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  1. All 12 of them should be kicked out of the domestic leagues tomorrow morning. It won't happen, but it should. Fuck the lot of them completely. Greedy tossers. I feel really sorry for the fans of these clubs who are against it as well. I mean, we all lose as football fans if this comes to fruition.
  2. It's also no coincidence that this materialises when Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal all sit outside of the Premier League's top four and Juventus are clinging onto 4th after dominating Serie A for years. Greed, greed, greed.
  3. They can all fuck right off. The fans will surely hate it - how many are going to travel for midweek games across the continent all year round? The domestic leagues will all be completely devalued and I can only presume that the international game will also be lessened by it. The lot of them, every single team involved, wants jettisoning completely from every competition and told where to take their pursuit of greed.
  4. It'll be mind-blowing if Barnsley get promoted to the Premier League again.
  5. Kliff likes his 5-wide Offense so I don't know how high a priority RB will be (compared to CB or maybe TE) in the draft, but we do need a good powerful back to mix up the plays. Worth remembering as well that Kyler takes a lot of the run plays himself in games.
  6. He's a bit old for him, surely.
  7. The punditry and commentary is atrocious. Pougatch said to Roy Keane before the game "you'll have played against these, very technical aren't they?" as if all the Poland players are the same as they were in 2001. Ridiculous.
  8. That vote has now been delayed. The whole thing is bullshit in my opinion and the final death knell for my interest in the game at European level.
  9. I took your advice and waited a while! I bought the DVD a few months ago but left it in the drawer until I felt like watching it, and tonight I just felt like it. So I waited ten months - ten years might have been a bit much! I loved it, thought the film was a wonderful continuation of the series and ended in a very appropriate way. When you look at the themes playing on the weight and effect of time on all the characters and think of the real life Alzheimer's diagnosis of David Milch, it is a rather poignant and emotional experience. Wonderfully acted as expected too.
  10. It is but the club have been looking for a new stadium site for literally decades and Goodison is rather outdated for the modern game in a lot of ways. It's a great place but you need to move with the times and I think this can only ultimately be a very good thing for Everton FC, and hopefully the city of Liverpool too.
  11. Dover got a similar fine in the National League. Are there any football governing bodies that aren't utterly useless?
  12. San Marino goalie had a cracking game.
  13. He was Graham Potter's successor at Ostersunds, no? If Burchnall's half as good as him you might be on to a winner.
  14. Yeah, refs don't even look for foul throws anymore. Gillingham did literally about 15 against us today but the referee was never even looking at the guy taking it to check. Not once.
  15. Adam


    I've just gone back and read through this whole thread (which is something I often do when I finish something well after it was out, plus I didn't know we had a Justified thread til the other day) and I love that most of the contemporary feedback for the show is just "great episode!" or "loved it this week!" I also love that @VerbalPuke expressed interest in watching and asked about it 7 years ago and still has an interest in starting it. Watch it and be very pleased you did VP! Same goes for everyone else who hasn't yet seen this wonderful, wonderful show.
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