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  1. KC blindsided pretty much everyone in that draft. Some places were mocking him going to KC, but figured it would be at or close to their original draft slot. People figured if someone really liked him, he'd go mid-round at most. Nobody expected top 10. Nobody could be too critical of the move because if you're going to make a huge jump off the draft board for a QB and it works out, it's impossible to overpay. But a Texas Tech QB in the top 10 is the type of move that would've gotten anybody fired if he didn't dominate in the first opportunity he was given.
  2. For all the shit Ben McAdoo rightly got, there were reports around the 2017 Draft that he really wanted Mahomes and was trying to convince Jerry Reese to move up to get him. Reese and ownership wouldn't sign off on getting Eli's successor yet because they were coming off of an 11-5 season and a playoff berth, even though they did so with very little offensive production. Of course, the compromise was to let him select freaking Davis Webb instead when he fell to the 3rd round.
  3. Yahoo confirms that Week 12 ends tomorrow no matter what. I know a lot of custom leagues have come up with their own house rules with some commissioners allowing late lineup changes for unexpected gameday COVID moves, etc. But should Ravens/Steelers get cancelled it'll open a whole other can of worms as all other games have been played and the decision on whether or not to allow retroactive lineup changes will straight up decide games. Yahoo's default position for public leagues is pretty much tough shit. They view it as no different than starting a questionable player on MNF who ends
  4. And with that, the Giants will remain in first place of the NFC East until at least Sunday. Looking at the remaining schedules for the division, I don't see three wins left for the Giants or Washington, and I certainly don't see four wins left for the Eagles or Cowboys. So that means six wins really is gonna take this division. Shit, I think a 5-11 NFC East champ is more likely than a 7-9 one.
  5. Reportedly there is a “rift” between Brady and Arians. Brady’s under a fully guaranteed, ironclad contract next year and I can’t imagine with the likely reduction of a salary cap that any team is gonna swallow that much dead cap money. So if one of them has to go, it’ll be Arians. Probably will be speculation on Brady trying to get Josh McDaniels. But he might not have the same weapons. Evans is getting a big increase having already restructured his contract twice. Godwin is a free agent and will be one of if not the best WR on the market. Gronk over the past month has started t
  6. I have Watson on my main team that's 11-1 and already clinched the top playoff seed. Thankfully, I also took a late round flyer on Rodgers and have ended up platooning them.
  7. Colts punter Rigoberto Sanchez is undergoing surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed.
  8. When they showed a clip of her kicking off on the news I was like "hey that's cool...kinda lame if they only let her do a kickoff though" and then the final score popped up and I was like "oh."
  9. They should've gone with the week 18 approach. You lock Steelers/Ravens in and hope neither team misses another game. And the week 18 is now set up and any game that's a threat to be cancelled you can just start filling week 18 instead of jumping through hoops forcing teams to play with no practice and half of their roster. Yes, this means any playoff team that completes their full season in 17 weeks get a free bye and potentially the 1-seed would get two weeks off. But it's better than putting a guaranteed terrible product out there. They don't need the week between the title gam
  10. And so ends the recent streak of good Sunday Night Football games.
  11. Jesse James is always a bad contract. I wouldn’t trust Road Dogg to run a bath.
  12. I don’t think there’s much question that Rob Calabrese would’ve played better than Hinton simply because he actually knows the offense. They’d still be getting smoked of course, but it would’ve been more fun to watch. NFL’s reasoning was that “potential players can’t be stockpiled as coaches” makes it sound like they feared Belichick going out next week and signing a bunch of street free agents to the coaching staff.
  13. At bare minimum, Flipper Anderson’s record of 336 is in serious trouble. Depends on how much of a blowout it needs to be before they switch to the run.
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