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  1. I love Richard Thompson, Fairport Convention etc but I’ve never listened to that one, I’ve mostly kept to the 70s. But it’s a good song and nice to see it here!
  2. So you were right! (This is the first time I’ve actually played this game since I posted this because I don’t own a PS4 but I’m staying with someone who does right now.) And it is just so much more fun with steering assist off, and I actually fuck up less because steering assist keeps you right on the racing line which means you sometimes hit cars when you really shouldn’t. Also, turning off steering assist means you can go away from casual mode so you get crashes, safety cars and all the stuff that makes the game a bit more unpredictable. I just got 5th place in the Bahrain GP so I’
  3. Good old Bradford City, keeping things going from 1999-2001.
  5. Kool Thing is pretty good. I like Sonic Youth but I'm not really good at picking out individual tunes. They're all good as a package though. I thought we might have got something from them a bit earlier but if you're gonna have one of their songs in this one makes sense I guess. I really like the Neil Young original and this is a nice cover too. I'd heard Crazy before but had no idea it was Seal. I like this song. I've got to admit I quite like this adult contemporary MOR rnb type music you got around this period. Nusret Fatah Ali Khan and Oumou Sangaré I know and like, but I'd
  6. The 1966 team seem to be dropping like flies over the last few years. It’s a real shame and it’s pretty remarkable when you read obituaries and find out about these guys being forced to sell their World Cup medals to pay for social care or whatever and compare it to what modern players with a fraction of their achievements are bringing in. [/grumpyoldman] But Bobby Charlton was England’s best player and the third best British player (after Denis Law and George Best 😏) in what was a golden period for the game so you really want him to hang on and be in as good health for as long as p
  7. Okay I looked it up too. I've never even heard of this guy. At least I know who Zuniga is. He was a reasonably big deal when Strachan signed him.
  8. Didn't Zaki get a few goals for Wigan? Is he 2008?
  9. this is what I should have just said instead of going on a deranged rant about that stupid Istanbul song.
  10. Oh well. That’s the pro-independence movement lost their biggest celebrity backer.
  11. I totally approve of your quest to diminish Man Utd’s commercial power by using black market suppliers
  12. DID YOU KNOW that he produced the 2011 Rizzle Kicks song Mama Do the Hump, which eventually got to number 2? Remarkable man.
  13. Today I found out (thanks to LinkedIn, lol) that one of my former law school classmates works for the United Soccer League. Isn't that cool? Maybe I could get free tickets.
  14. Aha! Fair enough, I didn't watch the Portuguese race. But he seemed a bit of a laggard in a lot of the others that I did see.
  15. Maybe I'm being unfair, but I think Kimi has lost it. I'm surprised he's being kept on.
  16. A Tribe Called Quest! Finally a hip hop artist that I like! And I love them. Bonita Applebum is great. I'm not really a lyrics guy so I'm not really a hip hop guy, but A Tribe Called Quest always have such great beats and samples. Energy Flash is great too. I'm not a raver or an MDMAer but I love the music. Same goes for the Orb. Dub Be Good To Me is good, but I actually prefer the version with Lily Allen. Shudder. I don't really care about Jane's Addiction. I don't dislike them. I'm just not interested in them.
  17. I had no idea Painkiller was as late as 1990! Top song though, probs my favourite by Judas Priest (although I'm by no means an authority on them). Loaded and the Cocteau Twins are great too. TMBG are on of those bands that have been around for ages that I've never really listened to. Mainly because I hate that shit Istanbul not Constantinople one that losers on Internet forums always post whenever Istanbul is mentioned in a topic because a lifetime of memes, Youtube videos, wrestling and shit gifs means that they lack any better cultural reference for one of the most historically signific
  18. I have no strong feelings about Florida football but I also think David Beckham is a cock so I am on team ORO for now.
  19. Back To Life is great, Soul II Soul had loads of great songs. Was a bit upset when I saw Pet Shop Boys and Dustry Springfield and it wasn't What Have I Done to Deserve This. That's one of my favourite songs ever. The Blue Nile are great, both their first two albums are incredible, there's nothing quite like them.
  20. Yeah I think the main thing street circuits have going for them is the novelty factor, but you lose that if you’re doing one every other race.
  21. As the Liverpudlians among us might say, Ryan is lame, la
  22. MGTH is good. Would agree that it is a better song that Where Is My Mind, which, while I liked it at first I've heard it so much that I pretty realised what a flimsy song it actually is. MGTH has a lot more going on. Who are the Sundays? Is this another of these Australian bands? I've never heard this before but I like it. Lullaby is great. Disintegration is such a big brooding monster of an album and Lullaby captures quite a lot of that. Great stuff. Was quite surprised to find out it is the Cure's highest charting single though, as they've had quite a lot of tunes that are much mor
  23. the linesman could have worn a toupee
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