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  1. That was a beauty of a pass to put him through at the end there. Took the defence out of the game brilliantly.
  2. sounds like the shit hit the fan there then.
  3. Perfectly legitimate but the medical time out has come at perfect time there, momentum looked liked switching.
  4. She looks like she's just got the edge on it. Guess she's not Canadian/Chinese/Romanian tonight and proud of her Britishness!
  5. It may have been going away but a deflection from a few inches nothing he can do about it. To then send him off was just the icing on the cake. Shapes up for an amusing second half now at least!
  6. Waiting for your apology to the bent cunt now.
  7. This is a good idea, will stop the fucking stupid stuttering run ups all over the place.
  8. That does look good, I know they tweaked things a little with Chimera Squad so interesting to see how this one develops.
  9. So what Colly is saying is, Jimmy needs to start sending Kane death threats and all will be fine.
  10. To be honest, that one was down to Leicester going back to being shit.
  11. Tanganga was immense, City clearly targetted him and with Sterling and Grealish there running at him and trying their standard tricks and getting a few dubious calls he'd need to be but to keep both of them pretty much out of the game is a sign of how good he was today. Really good performance from Spurs in general, only the first game and they'll in typical Arsey style let themselves down but great result any way.
  12. any excuse to comment on the useless bastard being useless. I'm prepared to accept that he fucked up the stat he was trying to tell. One would have anticipated him telling us the same thing approximately 300 times but it's been an open game which keeps him relatively under control.
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