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  1. Exhibit A of the game plan, run around and throw yourself down. The English way!
  2. McCoist ready to march on Carlisle 🤣
  3. It was the old Arsenal wall routine, if you're scared of being hit in the face don't be there. Not quite a full Fabregas but if you're putting arms in front of faces that's always going to be a penalty, especially with VAR able to flag it now.
  4. penalty for assault there after cheating. That'll be game over then.
  5. They're more likely to flinch and move, or alternatively be static when the fucker finally gets round to playing it. That's why so many people do the stupid stutter run-ups now.
  6. That's a great price for him, yeah he's getting on a bit but could get a couple of years easily.
  7. They obviously watched the Schumacher footage before the game and thought "wonder if could get away with that these days?"
  8. Dykes appears to be rolling nothing but 1s. I've played this game on Counter Attack far too many times
  9. Urgh, there it is. Hopefully kick back in now and don't end up too deflated as frustrating as it is.
  10. This has been a lively first half hour from Scotland, you do worry they might rue the missed chances but good so far.
  11. To stay classy, wouldn't we need to have ever been classy to begin with?
  12. It was a real surprise gem to me. Such a high quality game that they absolutely nailed.
  13. I don't doubt that it's difficult to get in the right headspace but... Just a few minutes ago the Pearce was commenting on how he made big mistakes that "likely cost his team a place in the Champions League". We'll never know what elements will be affected in the game and that'll be a shame. It might have gone the same way regardless of what we witnessed earlier.
  14. I was right there when Muamba went down, this looks and feels even worse... Fucking hell...
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