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  1. We did for a little while but it fizzled out, was good fun though. Getting everyone together at the same time to play is the big obstacle to overcome!
  2. Richard O'Kelly is great, a real unsung hero of our last great side. Glad he's had a good career since and got to the top level.
  3. Doncaster Rovers have signed former Tottenham wonderkid John Bostock. I hope he's half as good as they thought he was going to be 10 years ago! Seems to have had an okay if unspectacular career since fizzling out at Spurs.
  4. Can somebody explain why the "Tomahawk Chop" is still allowed? Would help if CBS didn't cut to the KC fans doing it close up after a play too...
  5. And that will be game over. Chiefs just superior in every way tonight.
  6. Why does it bother you so much though? It isn't the same as those comparisons, Dallas isn't in a region called Arlington. Tampa the city is in Tampa Bay, and it's just a natural abbreviation. Plus, ya know, @Lineker is from somewhere thousands of miles away, as am I. It isn't like we're insulting your city/region/state or anything by not adding the "Bay" every time.
  7. Rodgers sat behind Favre for his first three seasons after going in the 1st Round. I know the league treats high-draft QBs with way more urgency now but if he buys into that idea of sitting behind a legend and learning he may stick it out.
  8. That call gets worse the more I think about it. Even if they had failed to score on 4th down, they'd have Tampa backed up in terrible field position and if you can stop them there you have a great shot at winning it. And they kick a Field Goal. Madness.
  9. Green Bay have blown it really, regardless. I have no idea why they didn't go for it on 4th down knowing you're giving the ball back to Tom fucking Brady.
  10. Glad someone else has noticed that, was surprised nobody mentioned it on the broadcast. He had the room to run.
  11. To be honest, I think the inverse is probably true - that the only reason the top-placed clubs don't want to push suspending the season is because they have a shot at promotion. The clubs are only really being offered loans instead of grants, and for many of them that just isn't a feasible way for them to keep running going forward. It's a tough situation but I don't blame any side in non-league who feels they don't want to accept that as their only option to keep playing.
  12. In this season of all seasons, I don't think you can rule out anyone in the top six for a potential title win at this stage. (Do not read anything into my completely arbitrary range of six teams there.)
  13. Yeah, a shame to see it end like this. I do wonder how different a game this may have been if that punt return TD hadn't been brought back for a needless penalty.
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