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  1. Eustace was a finalist for the Doncaster job earlier in the summer, so yeah, I doubt he would have asked for too much money.
  2. That should have happened years ago with all the other stuff he's done, but it won't. And people will keep giving him jobs and a platform too. Joey Barton has shown us all who he really is for a long time. No one should be surprised when he proves his reputation right.
  3. Shock win in the women's Road Race...so shocking that the chasing pack didn't even realise she was ahead so when van Vleuten came home in 2nd she celebrated victory. Anna Kiesenhofer actually won to take Austria's first Cycling gold since the 1800s.
  4. Great to see women's football added, there's a big long article on the website about what it entails and why they want to do it. It doesn't sound like it will be in from this year though, due to them wanting to get it right and not just half-arse the implementation.
  5. Proper hard work being a Cardinals fan.
  6. Season 4 is airing over here and I've just watched through it all on All 4. I have to say, my least favourite season of Fargo by some distance sadly and I'm not sure I even want a 5th. Also I totally forgot I ever saw the trailer or said this so when they did the slow face reveal at the start of the episode Olyphant debuted in, I popped all over again.
  7. Last year's Rams jerseys were the worst I have ever seen in the NFL, so this is an improvement but not by loads to be fair.
  8. The behaviour of England "fans" this month has actually made me not want us to host a tournament again. Genuinely. I can't take us getting knocked out on penalties at Wembley for a third time either! Anyway, gutted but proud of this team. I felt so, so sad for Southgate last night. I would rather have lost 4-0 than lose it on penalties and with Southgate making some bad decisions. He and this team are the best England have given us in my lifetime, easily. I'll be ready to see them go again for the next one.
  9. I'm halfway through an 8 hour shift, there have only been two people come in to the building in that time and I've had "it's coming home" running around my head the entire time. Gonna be a slog of an afternoon.
  10. And to think it was nearly that pornographic betting company with hardly any internet presence.
  11. Crucial line in the BBC reporting of this story:
  12. I am so, so, so, so, SO fucking pleased for Gareth Southgate.
  13. Just dipping in to say that the ITV commentary team is a stone cold atrocity and I wish I was temporarily deaf whenever they speak.
  14. I do think far too many English fans have gotten carried away acting like we've already won this game tonight. I hope we have what it takes to get the job done tonight, but Denmark are a good side and will pose plenty of threat. Big step up on Ukraine at any rate.
  15. Match of the tournament in terms of quality, for 90 minutes at least. I'm glad Italy are through, they deserve it over the course of the tournament. I really hope England can join them. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.
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