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  1. Reviews are up today, they are... quite good! Pretty much 10/10 everywhere.
  2. But without Kingdom Hearts X Æ A-Xii, will we really experience the full series?
  3. They've really blown the messaging on this and it seems like they're essentially abandoning the PS4 going forward even though the thing is almost the bestselling console of all-time. As always, I have no dog in the fight as I don't buy launch hardware, but it seems like every time a company has huge success in a generation, they get way too cocky for the next one and make dumb decisions. SNES to N64, PS2 to PS3, Wii to Wii U, Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and it looks like PS4 to PS5 too.
  4. I get that, it's like the It remake. It's fine as a standalone movie, but it'd be like if they said "Chapter 2 coming Q1 of 2034." But hey, I waited literally 32 years for Star Wars 7, so maybe Square can get it out faster than that.
  5. Well obviously Animal Crossing! I've been playing that since launch day. But looking to actually dive into something. I'm debating the FF7 remake but I know it'll go down in price in like 2 months and I hate paying full price for new releases... especially since this isn't even the full damn game! Though I doubt Part 2 will come out in my lifetime anyway sooooo...
  6. I'm having a hard time getting into anything. I got this urge to replay the Resident Evil series yesterday, so I started with 2002 remake and it's just... unplayable. Maybe I should just skip ahead to RE2 & RE3 and wait for the re-remake? Also tried Indivisible. LOVE the art style, gorgeous game, intrigued by the gameplay, but the dialogue is, uh, not great? I dunno if it's for me. Tried getting into Doom (can you tell I have GamePass) and it started fun then got annoying. Tried getting back into Horizon Zero Dawn, I forgot why I put it down a few months ago and it's becau
  7. Knives Out Doctor Sleep Parasite Midsommar Dolemite is My Name Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Booksmart Ready or Not Avengers: Endgame Us
  8. Oh man, how did I forget Dolls? I think Scream Factory's special edition of that is going out of print soon. I gotta grab a copy of that.
  9. Stuart Gordon died yesterday, the mastermind behind Re-Animator, From Beyond and Castle Freak. Three of those "am I really seeing this?" movies from the VHS era that are somehow still kinda on the fringes, which keeps them special. I think they're all on Shudder if you've never seen them!
  10. Can't think of a better team to do it. Curious if it'll be a reboot, sequel or somewhere in between.
  11. Comes from his time as a war photographer during Vietnam. Dude saw some shit.
  12. Aw. That was one of my favorite things I've ever done in a video game.
  13. I loved the WNUF Halloween Special. It doesn't look like it's on Shudder anymore... or streaming anywhere for that matter. That's strange.
  14. I liked The Ritual a lot. Just watched that a couple weeks ago on Netflix and was pleasantly surprised. Like Blair Witch meets Pumpkinhead. And echoing the hate for Jackals, that was atrocious.
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