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  1. I bought a PS5! And this very sexy Prince Purple controller. Has anyone played Pacific Drive? It has me curious, but not sure if $25 curious. Also would love any hidden gem recommendations. Obviously I have Spider-Man 2 and am excited to play FF7, but I'm sure there are a lot of quiet exclusives I'm out of the loop on!
  2. "More of the same" is fine by me when you're talking about a game that was pretty much perfect. Short of "more of NY to explore" and some new gadgets, I don't really know what else they could do to make the game itself better. They could've announced it is the exact same game with a new story and I'd still buy it... ...if I had a PS5. 😭
  3. zero

    WWE 2K23

    It's ridiculous how disposable video games have become. I completely understand ceasing all updates after the next yearly installment comes out, I'd even be fine with shutting off online PLAY, but to turn off community creations is just a slap in the face to the people who make these games playable.
  4. They should just release "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" using 1+2 as the base, add some new courses and music, and I'll be thrilled. 1+2 was an absolute joy to play - I bought it on both my Xbox and Switch because I was playing it so much. I thought Harmonix went indie a few years back, so I got my hopes up that Microsoft could just tap them to take over Guitar Hero again, but apparently they're owned by Epic now? Either way, I'm all for another GH/RB revival, but it would be nice if you could actually find the fucking instruments anywhere!
  5. Even the pop country of the 90s had standouts like Shania Twain, Clint Black, The Chicks, obviously Garth and even the dumb stuff was better then. But 9/11 is the hard line for when everything got wrapped up in faux patriotism and became a very standard assembly line that keeps getting worse. Unimaginative, unchallenging, weak ass bumper sticker slogans turned into what sounds like bad, overproduced 80s pop. There's this rising tide of even left leaning folks saying "country is good actually" and no. Just no. Pure garbage.
  6. Country music is bad. I understand there are plenty of "real" country artists who put out good music, indie or alternative country can be good, but what is considered "country music" by the vast majority of the public and what is promoted by Nashville has been universally terrible since 9/11. The culture surrounding it is even worse and the average country concert is more dangerous to attend than the average rap show.
  7. EDIT: Try reading the whole post, zero. I had this happen to my original Xbox One. Just completely bricked one day. If safe mode, other outlets, and other power cords don't work, I'd try a local repair spot? Regardless, it sucks man. I'm sorry!
  8. I downgraded my Gamepass once they announced this. I don't play enough to justify Gamepass prices and the games just haven't been that great lately. This is a rock solid list of games that can easily fill in the gaps between new releases.
  9. Can someone give me the elevator pitch for this game? Admittedly, it's probably been 20 years since I played EWR, but I love the idea of this. What sets it apart? How easy is it to install the mods? I'd want to have a modern database, is that easy to obtain and install?
  10. Day One buy confirmed.
  11. zero


    This sounds like a game I will enjoy as I typically enjoy Bethesda and "hangout" games, but I'm sure it will also be a much better game whenever the "Complete Edition" with all DLC comes out next year. I'll get around to it. Eventually. Like the other games in my backlog that I probably don't have enough lifetime left to play.
  12. I want to SEE everyone's characters. I'm not even playing it yet, but I'd love to see what y'all have made.
  13. As someone who also just recently played this (for me it was the first time), I totally get why @Hellraiser feels that way and I think that was part of the point. For better or worse, TLOU has become the go-to example for stories in video games. And while I feel like Part 1 was a pretty basic zombie story that was good... for a video game, Part 2 is a hell of a story, albeit a little too long. I think they deliberately wanted to subvert expectations and knew it would be polarizing to players, but that appeals to me in an industry filled with safe choices. But I understand hating every single narrative choice they made because they were definitely provocative. Really eager to see how they do it in the show because I think people will lose their fucking minds if they adapt it exactly as-is in the game.
  14. LL if you want to part with that Series S, I could use one at my seasonal residence.
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