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  1. This is everything I hate about football (and sport/life in general). I selfishly want it to crash and burn in spectacular fashion, but for the sake of everyone affected, can we just pretend this never happened and move on. Maybe they can compromise and find a way to create affiliate clubs for this new league without changing the existing clubs. Kind of defeats the purpose though, and I'm certain FIFA and UEFA will be extremely unhappy with anything other than whatever they dictate. Sorry to everyone whose clubs are involved in this. Not fun news.
  2. I really love the use of snow and ice.
  3. Yeah, it's a bit weird. Serbia and Albania were allowed to play each other and it caused chaos, so I'm all for avoiding that. As far as I know, they could still potentially play each other again.
  4. This is such a petty move. If I recall, they also refuse to be matched with Gibraltar since they don't recognise it as an international entity. I wonder if Scotland would be lowercased if independence happens. Speaking of which! I'm aware it was just the Faroes, but that 4-0 win for Scotland was really encouraging, I don't think I've been prouder of the team. Scotland are always slipping on banana peel fixtures at these stages and it sounds like they had a model match for a European team on the up. Che Adams has been a great addition, surprised he opted to play for Scotland. I've o
  5. We also play Israel. Again! It's the blue and white derby.
  6. As much as I'm gutted for Ireland, I'm equally chuffed for Luxembourg. I'd love to see them get a run of unexpectedly good form. Their goalscorer is originally Portuguese and made his debut tonight, so maybe they will add some more excitement with Serbia or even Portugal. I'm a sucker for a good underdog story. Also, it appears Portugal scored a winner in the final seconds of the Serbia game. From pictures I was sure it never fully crossed the line, but this video...it does look entirely over the line when the defender clears (amazing double save in it's own right). Ironi
  7. It was so open, a couple of different results and the table could have been so different. Interested to see how England react and bounce back.
  8. Disappointed with Scotland drawing, but in the old days this would be a game we would play better and lose. I'll take it.
  9. Tune.
  10. The D/P remakes look like they wanted a Breath of the Wild feel. Should be interesting seeing them bring chilly Sinnoh to life. This Arceus thing has me frothing at the mouth with imaginative ideas.
  11. Seems highly likely they'll slot in John Kennedy for the rest of the season. No point in appointing an energising new manager when the club is in the doldrums until pre-season. At least, that's the bookies' opinion. I love the Roy Keane rumours. What a shitshow that would be.
  12. Yeah, the referee was consistently strict, they are trying to get players to think before committing to possible head-injuring tackles. I hate it, but it was right, especially seeing the replays. Not malicious, but reckless. Keep in mind Scotland could have increased their lead with a kick, but insisted on driving forward for a try (failed), which backfired when Wales got themselves back in the game. Wales were making so many little mistakes in the first half, they did brilliantly to slowly fire themselves back up. I said it last week, but it's anyone's championship. Except Italy of
  13. He's been a highlight of a disappointing Wales so far as well. Kid just turned 20! He's tremendous.
  14. Bloody hell Scotland.
  15. Sad news. She was brave to be public about her diagnosis and tried to raise funding and awareness for an illness no one really wants to deal with, and for which we have no clear answer for. Quite frankly, an illness I dread on the same level as motor neurone disease. I'll try to focus on my last nice memories of her, which was from this. Her husband seems a good man. Cheers!
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