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  1. Been a few years since the team kits were camouflaged by the crowd excuse. Good to see traditions kept up even in these difficult times.
  2. I'd be more convinced that United are with the amount of strikes they're throwing today 🤣
  3. I can't get my head around how some people are able to read the chat and stay focussed on things like that. I know, as much as I love playing all sorts of games, I'm shit at them so the idea of keeping track of things during a race so well baffles me.
  4. This has been shocking, for some reason the Spurs tactical plan seemed to involved "don't string more than two passes together". Arsenal haven't needed to be good to walk to a win here. Will be a miracle if Spurs get anything. funny too
  5. As a guide, the Vanilla Expanded stuff is good but make sure that you've got a grip on the basics before playing around too much. There's a load of great mods once you've got a handle on things.
  6. Even the early failed colonies can be hilarious breakdowns. Yeah you get the odd super deadly disease strike that you can't deal with properly early but it's far more likely that things will go wrong because of pawn based shenanigans. Set up a little gun line ready for those pirates? Dave has had a mental break down and decided to stab Colin to death, which has led to Karen going on a mental break of her own where she's locked herself in the freezer to comfort eat...
  7. Mad Max was great, got kind of forgotten about at the time but still good for a spin every now and then.
  8. stick them outside the base and wait for raiders. Raiding axeman runs up to boomalope and explodes. Raid defeated
  9. Yeah, the law was bought in due to the fact that people complained about teams benefiting from players charging the ball down and getting an advantage. I understand the rule, if someone handles it remove the grey area to stop it coming down to a judgement call but then you see situations like that... The consolation for Fulham is Spurs are playing so badly here it may not mean anything in the end
  10. Last season against Spurs he had a five minute spell when he was desperate to break someones legs, got away with it due to the random VAR power cut/coffee break at the time 🤣 Every team needs at least one shithouse and he fills the role perfectly.
  11. I didn't know the full story of that one but it was a beautiful strike and the scenes when that went in!
  12. Staggered coolers, that's an idea I haven't played with. My current run through is with mechanoids expanded and my factory is eating up power, so something more energy efficient would definitely prove useful!
  13. It might not be enough power going through to keep the room below 0. I'll normally set them to -30 or so and depending on the size of the freezer (I'm a bad hoarder...) might even need another cooler on top of the four you have, if you can afford the power hike of course. If you hover over the freezer, in the bottom right corner it should tell you the indoor temp to let you know if it's still too warm. If the room is sub zero that should stop them rotting unless I'm missing something.
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