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  1. I'm all for it helping to stop this from happening. It's just very hypocritical of Sky who helped do their own breakaway and monopolised football on television. Its the closest this idea has gotten so far. It's no coincidence it's happened when UEFA were meant to be making an announcement tomorrow. It's just billionaires in a pissing contest, story gets put out and everyone starts attacking the other side then an agreements mad. The depressing thing is it's gotten to this stage and the leagues/government reaction is it must surely be close. It's a really depressing story to happen
  2. Sky need to fuck off trying to pretend their the saviours of football with their coverage. It's all a money grab. Happened with the Premier League wanting to break away from the football league and now its happening again. Hopefully the idea dies a death soon. I do think UEFA need to stop changing the format of their competitions though
  3. In terms of the Prem teams who want this to go ahead, it may be a "coincidence" that television rights are soon to be up again (pretty sure they need to agree them for 2022-2025 soon)
  4. It's all to do with money and neither side give a shit about what the fans think. The league's will try and come across as the we want to protect sporting integrity etc when really it's about money. The big club's will argue look at this competition which the best clubs in the world play against each other regularly when really it's about money. Yet no one's asked fans and it's pretty much universally despised by the fans of the club's involved and the club's not involved.
  5. Everton 0 vs. 1 Tottenham (Fri 8pm, Sky) Newcastle 0 vs. 3 West Ham (Sat 12.30pm, Sky) Wolves 1 vs. 0 Sheff Utd (Sat 3pm, Sky) Arsenal 2 vs. 0Fulham (Sun 1.30pm, Sky) Man Utd 2 vs.0 Burnley (Sun 4pm, Sky)
  6. To borrow a thought from the Michael Owen school of punditry, we would have won that if we scored. Only thing we did wrong was not put away any of the chances. Pitiful performance in the first leg played a major part. Madrid defended well but we had opportunities and we should have taken them. Not too disheartened but I think the winner of PSG/City is winning the whole thing.
  7. Only negative from that half is we should be about 2/3 up. Gini missing a glorious chance and Salah has missed two big opportunities. Played really well and I'm starting to think we could actually do it if we can get a goal before the hour mark. So wish fans were in the crowd as I'd be there and it would be a cracking atmosphere.
  8. Positive start so far in which Salah really should have buried a chance but Madrid starting to take the momentum out the game a bit winning some freekicks when under pressure
  9. Maybe Ole should spend more time feeding his kid then coming up with embarrassing excuses
  10. This is clearly the same reason why we lost all those games on the bounce at Anfield...
  11. Can't believe this is 5 years ago today. I remember being there and it doesn't even feel that long ago. Mad game of football and at the time I didn't think I'd witness a comeback like that in Europe in person.
  12. Spurs should honestly try and get Rodgers in.
  13. There's been a few games where Jose has ballsed up a match because of his substitutions. Perfect example was Bergwijn being subbed off against us at Anfield with I think Reguillon coming on? We were having kittens whenever you were on the counter and that sub literally turned the match round in our favour as our midfield started to dominate.
  14. Tell that to Trent getting kneed in the back of the head
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