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  2. Down to £60 >_> I'd get a new premium, probably the £220 bundle from Amazon with Halo 3 and a game of your choice (the most expensive 360 game I want then. What is the price conversion on XBLA?
  3. This went a bit off topic but I'm not going to sell my Wii. Since there will probably be a game come out in a year that I really want and force me to buy another one. I am putting money aside for a 360 though. I'm at £70 now.
  4. The quickest way to get to other sites is start.
  5. Thanks. I'm considering swapping for a 360 since there aren't many Wii games I like and Mass Effect looks awesome. EDIT: The bundles in Game and Gamestation aren't that good (online at least) How much for selling? Play.com and Amazon do the best bundles.
  6. If Hammy still works at gamestation or I remember something about Dragsy getting a job there or whoever else knows. Whats the going rate to exchange a Wii, near perfect condition, no box?
  7. We now have an updated list. Hammy in future can you either just list the games you need to be added to the list or put a * or something next to your games that need to be added. It gets kinda confusing checking which ones are online and which ones are new.
  8. Sorry about the delay in updating. But it will get done as soon as I'm on a PC.
  9. Oblivion and Uncharted. Maybe Guitar Hero if your into that. But getting online should be top of your agenda. You'll get way more out of CoD4 and RSV. Plus the demos. Theres quite a big back catalog for you to sample of demos.
  10. I'll second Kingdom Hearts. Bully Final Fantasy X and XII Fahrenheit X.Men Legends 1 & 2 Marvel Ultimate Alliance Star Wars Battlefront II Call of Duty 3 Juiced Their my personal favourites.
  11. Hammy, is Everybody's Golf online? And Vilge. Whenever I saw you raving on about Uncharted I thought you were really overhypying it. But now I have it I really see what you mean. Great game. In the Bourne Conspiracy is it supposed to look like Matt Damon? I thought I read it was meant to be him. Good demo though.
  12. According to Wiki Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage, Hulk and Magneto have been confirmed as playable characters. But theres no source so take it with a grain of salt.
  13. In a bit less than a month. I've pre-ordered. I forgot about Rock Band. Although there is still no PS3 date.
  14. I'd recommend Theme Park. Its fiendishly addictive.
  15. Mirrors Edge looks very uninteresting. It might pull me in the coming months but right now is very meh. 1) Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days 2) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 3. Sid Meiers Civilisation Revolution Honourable mention to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.
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