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  1. Wolves 1 vs. 0 West Brom (Sat 12.30pm, BT)West Ham 0 vs. 0 Burnley (Sat 3pm, Prime)Fulham 0 vs. 2 Chelsea* (Sat 5.30pm, Sky)Leicester 2 vs. 1 Southampton (Sat 8pm, BT)Liverpool 0 vs. 0 Man Utd (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)
  2. I only commit to the first 2/3 weeks of it and then forget about it completely. I've probably got Van Dijk still starting in my team
  3. I don't know about that. Look at us with the Club World Cup and the League Cup last season. We got no leeway with that hence the kids played against Villa in the League Cup. Different situation but the FA could have easily moved the fixture of the league cup game to accommodate us and we got no special favours Do they still want to do the Euros in the multi country format? Cause I still don't think that's a wise idea during a pandemic.
  4. Well that's what I mean with the precedent had been set. Just doesn't help that you've got one thing for the Prem and then one thing for the FA Cup.
  5. Even if Jurgen didn't hate the FA Cup, United are gonna get a VAR penalty and we'll get fuck all as per Man City continue to get easy draws....
  6. It's good for Villa that they've been given the chance to actually allow people to recover rather than be forced to play anyone they can. (Precedent set so if they didn't allow it then if you were a Villa fan you'd be rightfully annoyed) For Spurs it's probably mixed in the sense of least you can still play a game on that day, it's just less time to work on tactics or a game plan for a different team It's shit for Fulham. They've now got an extra game shunted into a tight run of games against a big team and then have to go and play Chelsea.
  7. Dion Dublin acknowledging how he always goes on about stairs on Homes Under the Hammer was not the football commentary I was expecting tonight. Up the Marine!!! Be good to have a Merseyside non league team cause a big upset. Love the fact they have houses backing onto the pitch as well
  8. Was a good ball from random kid and a good finish by the other random child. Rhys Williams is so slow though. Like he's Sami Hyypia at the end of his Liverpool career and needing an extra 15 yards slow. Or on Pro Clubs on FIFA when because you make your guy really tall it automatically makes you slow as fuck
  9. Talking of Epic, next week Star Wars Battlefront 2 is free I played about 20 mins. Was one of them. Glad I didn't pay for it and would get some fun on it but could easily play it once then never again at the same time.
  10. Mad how pretty much nearly a year later it's Villa V Liverpool in a cup competition where one side is forced to field their GCSE team Damned if you play certain players damned if you don't. A year ago he was ruining the league cup and fa cup....
  11. You forget Klopp hates the FA Cup. We'll play a younger team than Villa with the two tea ladies as the senior players at the back
  12. I'm sure Aston Villa u15s can play our u14s tomorrow...
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