs with tourettes...

    2. brenchill


      Sounds like he was just trying to get you to do the hokey-cokey with him :\

    3. LUKIE


      I call bullshit. I bet you stabbed him with a pen. Completely unprovoked mind you.

  6. why be so mean like that?

  7. whatever happened?

  8. u used to be cool


  10. i also like lana del rey :/

  11. i wholeheartedly agree with the poster on the Daily Mirror website who said "I THINK THAT CHER [LLOYD] IS AMAZING. SHE SHOUDN'T BE HATE"

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    2. metalman


      I think she makes a good point. She shouldn't be hate.

    3. Rocky


      Who's Cher Lloyd?

    4. Meacon Keaton
  12. sorry dude! my mistake.

  13. WHEN THEY SAID they said REPENT repent REPENT repeeeeeeeent

    1. Sousa


      Give me Christ or give me Hiroshima.

    2. Dingle


      I wonder what they meant?

    3. Hobo


      Give me Stalin and St. Paul!

  14. remember not to post any spoilers!

    1. Matt


      Darth Vader is Luke's father.

    2. metalman
  15. what is your favourite madonna song?

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    2. Your Mom
    3. GoGo Yubari

      GoGo Yubari

      Vogue is definitely my second-favorite behind Ray of Light.

    4. SRN


      Party Rock Anthem.

  16. and I have gin and vodka! we can knock up some long island ice teas between us.

  17. then we can go and get drunk! or whatever else you like doing. drunk is fine.

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