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  1. Happy international men’s day, Colly
  2. Do you think this is likely to happen? I think you might be in the realms of fantasy here. 🤔
  3. I got that Assassin Creed Vikings game. It doesn’t work. Buggy mess that won’t allow me to start a story mission. Looks good though. Maybe if I give it a week or so they’ll fix it.
  4. Is this it? https://oapub.org/edu/index.php/ejep/article/view/2174 Got to say I love the journal’s 90s style website.
  5. Even Four Minute Warning by Mark Owen?
  6. I really like Cesaria Evora! Wasn't expecting that. Ladysmith Black Mambozo are cool too. That Black Crowes song certainly exists, you can't deny that. Not really sure what the point of it is though. The singer's voice annoys me. I really do quite like that fat guitar tone on Walk. There's not much else going on here though. All I really know about Pantera is that their guitarist got shot and their singer did some Nazi things. Neither really inclined me to look into them further.
  7. No. If there’s a broken system that doesn’t absolve the individual of ethical or moral responsibility. If someone is to be rewarded with a knighthood you would ideally hold them to a higher standard than “well at least he hasn’t broken the law”.
  8. Manic Street Preachers have an awful lot of bloat, don’t they? But they’ve never completely shat the bed to the same extent as many of their Britpop contemporaries: at their worst they’ve merely been boring rather than outright bad. But at their best they’ve assembled a far bigger collection of bangers than the likes of Oasis, Blur, Pulp whatever. For my money the best rock band the of the 90s, and I’d love to see a greatest hits set from them.
  9. I like Lewis Hamilton but the tax thing is highly unethical and the fact it was ever done at all means that it will take a long time to excuse. I’m not saying I don’t think Hamilton doesn’t deserve a knighthood, but his dodgy tax affairs shouldn’t be brushed off so easily. (And the fact that other drivers do it isn’t a defence - they’re all wanks too)
  10. Connected is really good. Stereo MCs were very much a 1992 band, but they had a fair few good songs. I like Motorcycle Emptiness too
  11. Pfffft everyone knows Cowdenbeath are the blue Brazil
  12. I don’t want to discuss the grammys
  13. I quite liked the last two she did too, but I guess if you’re pumping out one a year you might run out of ideas at some point.
  14. not happy that they are putting celebrities on Fifa but we don’t have Fred Durst yet
  15. Scotland have never missed in a penalty shootout. Don't understand why England find this so difficult. : /
  17. Bit weird that as so many other games are getting better at this and including special colourblind settings FM appears to be moving the opposite direction.
  18. I really like Justified and Ancient. I’m a big fan of that kind of racer soundscape, I like a lot of those tunes. Enter Sandman is quite good. Weather With You is quite good too. I don’t think I know any other songs by Crowded H. Young Hearts Run Free is definitely one of the very best songs of the last 50 years, good shout. YGTL is good too. Endless really good remixes of it too, I’m not really sure what my favourite version of it is. Blind Willie McTell is good too. Bobby D was not very good around this time but this one of the few exceptions.
  19. I was so terrible at Hanoi. Kept crashing into walls in the first half and couldn't get a good rhythm the second half.
  20. Losing My Religion is a really good song, and I'd never really considered that until recently because I'd heard it so much. The little mandolin fills at the start of each verse are my favourite part. Life is not a highway tho That Lenny Kravitz song isn't bad by any means but I also don't see the point of it. It's regurgitated blues rock that was done way better in the 60s with annoying compressed early 90s production added. I quite like this Australian one. Unfinished Sympathy is great and maybe the best of the 90s SO FAR.
  21. It’s nice that they’ve tried something that sounds a bit different but it would have been nicer if they tried something a little bit different twenty years ago. Also it’s not very good.
  22. I think I'm with Liam when it comes to Ozzy Osbourne solo. This isn't a bad song but it's not great either. Smells Like Teen Spirit is obviously excellent. Took the style of those late 80s American alt-rock bands and made it shinier, brighter, poppier, and better. The sample is what makes Summertime. It's great. Similarly, Give It Away has such a good groove that it doesn't really matter what inane nonsense Anthony Kiedis is spewing over the top. Good song. I can understand why people revere One so much. It is very anthem. But not for me thanks. I don't think it is bad or a
  23. I love Richard Thompson, Fairport Convention etc but I’ve never listened to that one, I’ve mostly kept to the 70s. But it’s a good song and nice to see it here!
  24. So you were right! (This is the first time I’ve actually played this game since I posted this because I don’t own a PS4 but I’m staying with someone who does right now.) And it is just so much more fun with steering assist off, and I actually fuck up less because steering assist keeps you right on the racing line which means you sometimes hit cars when you really shouldn’t. Also, turning off steering assist means you can go away from casual mode so you get crashes, safety cars and all the stuff that makes the game a bit more unpredictable. I just got 5th place in the Bahrain GP so I’
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