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  1. Just wanted to boost my Steam buddies for the upcoming winter of discontent. Username: thekraig (shocker, eh?).
  2. I'd get this if it wasn't so plain and grey. This is literally why I came here. I love it!
  3. Well...I finally finished Adventure Time. Someone hold me, please. That was so damn good. ūüė≠
  4. I can't wait to see what the stadium is like for next year! My hopes are high. Also, my team goosed it on the last two events...try and guess who.
  5. They're starting to sound like Banzai levels of parody now. Remember Banzai? It's amazing what was on terrestrial TV back then.
  6. This was a treat to watch (until the end ūüė≠). Hilarious exploits.
  7. Sounds like a massive own goal. Sony fans won't care that much, but other players will be rightly pissed off. That's essentially a lot of gameplay gone, never to appear later.
  8. I can see their point, but isn't there an alternative planned? Like when Xbox got Spawn and PlayStation got Heihachi for SoulCalibur II. Unless it's just massive Spider-Man fans who are somehow also not aware of Sony's obsession with owning him.
  9. Been streaming for a month or so, and despite feeling awkward at first, I quite enjoy it now. Still learning, specifically sorting out audio issues. Wanted to offer a simplistic alternative to the busy, noisy world of streaming and finally get through my backlog - it's also fun doing voice acting! I have about 18,000 games to get through, so requests and such will be added to a list, and there will be a permanent 2.5% chance of a request being selected by the wheel. I also have a weird personal mission to play every wrestling game ever so that might interest people here. That includes PC and v
  10. Real talk, troops. The Sword/Shield DLC, is it worth it? Payday on the horizon.
  11. So, PokéMOBA. To be fair, is it basically the only genre they haven't done, right?
  12. The Alola islands and pokémon designs were tremendous, as was the music. I found the gyms were still there, just with different names (kahunas instead of leaders). It really wasn't that big of a change. The Rotomdex was also an excellent idea. Highly recommend Sword/Shield simply for the experience of running around an open-world. The graphics are genuinely amazing at times, but again, the game is a very SMALL sandbox and didn't live up to the hype. Let's Go was a chore. Graphics were lovely, but it was a very simple game meant for the youngest fans. Would have really appreciated a diffi
  13. I love these games, but I've kind of gone off them. I'm one of those weirdos who transferred his beasties all the way through from every generation and usually only use pokémon new to the series for new games with a living pokédex and all variations of each pokémon (except that damn pokéball Vivillon). Pretty sure I pre-ordered Isle of Armour, and haven't even turned my Switch on to check. I'm aware there's new pokémon and new variations (Slowpoke), but...I just don't care? Anyone else in the same boat? I have been begging for a new Pokémon Snap game since probably 2001, but it feels a bit
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