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  1. Telegraph and Fabrizio both say it will be Lampard for Everton, imminently.
  2. Not sure why that's funny? (other than that you're a Liverpool fan obviously) More managers/players should do what Rooney is doing here, it's good to see. It isn't as if he was the preferred candidate of Everton anyway, that seemingly is Pereira and Lampard depending on which board member you ask.
  3. If it is to be Lampard, then my feeling is that it could have been a lot worse. Not that that is a ringing endorsement! Moshiri loves himself a big name.
  4. If I was a well-regarded OC for one of the league's best teams, and I'm bargaining with the league's worst team, I'd probably feel brave enough to make such demands as well.
  5. I really don't want us to lose Adrian Wilson but it feels inevitable. Leftwich to Jax makes all the sense in the world. Started his career there, a bit less pressure to prove himself straight away as a rookie HC. By all accounts he has a great mind for the game.
  6. He is surely not going to do well at Barcelona. He is all pace and oil, no other substance.
  7. How do you *prove* mental instability? If they offered him that and he feels that such a step is unwarranted, he is entitled to say no without being cut. Despite all the issues that Brown has had over the past few seasons, I'm going to struggle to side with the team that has the Head Coach who slaps his players, and according to Brown fired him on the sideline during a game.
  8. Oh no! Anyway. It's probably unfair at this stage for McCann, but he hasn't done anything spectacular at Hull and yeah, he ditched us double-quick after preaching loyalty so my sympathy is limited.
  9. Yeah, Allen and Davis did not deserve to pull that off and then never get to see the ball again. Both teams should get a shot at a TD in overtime.
  10. This has been the perfect Play Off game from a spectator standpoint.
  11. Great game. I am now all, all in on Buffalo winning the Super Bowl.
  12. I am actually cheering Brady on here and I feel dirty.
  13. So, at what times do you think the massively homophobic term in your prior post is appropriate?
  14. Oh my god we won a game. And it was away. And it meant we've done the double over Milton Keynes. What a day.
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