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  1. This has been a really great season in both the La Liga and the Serie A, IMO. Great, exciting football games with lots of crazy shit happening in both leagues, especially compared to the EPL which has been pretty boring this season. Ligue 1 is only exciting at the top when PSG loses, but they lost a lot early in the season which has led to the tight finish this season, but for example the last game between Monaco and Lyon was incredibly thrilling. Bundesliga is fun to watch but it's probably my least favorite league of the top five.
  2. I'm actually a little more invested in their upcoming match this weekend in the league than that finals. With this and the finals of the Europa League, it's just been a bit of a bland finish to the European competitions.
  3. They only did when they were miles ahead and basically just trying to secure points to win the league, though. Before that I'd say they were pretty exciting.
  4. With a 90th minute winner too. A bit of a letdown, as mathematically they can still win it with four games left and six points behind Atleti, but it's almost impossible. It'll be fun if they play spoiler next weekend against Real, though. I'm weirdly pushing for Atleti to win, though.
  5. Just really need to find a way for the rest of German football to stop bowing down to the pressure of Bayern. I get that every German footballer or staff more than likely want to join them, but it’s just impossible for any parity to be created when they’re in essence the entirety of German football. Dortmund are number two and have only won the Bundesliga, what, twice in the past twenty years or something? The only other team to win since then is Werden Bremen if I’m not mistaken which was a one-off.
  6. Hoping Lille do the same thing with Ligue 1 and PSG, being a point ahead and only 3 games left. The La Liga race is the crazy one this season though, and next week's double header of the top four all squaring off looks super fun. It's too bad that most of the EPL is wrapped up, there just doesn't seem to be much to watch for outside of West Ham hopefully making the top four.
  7. I think they were also hurt by having absolutely useless in big games Chris Smallings as one of their back three. He was out of position in like two or three of the goals 🤦‍♂️
  8. Second night in a row I went to be at half-time with a Manchester team losing to who I want to eventually win and wake up to them having somehow gotten the W. Fucking hell.
  9. Diego Sanchez seems to have posted on his IG as if he's been released from the UFC. Diego to ONE or Rizin for weird shit, please.
  10. Lloris has been fantastic this game, hasn’t he? Huge difference to what I’ve seen him do in the league.
  11. Weidman and his team was also entirely not as respectful as Uriah was tonight to him. I remember Weidman and Ray Longo saying that they planned that like they had just inventing checking leg kicks 😕
  12. I just find it a laughable excuse for us. Yes, having your home stadium full of fans is a big support for you that can boost your team. That simply means that we didn’t adjust like other teams did, because they also did not have that support system at their home games. We were doing fine before Christmas, after that is when everything went to shit. I find just that our lack of ability to be as good this season is a much more plausible reason than the fans, the injuries, or the “we are very tired and every other team is fit”. If anything, every team has adjusted to our playing style and we have
  13. I really can’t use the excuse of us being amazing the past few seasons when in the end we’re still playing the same number of games as City, Utd, etc. It’s not much of an excuse, we’ve just been wasteful up front and we can’t say that’s down to tiredness. TAA is marvellous up front but not that good at the back. Fabinho just can’t play 90 minutes at CB, and I have no idea why Klopp just didn’t play Kabak and Phillips and drop Gini. The guy is absolutely lost a lot of times. Firmino and Jota do not play well together. It’s just terrible. They kept kicking balls up the field and we are still pre
  14. Fucking useless. So many chances wasted, then just kicking the ball up the field, or dribbling it up to lose it instantly. We are garbage. Deserved to drop to 8th or 9th place. Congrats to whoever wins between West Ham and Chelsea.
  15. Okay, Spurs ended up winning with a penalty, but now City, Inter and Juventus are all trailing 1-0 😂
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