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  1. And you didn't even dissent that much, which is not a knock by the way. It's a decent article with some valid points, regardless of which paper it is in. Craig Hope is fairly well regarded round here as far as I know which helps. I'm just glad I don't finish work until after kick-off. It's going to be bedlam round town this afternoon I imagine.
  2. That graphic shows that the season starts in Bahrain still, which is about the same to be fair.
  3. Fingers crossed this doesn't get worse. Chandler Jones already tested positive, and Allen was a star in last week's win. Browns are missing Nick Chubb through injury and have listed Clowney and Garett as questionable too.
  4. I can't remember to be honest, but it wasn't the Arsenal one because I remember them being called Highbury in it. They never made an Everton one, even if Birmingham did somehow make the cut.
  5. I did, the licensing was odd. For instance, this game existed but in other versions of Club Football...Arsenal were called Highbury. The menus also had a supremely irritating noise that accompanied anytime you moved to a different button. Like a rusty hinge.
  6. Twitter reckons it's Son and Bryan Gil.
  7. Williams has been key this season, we missed him against SF. He's put up better numbers than ever before and was a really consistent part of the Offense in the first few games. Hopefully Ertz can contribute enough to keep us ticking along, it's a move that makes a lot of sense for us. If not, nevermind - as I say we have the WR group to make up for it.
  8. He's a mid-season replacement for Maxx Williams, who got a horrible knee injury last week. It's a risk-free move to try and bolster our Offensive options. Many thought we may just go without and play 5-wide on most snaps. Which we could easily do, it's just not as diverse. Hopkins, Kirk, Green, Moore and Ertz is a hell of a group of pass-catchers for Kyler Murray, added to Conner and Edmonds.
  9. I have now seen no less than four different managers having to deny any interest in the Newcastle job today. Silly season is in.
  10. I consider myself a very casual gamer yet tonight found myself reloading my Fallout 4 save three times to avoid a random spawn settlement raid causing the untimely death of an NPC cat that I can't actually interact with. Abernathys have been through enough dammit. Third time's the charm as I headshot the six gunners whilst Maisie sits plum on top of a bench watching it all unfold.
  11. 00/01 was my first one too...I think we got it as some sort of co-promotion with the Telegraph!? My dad had extensively played CM3 and 98/99 (unless they're the same one) so I had played and think even completed a season on CM3, but I was quite young so didn't really know what I was doing. 00/01 was the first one I really got stuck into and knew what was what with, but 01/02 just took it to another level and I was still seriously playing it into my 20s. The only other subsequent edition that I enjoyed was FM08, which I must've poured months of my life into as a teenager. That probabl
  12. Cherno Samba. To Madeira. Kennedy Bakircoglu. Taribo West. Michael Duff. Mark Kerr. These are legends you can never forget.
  13. Feel a bit sorry for him, but at the same time don't. He will get a job in the Championship before long I'm sure, if he wants it. If I were him I'd go on a long holiday first, like. Must have felt shit for ages the way he's perceived up here, rightly or wrongly.
  14. This article from the New York Times outlines the laundry list of offensive things Jon Gruden has said over the course of these email exchanges. Gruden has been racist, homophobic, transphobic, spoken against LGBT players being drafted, against the existence of concussion protocols in the league, Obama and Biden, and more. Disgusting, extensive and clearly evident of the culture prevalent at the higher level of the NFL clique, not that that should overly surprise us sadly. There was no way he was keeping his job.
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