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  1. So I've just turned on midway through a penalty shootout between New York City and Orlando City... The Orlando goalkeeper has been sent off half way through the shootout and all sorts of other confusion. Amazing scenes. The tiny keeper makes the save and Orlando go through!
  2. As long as nobody kicks a ball at her she'll be fine.
  3. Well, a great weekend to see how not to take a penalty!
  4. After a headlock at one end looking like a soft penalty for United but the games too dire to even garner a laughable penalty decision.
  5. Well that escalated even more than anticipated.
  6. It's a return to form, Bale makes debut Spurs don't win for ages with him near the team.
  7. I'd expect little else, they can market it now as doing fans a favour while you can't get to games but as things return to normal, if the experiment were to work, they would certainly change that system and say "if people watch "lesser" fixtures at £15 a pop, they'll definitely pay for "must see" matches now that idea's out there"
  8. Has he blamed the EU for trying to force it through yet?
  9. While we love Blood Bowl at the local a new game seems to be taking over at the moment, Counter Attack. It's a strategic football game played in real time, it's playing really nicely and feels like a decent tabletop simulation of the sport. As we've played more games we've got used to getting through balls to work, clever set piece moves, off side traps played fairly well and we're finally adapting to playing a game without set turns in a conventional way. We're coming up to the end of the first season, two games left and I'm sitting in second place 5 points behind the leaders who are com
  10. It's hard to believe that this could have been even worse...
  11. Game broken, needs patching. Do not recommend.
  12. Well, that's been an interesting few minutes.
  13. It's ridiculous but it was it is. We saw the goal coming, the ridiculous fashion just adds to it. I'm not sure how the rules got so mental that "head the ball point blank into someones arm from behind" is given as a penalty but it is what people have to deal with now.
  14. nah, 85th minute equaliser, 93rd minute stupid penalty.
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