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  1. Oh I get you, I didn't notice you added italics first time round!
  2. Just saying, I know a couple of people from Keighley and they are total weeds.
  3. I thought Leeds was West Yorkshire? I could take those people.
  4. I’m a bit late to this but that Leeds owner is a bit of a part isn’t he. With this and the racist goalie they’ve done a pretty good job of shooting their “everyone’s second favourite team” status down in flames, eh?
  5. So it’s just a big plastic box that contains nothing but a Steam code? How strange 😕
  6. Here's the Guardian list btw. Not really surprising, apple is up top as per https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/dec/01/the-50-best-albums-of-2020
  7. and it makes you feel a little bit less alone in this big empty world
  8. What did he do? Did he put in “cupset”? I don’t think I would naturally use such a tacky term.
  9. Didn’t Exeter pull off a cupset over Man Utd relatively recently? In 2005 or thereabouts?
  10. Where the Wild Roses Grow is fine. Bit too nineties in its production. I don't like those snare drums. Insomnia is great. I don't know any other Faithless songs - as far as I'm aware, but Insomnia is more than good enough for one career. I think Scream is the first Michael Jackson song I became aware of. I certainly have primordial memories of that music video. I don't like the song very much. Hell is Round the Corner is great. I'm quite surprised we haven't seen Portishead in this list, actually. I think I first heard this song in an episode of Skins. lol. Born Slippy is b
  11. Oh my God it’s obviously a Charlie Brown Christmas. Cant believe I overlooked that earlier.
  12. Teenage Fanclub is a good one. Anything with their warm sound and vocal harmonies works for that sort of thing.
  13. I quite like smooth pop/rock music for that sort of thing. Hall & Oates is ideal. Pretty much all of the so-called yacht rock.
  14. I hope they put Portugal or Istanbul in the empty slot. I liked those tracks.
  15. I hope it's a one off. I don't particularly like Perez - his behaviour with Ocon at Force India was extremely distasteful and that's heavily coloured my perceptions of him since. Whereas Albon seems like a nice lad, albeit not quite in Perez's class on the track.
  16. Baddar is such a great guy and this forum’s other internet cool dude. I’m on the fence about LL.
  17. I’m very much a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas songs. Five Christmases working in retail have pretty much ruined all the Christmas pop songs for me - not that I particularly liked them in the first place. But I love the carols, the hymns, the Bach, the King’s College Choir and all that. Great tunes and - assuming you have the right recording - extremely atmospheric. Most of the secular Christmas music is banal, but such banality is what you are likely to get when you attempt to put a secular spin on a sacred event. It’s sugary and accessible but even the few odes to co
  18. I’m quite tempted to go down to Stranraer in order to conduct some experiments on this. Personally I think someone from Stranraer would call you a diddy or maybe a dafty if it’s someone particularly fierce.
  19. Okay, fair enough. But he got Everton up to 8th. That was nice of him. I’m not going to dispute that Allardyce might not be the most likeable character, or that his teams might be a bit dull to watch. But any contention that he isn’t up to the job, that he doesn’t deserve these opportunities or that he hasn’t been successful just don’t match up with his track record.
  20. You just hold a grudge because you unwillingly bought him a house.
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