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  1. Great night of fights. Nunes is the GOAT of GOATs.
  2. I mean, he was on a three-fight win streak as recently as 2019 before he lost to Ngannou, Blaydes and Rozenstruik. Then he lost Gane, who’s now another top contender. I don’t really see him as someone you’d want to cut, especially as he’s got some name value that Bellator or ONE can use. I’d love to see him do some crazy shit in Rizin along with Uberreem, though. Have a crazy heavyweight tourney or something.
  3. I’m so annoyed we have yet to get Disney+ over here. Indonesia has it! We’re right next door! 😡
  4. I woke up at 5.15am and saw we were down 1-0 and went back to bed. This truly has been an utter mad 2021, I can't believe how it felt like everything was falling into place (Leicester and Man Utd drawing, West Ham losing) for us to close the gap only for us to bottle it so fucking hard. From what I read of what happened in the game, we were fucking woeful, too. We didn't have a single shot on goal? What the fuck? Also, FFS, just take Fabinho out of the back line. He's not exactly been such a rock that we haven't been losing games when he plays there, just put him back where he belongs. I
  5. Oh my god this is the best revival news ever. Honestly the one show that hurt when I realized it was cancelled.
  6. Probably couldn't pick between the Good Place, BoJack and Kipo if I'm being honest, so I'm just happy one of them claimed top spot. Think it absolutely deserved its spot, what a beautiful show.
  7. Glad I didn't stay awake to watch that one. We are utter shite right now.
  8. The Crown is wonderful. Kipo is even more wonderful, the best show last year besides BoJack. Haven’t kept up with AoS because for me the show ended in season 5. Never watched the Umbrella Academy but it looks right up my alley. LoT is the best comic show, and steals my heart with every episode. Love it so much. A really good bunch there!
  9. IMO, there hasn't been a complete PPV main event card worth buying since 2016, which is like the best year fight-wise that the UFC has had. I think 2017 was the year where either main or co-main events started getting cancelled or someone would get injured on the day of the fight, ie Khabib and Tony for the Wonderboy / Woodley card. If I had to purchase each individual PPV at 70 bucks, even if it's in my currency, I'd never do it.
  10. Yeah, I'm with Cloudy, I don't think I rewatched the last season, but the last 3-4 seasons weren't even nearly as good as the first few. There are really good bright spots, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and the Door are great examples, but most of it is stuff that I'd be fine not putting myself through ever again. There are better HBO shows out there to spend one's time on, IMO.
  11. No, I believe you're thinking of We're No Angels, which I only found because it's been on my watchlist from like 2016 when I was at the height of watching old movies. Coincidentally, though, they were both directed by Michael Curtiz, apparently. Very different movies, however.
  12. Ilkay scores a brace, immediately might get injured. Need him to play Everton for the double gameweek points
  13. It’s just a complete mental breakdown. And we look so shambolic at the back. It is so easy to cut through our defense and we have to huff and puff to get one fucking goal. Teams know now to just sit back on the edge of their six yard box and crowd us then loft one up to our end, we’ll make mistakes as teams often do and they’ll capitalise because we only have two to three bodies there to support. It doesn’t help that every time we think we’re going to get a positive result in a game we sub Jones off and shit goes off the rails. Also I really like Thiago as a player but instead of get
  14. Alisson should have been shouting for Kabak to get out of the way if he wanted to get there, because if not Kabak had it covered, IMO. Either way, you could see there was zero communication between the two.
  15. Just horseshit. The moment the ref blew the whistle you could tell we looked like we might fuck things up. Just that this season we seem to want to show how well we can fuck things up by taking it to the extreme. God only knows where Karius got that Alisson voodoo doll, but my god, its some quality.
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