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  1. How many international teams are there? Any glaring omissions?
  2. I like them. Give "Focker" a chance.
  3. Kelly Dalglish isn't half bad either.
  4. I am pretty sure that even with all the extra places, Scotland will still find a way to fuck it up.
  5. They'd be better off just increasing it to 20 teams. In the style of the Rugby World Cup.
  6. I'd agree with the view that Limp Bizkit are a horrible band yet they do carry a certain nostalgia. They were fun times.
  7. Ah. Our gay reality singing show person actually managed to win. Good old Will Young.
  8. The blonde one is the best. Though she isn't blonde in either of those photos. Eh...
  9. I joined my university's student radio and as part of this I have to write reviews for singles, albums and gigs. I've really enjoyed it so far. There's been lots of good discussion and plenty of free CD's and gig tickets. I thought it would be cool if I posted my reviews here too, just to get a bit of discussion going. Obviously the reviews are going to be some way short of professional standard as I'm very inexperienced but I hope to develop over time. They're also highly opinionated, so there is a very good chance you might disagree with me. Feel free to make it known though. I'd apprecia
  10. Stars and Sons - Broken Social Scene Hurricane - Bob Dylan Jackie - Scott Walker
  11. I really enjoyed that book. I have fond memories of reading it on a bus to Barcelona.
  12. It has just occurred to me that Morrissey's falsetto in "Miserable Lie" is infernally annoying.
  13. Oh. I thought I had finally met someone other than my dad I could talk about Steely Dan with. I'll have to keep looking I suppose.
  14. I thought that said "Tsunami Cancelled", which seemed a bit of a weird thing to say, and the only reason I opened it up. Sorry about that. I shall go away now.
  15. I like Biffy apart from that piece of shit single they have out right now. Bowie is fantastic. Kid Rock should fall down a hole. I can't remember the rest. That first bird was a bit alright. Lorraine Kelly - ehhhhh
  16. Is that especially demanding on the CPU? I've always wanted to do that but I was unsure if the computer could handle it.
  17. 14th November release eh? That's my birthday. How convenient.
  18. You likee Steely Dan? I think they're fantastic.
  19. I enjoyed it. I'll probably watch the next episode.
  20. If I remember correctly I was the only one who voted for EUIII. I'm pretty surprised about that.
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