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  1. Last team with 5 all-stars from the previous season were the 75-76 Celtics. Who had a notoriously weak bench for the league at the time. This is just ridiculous. I'll watch the Boston games because damn I love the team we've assembled, but this is so disheartening. It's just so boring.
  2. This is definitely the first move in a series of moves. Lebron alone moves LA from a probable 9-10 seed up to a 4 or 5 (leaving room for Golden State, Houston and an outlier like OKC or NOLA). Add in Boogie this offseason and Kawai next year and that makes them cemented in the top 3. The main thing with Lebron is courting those other star signings just got infinitely easier by picking up the best basketball player in the world. Now we have an offseason to watch SanAn refuse to trade Kawai to the only team that's going to offer for him. No one is touching him now unless it's a sign
  3. New Celtics Mission Statement: Stay healthy and casually stroll to the NBA Finals. Put me in the boat of waiting to see more. As it is, I don't see Lebron and LA being any better than Lebron and Cleveland. Kuzma and Ingram are damn fine stars, but they need another couple of performers who are instant threats alongside Lebron. George would have filled that role, as will Kawai or Boogie if they show up. Otherwise I still think he would have been better off in Phillie. The west is gonna be an absolute dog fight this year. Gonna be interesting to see what middle of the r
  4. I'm a Celtics fan tried and true and really want banner 18. But I don't want a dead east with everyone in the west so we can get an easy road to the warriors. LeBron in Phillie is my personal hope just because it sounds ridiculously fun, albeit a little terrifying. But then again I've been pulling for Durant to go to the Wizards every year since he took the Golden State deal.
  5. Boston has resigned Aaron Baynes, 2 year 11 million. There's step one, now resign Smart. With all the talk of Boston chasing Kawai or Lebron, I really will be happy if we just keep our same team and remain healthy for a change.
  6. Obviously didn't want the season to end tonight, but I'm very proud of what this team accomplished. Without the doubtlessly two best players, they made the conference finals and pushed it to game 7. Sure, they crumbled and played really sloppy at the end but that's just a sign of youth for Brown and Tatum. Those kids are gonna be something special, especially if they stick together. I especially loved the bookends for Tatum's season of him having his first dunk blocked by Lebron, then getting the huge dunk on Lebron tonight. Mostly just looking forward to next season and how ridic
  7. *ahem* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. There goes Hayward's season, hopefully that's all. Gotta feel terrible for the guy, but I can't imagine how Stevens is feeling. He brings in Hayward as his protege and to be his ace and this happens first game. Besides that, loving Brown's energy and Smart's development. Kind of surprised they threw Tatum in the deep end, starting his first career game against the Cavs.
  8. Had a good draw earlier today, placing as top 20 and ended with three kills before dying to hubris. I got a pick that late in the game and went to loot too quickly, getting picked off in the process. Still my best to date. I just need to make myself do more with the resource building aspect so it feels less like PUBG.
  9. The season hasn't even started yet and I already miss Avery Bradley.
  10. I have the game on PS4 and absolutely love it. I've not run in to too much toxicity, but I also don't invite it with team chat unless I'm in competitive and even then, if someone gets obnoxious I just mute them on the next death. The game is a ton of fun and blizzard is just constantly releasing new free content for it, special events, skins, characters, maps, new modes.
  11. Reports I'm reading are that they're moreso threatening to undo the trade in exchange for the Lakers pick. This is a real bad scenario for the Celtics. Do you get strong armed into overpaying for Kyrie (which some people think happened with the trade in the first place) or do you undo the trade and bring back isiah who is reportedly really hurt over this whole trade fiasco? The best case in seeing right now, unfortunately, is sending the lakers pick and getting Crowder back. Though I was excited for the open roster spot and possibly signing Tony Allen back to Boston
  12. I love Isiah. I love Crowder. And I hate giving up a potential number one pick. But isiah was leaving after this season, we simply didn't have the cap space to give him the max deal he wants. Crowder was gonna be relegated to the bench most likely. And...well....we didn't NEED another top 5 pick. And we still have the laker pick from the trade with Phillie this year. All in all, we have a Kyrie/Hayward/Horford core for at least the duration of Kyrie's contract and that is exciting to me. Does it beat Golden State? Who knows. But it gets us there.
  13. I'm still logging in for the Vipers but honestly that's about it. I definitely got fatigued, but that's always been the case for me and supercard. I'll gladly hand someone else the owner slot on the team if they'd like.
  14. Oh no. Kyrie. Stop. Don't blow up the Cavs. Wait.
  15. Yeah Hawks have just fully embraced a rebuild. Which is a shame, they were always a fun team to watch. But better to be the Sixers for a few years than to do what the Grizzlies are doing, trying to remain relevant in the west with Conley and Gasol is just...not enough.
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