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  1. Pats fans are predictably up in arms about this.
  2. Yep. I fully expect the Dodgers would dole out rings to anyone who was on the 2017 roster but isn't there now.
  3. Doc Emrick has announced his retirement from broadcasting.
  4. Rays vs. Dodgers break the Tampa/LA tie for pandemic champions.
  5. Bandwagoning another team for a playoff run is fine, it makes a game you might otherwise skip more interesting. Fair weather fans are another story. Growing up in Yankee town, nobody my age knew a world where the Yankees weren't playing in October. As such, October rolls around and that's when you see all the Yankee gear. Not that I expect anyone to sit down and watch 162 games but loads of people my age paid zero attention to the regular season because it was a formality.
  6. Gronk is finally on the board with his first Bucs TD.
  7. Eagles making it a game against Baltimore means they will take a steaming dump on the Giants on Thursday, which is par for the course of how that rivalry has gone for most of the last decade.
  8. I was thinking this but the Giants have at least hung in games despite not being good, the Jets are just next level bad. The rest of this season is probably about seeing if the Giants decide they need Fields or Lance.
  9. Most undeserving Giants win I can remember.
  10. Daniel Jones sucks but with the worst OL in football (again) and zero downfield passing game as their WR options are slow Olden Tate and a hobbled Darius Slayton. I don’t even think Mahomes would be able to put up points in these circumstances.
  11. Every baseball fan who isn’t an Astros fan can come together as one tonight to celebrate the Rays winning the pennant as if their own team won it. Bye bye cheating Astros!
  12. I will not watch one second of a Braves/Astros World Series.
  13. Nick Saban intends on being on the field coaching tomorrow. Three days after testing positive. Is he going to be in a hazmat suit? This is insane.
  14. Aaaaand the Pats now have more positives and are shutting their facilities down again.
  15. Astros coming back from 3-0 to win the series would be peak 2020.
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