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  1. Can anyone find a pic to use of Christian Andrews? 👀 I can't find him lol
  2. Neil_1113


    That doesn't seem like a valid game strategy... Lol And wait, who loses to them? 😂
  3. We've been playing Munchkin Zombies which was a lot of fun! Dead of Winter we were playing a lot as well and it's pretty fun!
  4. Why did you remove Ron completely from Evolve and FIP?
  5. Why? Visa issues? Lol sorry couldn't resist.
  6. Thanks MDK! Reading through that now, it's really interesting! Poker, I've got to look that guy up as well! Thanks for the recommendation!
  7. That's really interesting. I mean the concepts of sports, offense and defense, and trying to gather points for your side while stopping the opposing side, I mean it could translate well between sports but in that same regard, I'm definitely curious about those tactics lol
  8. Is it weird that while I know very little about soccer, I'm really contemplating buying FMM just for the pure sake of how much I enjoy management simulators? Lol!
  9. So me and my wife's are two completely different lists, her being a stay at home mom provides her the opportunity to see a lot more than me haha. Mine are only really seven I can remember: 1. Incredibles 2 2. Rampage 3. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 4. Game Night 5. Ready Player One 6. Maze Runner: The Death Cure 7. Oceans Eight Hers on the other hand: 1. The Guilty 2. Mission: Impossible - Fallout 3. Searching 4. A Star Is Born 5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (I really need to watch this) 6. Blindspotting 7. You Were Never Really Here 8. A Quiet Place 9
  10. The last thing we've watched was The Blacklist on Netflix, which is actually surprisingly really good. One of the main characters, Raymond "Red" Reddington and the actor that plays him reminds me so much of the beauty that was Hannibal Lecter. How amazing that movie series was, and how well the killer and the woman authority worked well together reminds me of this series. It's really a joy to watch if you haven't yet! I'm far from finished but it's great so far!
  11. I've tried Clash of Clans but I never could really get into it, and my friend tried to get me into Hearthstone which is a deck building type game, but with the extensiveness and constant updates to that game you can easily get outdated and outplayed just because you're not glued to the game like others, so it was kinda disappointing to say the least. I've tried management simulators and life simulators for the heck of it like Life Simulator and just recently, BitLife. MMA Manager and Movie Mogul I've also done but these are all games that once you beat them, have little to no replay value. New
  12. Figured out what was wrong with EWB. It just wasn't plugged in. 

  13. I'm getting Error code: EX2006 every time I try to go into a sub forum. 😕

  14. RT: GRIFT
    "Oh, so this is where I left my keys."

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