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  1. Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2021: Val Ackerman Rick Adelman Chris Bosh Bob Dandridge Cotton Fitzsimmons Howard Garfinkel Yoland Griffith Clarence Jenkins Toni Kukoc Pearl Moore Paul Pierce Bill Russell Ben Wallace Chris Webber Jay Wright
  2. In Madden the goal line formation always used 3 TEs and I'd go out of my way to put a tall receiver in the TE3 spot so I could run an end zone fade. Having a 6'5" Benjamin and Kyle Rudolph on the line with Kenny Golladay split out wide could be fun.
  3. Eh, why not? The Giants figured to keep four tight ends on their roster anyway so it doesn't hurt. If the projected 4th string guy (Levine Toilolo) gets beaten out of a job by a 30-year old playing out of position that says more about Toilolo than it does Benjamin.
  4. I’m gonna be fascinated at what the shortstop contracts look like next winter, especially with a new CBA. Lindor’s 10 years/$341 million will be what the shortstops use as the benchmark but that contract hasn’t even kicked and as we sit here in mid-May he’s easily been the biggest disappointment in baseball. .192 with 3 home runs and 8 RBI, looks completely overmatched most ABs. We might be seeing a lot more Bauer-esque contracts instead of long-term ones.
  5. Mets call up infielder Jake Hager At least I won’t have to see him on Dynamite
  6. It was a bad trade that needed immediate payoff of Cano/Diaz both playing well right away to get them to the playoffs in order for the trade to at least justify their short-term goals. Both guys were terrible in 2019. That said it is predictable and eye rolling that the Mets beat writers will be sure to tweet out everything good Kelenic does for the foreseeable future. They did the same with Daniel Murphy even though everybody agreed when it happened that moving on from him was the right call. It’s no secret the Mets have done plenty to embarrass themselves over the years but the w
  7. Because he suffered the injury away from the team facility (on advice of the NFLPA who are imploring all non-rookies to skip workouts) and was therefore put on the non-football injury list, many of his guarantees are now voided and it sets up a very ugly labor battle.
  8. And 24 hours later, the Knicks are now in! Would prefer to avoid the Bucks in the first round but we'll see how it shakes out.
  9. London games: Jets vs. Falcons October 10th Dolphins vs. Jaguars October 17th
  10. Rams getting the SNF opener and Raiders getting the MNF opener is cool and only fair. Both teams got primetime home openers for their new stadiums last year but no fans took away from it.
  11. Giants will be opening at home against the Broncos the day after the 20th anniversary of 9/11. They played the day before the tragedy so there's a bit of a tie-in there. You never know with week 1 but on paper it should be one of the more winnable games on the schedule (unless the Rodgers trade happens, of course). Jets play the Darnold-led Panthers in week 1.
  12. The schedule drops today, probably the only league where the schedule feels like it matters somewhat. I mean everyone knows who and where they're playing but with Thursday and Monday games impacting rest schedules, certain places having bad weather late in the year, etc. the actual way your schedule is laid out is kinda important.
  13. Knicks have been really fun to watch. Unfortunately they had to finally remember they’re the Knicks and just choked away a 10 point 4th quarter lead to a LeBron-less Lakers team. A win would’ve clinched a playoff spot and now that race for the 4th seed just got a lot more crowded.
  14. Patrick Mazeika with the strangest start to a career ever. He’s had three at-bats on this homestand and has collected three RBI, two of which were walkoff game winners, all while still not recording a hit.
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