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  1. Tale of two challenges, didn't challenge a dropped catch earlier during a scoring drive for Kansas, challenged a good catch and lost a time out. Going to be a great run in, especially after that sack.
  2. I liked the cameo... Yeah that's about it.
  3. Before Covid hit there was a joke that got out of hand about making a giant lasagne in Wembley Stadium.
  4. Probably the same time Liverpool were. I think everyone likes to claim that, except Millwall.
  5. ask and you shall receive!
  6. City don't even need a goalkeeper who knows the rules to walk over this one.
  7. I'm not sure if he even looked at him to be honest, if he had that'd be a definite suspension.
  8. When the Arsenal players mobbed the keeper after the penalty save, at least three of them touched the ball with their hands there
  9. Now Southend have started to gain a few results I'm waiting for Campbell to go into court demanding they're shut down too.
  10. I wonder if my lifetime subscription is still relevant in some way 🤣 My laptop can't really handle too much so not tried installing it but it was a good little MMO, fond memories of watching PC bands playing in the Prancing Pony way back when though. Curious to see how the changes and game has developed since then.
  11. I've been enjoying it so far, not had too much in the way of bugs and shit despite being on PS4 but I have had a couple of crashes. Plus side is that it autosaves regularly so not lost a lot of time when it has. I think it'll be a lot closer to the higher expectations once the next couple of patches come through.
  12. I'm not sure how a forearm wasn't a red either, that said we've finally heard some noise from the Arsenal fans, forgot they'd let fans back in!
  13. Lo Celso twice been done for making a tackle and on a yellow card (for what was a foul). Spurs'll be somehow down to ten men early in the second half.
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