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  1. Okay, fair enough. But he got Everton up to 8th. That was nice of him. I’m not going to dispute that Allardyce might not be the most likeable character, or that his teams might be a bit dull to watch. But any contention that he isn’t up to the job, that he doesn’t deserve these opportunities or that he hasn’t been successful just don’t match up with his track record.
  2. You just hold a grudge because you unwillingly bought him a house.
  3. When I was in second year at university we always used to go to this Irish student’s flat on a Friday night because she lived in a handy location for going out after and oh my god, the pre-drinking combined with Jason Aldean and Rascal Flatts and all that shit playing in the background has pretty much scarred me for life.
  4. This is unfair. None of the teams he has managed could expect to any major trophy success, and he exceeded expectations at all of them (Newcastle excepted, admittedly). He took over at Blackburn, Crystal Palace, Everton and West Ham when they were in the relegation zone and left them in a better place than he found them, and his Bolton team were genuinely one of the best things of early 2000s PL. He’s an easy punchline but I don’t think West Brom could call on a better guy to get them out of this fix. I also think there is a slightly nasty element to the anti-Allardyce stuff which emanate
  5. Why be so critical of Allardyce? He’s not very fashionable but more often than not he gets the job done at teams of this calibre.
  6. Ah Dublin makes sense because there are a load of Irish people who only listen to US country music (and for some reason only the really crap stuff) and think that makes them cool. It's a weird Irish thing.
  7. Champagne Supernova is dull as ditchwater. I'm by no means an Oasis hater but I can't take them doing ballads. They just drag on forever. I hate that bum-ka-cha-ba-bum-ka-bum-ka-cha drum rhythm they used all their slow songs. I know Garth Brooks has sold a kazillion records but I guess he must be one of those phenomenons largely confined to the US? I've never heard anything by him before. This song is a bit pointless. Ash have a few good tunes but I'm not sure I know this one. It's what I expected from Ash, pretty much. It's nice but I'm not blown away by that. 1979 is a banger.
  8. Ooh I like a big open world runaround but I’m on the fence with this one. Apparently it’s a bit gubbed on PS4 then? I’m not really inclined to move to the new console generation until I see a game that compels me to want to do so (it was RDR2 that nudged me to PS4 about five years too late, incidentally, but I’m not really the most avid gamer) and Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t quite at that level for me.
  9. Yeah Gerard Houllier always seemed like one of the good guys, and those cup teams he put together were great fun. In terms of entertainment Istanbul is really closely rivalled by the game against Alaves in 2001.
  10. So Raikkonen was best Ferrari again. That kid’s got potential.
  11. Here's the NME list. NME isn't quite the trendmaker it once was, but here it is anyway: https://www.nme.com/features/nme-best-albums-of-the-year-2020-2835612?fbclid=IwAR0HJX4zida8Bg0eJvbTBEUm7dyNgbKp1v7pgClUiO7Y4GMdCgNTLcY29gc
  12. Will it make me seem petty and small-minded if I say it's every time England get knocked out the World Cup or the Euros? Because I don't care.
  13. I still don't really understand this. Is ray tracing basically about reflections? So it's like accurately showing the reflection of a mirror in a mirror? I'm not sure if that's right. I've never even heard of rasterisation.
  14. I would assume his dad ploughing money into Haas will ensure he stays safe.
  15. I wonder if Paul Pogba’s brother said good things about his spell at Patrick Thistle. Pogba could fit in quite well in Maryhill.
  16. Oh my god Scotland could actually qualify for this one. And we’re drawn with Israel yet again. A small country riven with religious sectarianism that doesn’t get on with its neighbours ... and Israel.
  17. I thought that too! He seemed pretty pissed off in that interview and didn’t do a great job of hiding it.
  18. I've got to admit I was a bit annoyed with Perez at the start because he was the only person to stay in out of his little tangle with Verstappen and Leclerc and I was worried that those two going out early might harm our chances of an entertaining race. But fortunately the race still pretty entertaining and Perez did great. He got lucky from various pitting fiascos for Sainz and the two Mercedes, but I guess he deserved a bit of luck after last week.
  19. Stagecoach buses, if he's lucky.
  20. This could be a bit embarrassing for Bottas
  21. This might be (i.e. probably is) a stupid question, but is World Superbike different from Moto GP? And if so, are they different sports, or just different divisions of the same sport? And which is most important/popular? The only motorbikist I've heard of is Valentino Rossi.
  22. Surprised they didn’t put Freddy Adu in there
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