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  1. This is correct. It's set for January 1, 1998. I might try to update the scenario sometime with the items mentioned above. Glad people are still finding this and enjoying it.
  2. https://www.mediafire.com/file/f3qjaao4u7gofln/EWR199812222016.zip/file I think this will still work. Let me know if not.
  3. On relationships: Last I looked, Billy Gunn and Austin Gunn don't have a blood relationship in the game, but I could've missed it. Also, some friendships/bonds are very, very strong. Case in point: AJ Styles is very upset about The OC getting fired by WWE. I'm sure it will affect his morale and view of the company. It's up to you, as you're the one putting in all the time with the game, and I get that it may increase load times and also make the game more difficult. ---- On WWE's PI: They're miles ahead of all other promotions. If their PI is going to be dropped,
  4. I figure you won't mind since you gave credit at the end of your first post, but do you mind if I use this scenario as a base to build my own Fusient Buys WCW scenario, as long as I give you and the various predecessors credit? Not saying I am definitely going to take a stab at it, but it's something I have thought about over the years. I just wanted to get permission to use your scenario as a base. Thank you.
  5. I just noticed the AEW Women's World Champion is incorrectly listed as Riho. The champion is Nyla Rose. I could just have that wrong in my update data, though.
  6. I would bump Cody to 93 and MJF to 92, to be honest. Both are very compelling promos and have shown a lot of variety and ability to cut a variety of promos in different settings and always be entertaining. They've both received a lot of praise, and Cody is just slightly ahead because he's shown he's able to cut intriguing and effective promos as both a face and heel, and he's shown a bit more charisma in-ring. Some AEW stat suggestions: Lower Jon Moxley's speed to 48 and raise tech to 59. Raise Adam Page's speed to 66, tech to 68, over to 79, charisma to 78, and stiffness
  7. I've uploaded the scenario again, per some requests. https://gofile.io/?c=vWnvS3
  8. https://gofile.io/?c=vWnvS3 I just uploaded the latest version using a new website. I've never used this site before, so let me know if you have any problems.
  9. Thank you. https://myaccount.dropsend.com/file/6c4716d4a694ddd5 I found this upload link from years ago. It looks like it still works. If it doesn't, let me know, and I can upload it again.
  10. Thanks for giving Omega a boost in over and brawling. I also appreciate you putting these updates out consistently. I noticed Omega's finisher is still misspelled. It should be One Winged Angel. If you could fix that, I'd appreciate it. EDIT: Staff member Matt Cappoteli (spelled as Capotelli) passed away and will need removed.
  11. With regards to the NJPW stuff, Jericho has gone on record as saying he will not work any NJPW US shows out of respect for Vince. I would leave him as touring for them in Japan, but he will not wrestle anywhere in the US besides WWE.
  12. CM Punk is doing an autograph signing or appearance or something with Starrcast for the All-In Weekend in September. I get that he's no longer wrestling, but after UFC 225, I figure he might be involved in wrestling in some way in the future, or at least has the potential for special appearances. I would leave him in as a non-wrestler, personally. NJPW Dominion 6.9 (2018) spoilers: Personal stat suggestions: Raise Kenny Omega's brawling from 73 to 80 and over from 80 to 83. I feel like he's being pretty underrated in terms of his ability to tell a compelling stor
  13. Can I please get my 1998 scenario on the site? I feel it is a better overall scenario than the one on there currently. https://fil.email/73HbNIaA?&showconfirmation=true
  14. I would consider looking at my 1998 data. I put a ton of effort into getting data for promotions, workers, relationships, etc. Obviously there will be some workers who will need added who passed away in 1997 (Brian Pillman for example), and some workers you will want to adjust stats for, dispositions, who they're employed by, the champions would all need adjusted, etc. But it would at least give you a big base to start working on, even if promotions and other things wouldn't be necessarily accurate. Also, just in my opinion, I never give a worker a 100 stat for virtually anything, except
  15. I've been considering making a scenario based around the end of the Monday Night Wars, possibly a few versions (alternate scenarios where WCW survives on TNT/TBS, one where WCW moves to another network, one where both WCW and ECW survive, etc.) The amount of time and effort involved is always a hindrance. The 1998 scenario I originally made on which you're basing the scenario took me a very, very long time, and there are still probably some errors, omissions, and general issues. You're going to have a great difficulty getting much help. I definitely had a few people help me with my s
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