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  1. I feel like this is karma, but I started a game as Newcastle with the first transfer window turned off, thinking it’d be a fun challenge to get to January and then spend all the money. Turns out there seems to be a bug meaning I don’t get a January transfer budget
  2. For the first time since VAR was introduced, I've had a goal awarded to me (or at least not overturned) by a VAR check and it was my very first one of the season.
  3. I love the logic of the big clubs on this game. As AFC Wimbledon, Man City wanted to sign Emi Buendia from me after one season. He’d had an ok season so I was willing to sell, asked for £60m and they accepted and a few days later, bye bye Emi, thanks, you had a decent season. Couple of days later I see that he has been transfer listed for £80m with zero interest. Ok, that’s funny. Let’s see if they’ll accept a loan...they did. No fee, 50% of his wages and option to buy for £80m and Emi has returned!
  4. I completed the main game for what must be the third or fourth time the other day and started on the DLC for what is only my second time, so I'm quite excited. I barely remember much of what was added apart from Touissant being an absolutely huge new area, so that is really cool. It's definately one of the best games ever, with the story, voice acting and everything still holding up really well.
  5. Everything still appears to be available on Sortitoutsi https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/1/cut-out-player-faces
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-50156033 It’s so bad it’s on BBC
  7. Was really disappointed not to see more of Leah Williamson. She's the best defender in the champions of the WSL who's game is built around playing out from the back...something Phil Neville claims is the "non-negotiable" England style. Anyway, all this means is I can happily support the Netherlands. Miedema and van de Donk are so damn good and I'd love to see them against USA.
  8. Obviously I knew it was in the game but it's still pretty cool to finally see it
  9. It's on PC. Xbox announced the Ultimate Games Pass which includes the new PC Games Pass. Incidentally, if you have a Xbox Live Gold pass you can convert any remaining time to the Ultimate pass for £1 and you won't be charged (£10.99 a month) until the originally subscription applies
  10. Agents of SHIELD starts up on E4 tomorrow night. Feels like this is the earliest we've had it.
  11. I appear to be in the minority here but I loved it.
  12. I kind of think there’s a degree of character preference that clouds the perception of acting ability.
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