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  1. Kris Middleton is so fucking good.
  2. Cam Johnson's terrible defending is making Phoenix suffer. Bucks in 6 could certainly be a possibility.
  3. I liked No Sudden Move. Not great, or anything mind blowing, but some of it was fun stuff.
  4. I don't see anything happening to him, to be honest. I would be surprised if something did.
  5. SHOCKED that some rich old billionaire turns out to be a gigantic piece of shit.
  6. Conor still has a ton of money, and is still a massive piece of shit with a huge out for why he lost this fight, despite getting the shit kicked out of him. Two judges even scored that first round 10-8, which after watching a second time I can totally agree with. Dustin sucked Conor into a long exchange which made him uncomfortable and got him clinching. Conor seem to do that to eventually exit and reset from a range he’s more comfortable with than the one Dustin was giving him, but Dustin drove him into the clinch and then Conor tried to go for a flash sub which he didn’t really seem to know
  7. I love Emi Martinez and Lio Messi fucking with Yerry Mina.
  8. CM Punk's UFC 225 loss overturned due to Mike Jackson's positive marijuana test More important than any UFC 264 news this week.
  9. Too bad there's no 3rd place match for the Euro's, sad to see Denmark go, they've been the most likeable team of the tournament. Not really fussed about an England / Italy final, but at least either you lot and Jordan Henderson or Spina, Florenzi and Cristante will win something. Still, how about that Copa America final, eh?
  10. The last half of season 2 was awful, I didn't even bother with season 3.
  11. Potential movie of the year right here.
  12. America: the Motion Picture is pretty awful.
  13. I mean, I sort of get that people might want something different, but every ending of a Marvel film seems to function to give their fans what they want and do it well? I'm thinking the fight scenes in Winter Soldier, Civil War and Black Panther were fucking amazing, and at the same IMO the big endings in stuff like Ant-Man and Far From Home are pretty different?
  14. Did it in Jose's new home stadium, too.
  15. Jrue Holiday has been tearing this Hawks offense to shreds in the first half.
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