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  1. It's a half measure, that. All EFL clubs should surely be getting tested weekly regardless of the cups. Apparently the PFA is sitting on millions of pounds, surely they should be contributing? Something needs doing anyway.
  2. A deserved win for Detroit in the desert. They're a better team than they look, that said it is clear where things went wrong for the Cards today.
  3. Kyler Murray has now taken to doing the two-step to evade defenders. Unreal.
  4. They - they being Gary Lineker - seemed to explain it as a rule change, or slight alteration. Who knows at this point. I personally think the Everton one is a penalty? Ward's hand was outside the "silhouette" or whatever you want to call it and moving away from his body, his hand hitting it has stopped the trajectory of the ball in the box. Penalty. Yet Hodgson is incredulous about it and all the MOTD sofa blokes were raging too. Is it blue-tinted spectacles from me or are the old men all wrong?
  5. Everton marching to the title, nice to see. I put Jorginho in my FPL team this weekend and Lampard's dropped him. At least Richy and Rashford both scored. Good to see United expanding on Fergie Time and scoring after the final whistle nowadays, you can't make it up.
  6. It says a lot about WCW that I'm now picturing that scenario and it wouldn't remotely be the daftest thing they did.
  7. Brighton 0-2 Man Utd (Sat 12.30pm, BT)Burnley 1-1 Southampton (Sat 8pm, Sky)Sheff Utd 2-1 Leeds (Sun 12pm, BT)Man City 3-0 Leicester (Sun 4.30pm, Sky)West Ham 1-2 Wolves (Sun 7pm, BT)
  8. I haven't watched Bake Off in a few years but we sat down to watch the new series tonight and I was crying with laughter at the Showstoppers. Some of those celebrity cake busts were monstrosities. Poor Lupita Nyong'o. Also, thank God the Upside Down cake sabotage was an accident that everyone moved on from quickly. Sura was in bits at causing that!
  9. It would be very typical of the Cardinals to win the first two weeks then lose badly to the out-of-sorts Lions. So there's a bit of hope yet @VerbalPuke.
  10. Kyler Murray is looking damn good already this season.
  11. I'm really, really pleased he is back in the Premier League. I'm no Spurs fan but he is a great player when fit and firing - one of the world's best - and it's always nice to see these players in English football. Also might help Spurs keep up with the rest of the top teams because there have been some excellent signings by those top teams this summer. Only really the Manchester sides lagging now.
  12. Newly promoted sides conceding 12 goals between them today - so much for defending!
  13. He's a fifth of the way there already. Top of the league, this is alright isn't it 😎.
  14. Peter Walton talking rubbish, nothing new. Nice of West Brom to decide they wanted to throw the game. Lovely goal by Rodriguez though - very few players could score like that from there.
  15. Rooney was basically Championship standard by the time he went to DC, well past his best. Higuain scored 11 goals for Juventus last season, he's much closer to a Zlatan or Thierry Henry signing than Rooney.
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