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  1. Is Bradley Beal still an idiot and unvaccinated?
  2. Yes, Eight Grade is a really good little movie. I enjoyed it a lot!
  3. Fury and Wilder are both pieces of shit, so I could do without either TBH, but that is one of the best heavyweight fights Ive seen. Had all of the stakes. These guys were both 6’7 and 6’9, these are not small heavyweights. Damn.
  4. LOL actually feel a little bad for Timo there.
  5. Nice to see Tomori called up, absolutely deserved. Been great at Milan from what I've seen.
  6. Yup. Nicely set up to fight the winner of Ngannou / Gane for the Heavyweight title in 2022.
  7. Some horrifying details regarding Jon Jones arrest last week, warning for descriptions of domestic violence: Also, the felony charge he has for tampering with a vehicle also because he headbutted a police car πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ He’s out on a $8,000.00 bail now. Absolute bullshit that the domestic violence charge is a misdemeanour but the tampering with a vehicle charge is a felony. What the hell, Nevada.
  8. Apparently Joshua has a rematch clause? For a mandatory title defense? Fuck that noise.
  9. What a fight. Usyk is so fucking cool.
  10. Just wait till Brighton beat Palace 3-1, Bissouma hat-trick.
  11. Jesus what a fucking game. Terrible defending from us this game, but it happens. 95% of the time we have the best defense in the world, I'll take that. Nobody goes a full season not conceding anything, and Brentford played really well. Complaining when we drop points is just what Liverpool fans do πŸ˜• Fuck all that though, that Curtis Jones strike
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