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  1. Viera won’t be able to sleep these next couple of weeks.
  2. If we win tomorrow, it's only (only ) 9 points behind. Will definitely crumble and lose to a Benteke screamer.
  3. They only showed a replay of the goal where you can see it, but it looked like Cavani was offside when Martial passed to him?
  4. Absolutely disgusting behaviour by whichever section of fans threw that bottle. Also completely bollocks of the commentator to defend the fans by saying the players have a responsibility to not celebrate in front of away fans. Fuck that noise.
  5. Sounds like a great understudy for Matip.
  6. This game has been at least a million times better than the first leg.
  7. Yeah, I just watched it, and Only Murders in the Building should definitely be on everyone’s list.
  8. Burnley now have 4 games to reschedule, Leicester, Everton & Arsenal have 3, a bunch of teams have 2. What a mess.
  9. Just going to get all the defenders of teams that face Burnley in my FPL team.
  10. Xhaka’s red card ensuring this game will be a boring 0-0 because we have no idea what to do when a team sits back and defends with everything.
  11. Seeing DeMar doing so well makes me so happy, even if he wasn’t recognised for how good he was in San Antonio and how he didn’t fit the system at all.
  12. I like Coutinho to Villa, but did they need another attacker? Felt like that’s the department they’re the most loaded in.
  13. I mean, he's above 30, so I guess it makes sense. I really thought he was due a Chelsea or a move back to Spurs, though.
  14. The Return of the King. And to fuck up my FPL team 🤦‍♂️ There goes holding on to 1st!
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