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  1. That is one of the best dives of the season.
  2. For further consolation, they didn't look at the off the ball incident in the box involving Hojbjerg where maybe there really was one! All three VAR decisions correct but could have at least made a game out of it by now. After his refereeing performance so far here though I'm anticipating the final whistle to go in about the 83rd minute
  3. If it's any consolation, at least this time Chelsea were able to score for themselves.
  4. It's Epithany so a big bank holiday run of games today.
  5. I have to admire this performance really. Spurs have been so poor but Chelsea being unable to capitalise has led to Spurs kindly scoring the two goals for them they feel Chelsea deserve. They won't be winning the Carabao Cup but they've got to win the Sportsmanship one here for that classy move.
  6. Spurs working hard here to ensure that nobody needs to worry about a second leg.
  7. Well that was an eventful five minutes...
  8. Don't give up lads. There might be a run of unseasonably horrendous weather causing the final two tests to be called a draw. It's the only hope we have of being competitive the way this tour's gone!
  9. I remember years ago watching Pop Up Video on VH1 where the usual bits of trivia basically read as a fact check correction service. Pointing out all the inaccuracies of the lyrics. By a fair amount of accounts last year it was "God Save the Queen'd" so even were it do so again it won't get the Christmas number 1 slot. On that note, has anything really done much in the way of making a stand or protesting against the shit christmas number 1s apart from that time we turned Killing in the Name into a Christmas classic?
  10. Our transatlantic brethren being spared the horror of The Lords Prayer, but to the tune of Auld Lang Syne!
  11. If I remember correctly at some point they lost all of the source code which obviously was a pain. It is still of course very slow going but the latest update with multiplayer has kicked it back into the psyche.
  12. Those little robots are such a fucking life saver 🤣
  13. Paul Poogba (I don't know who it is, and not sure I want to know but it was easier to get the pun in while I could, regardless of who it is Souness will blame him anyway)
  14. I liked the BBC praising a pitch invasion and the referee calling the game early due it while the commentary team gushed about it being what you like to see.
  15. The first display of fight from United there. "Fuck it just kick him". Luckily the officials had the spread at United to lose by no more than two and decided to ignore it. Then a follow up from Ronaldo! If United had shown this sort of fight earlier in the 90 minutes they might have been able to make a game of it.
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