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  1. Because I know he's an EWB fave, Josh Barnett is in Poland tonight to have a bare knuckle fight with this guy (spoilered for size and also, a bit scary personally): I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS.
  2. It's titled Zack Snyder's Justice League. Jesus.
  3. Adrian plus Joe Gomez will give me several heart attacks tonight.
  4. Man, that wasn’t much of an interesting first half
  5. So excited for Loma / Lopez tonight!
  6. I really liked the Trial of the Chicago 7. Finally, a good Aaron Sorkin movie.
  7. Supergirl and LoT are the only two DC shows still worth watching, IMO. I just dont have time and had to drop the rest except the Flash, which is just the central show so it’s the one you kind of need to follow for crossovers. It’s so bad compared to the other two, though.
  8. @RPS! New season of Kipo! Final season of Kipo
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