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  1. Aw but they didn't even have time to be hilariously sanctioned by the Premier League!
  2. I'd be thrilled if the Giants trade down. It's not a great class for edge rushers which is the Giants' biggest need, so moving back a bit in the first and grabbing an extra pick or two somewhere and taking an edge guy later works for me.
  3. Chase will look great running routes in those new uniforms while Burrow lays on the turf. It is malpractice if Sewell is there at #5 and they don’t take him. If they want an LSU receiver that badly they can target Terrace Marshall on day 2.
  4. Stroman with your everyday behind the back 7-hopper
  5. I feel like the Yankees lineup is much too good to stay this bad for too long. Eventually they’re bound to break out. The starting rotation seems very uninspiring though. Cashman really needs to go if he can’t find a way to improve that rotation before the end of those season. Mets still can’t hit a lick either for the most part, frustrating watching these guys taking home run cuts every AB when they really don’t have to. Stroman just had to carry the game by throwing 8 innings of 1 run ball in Coors.
  6. Jake Paul vs Ben Askren went about as expected
  8. Feel good journeyman story: Braves calling up 36-year old infielder Sean Kazmar, last played in the big leagues with the Padres in 2008.
  9. Sunday: postponed Monday: postponed Tuesday: 7 inning doubleheader Wednesday: normal game Thursday: postponed Friday: postponed Saturday: 7 inning doubleheader Fuck this season.
  10. Since pitchers hitting is probably a thing of the past after this year, I don't think we'll ever see a weirder no-hitter clinch than Henderson Alvarez.
  11. The Atlantic League, in partnership with MLB, is testing out a "Double Hook DH" rule this season. Both teams have a DH but once the starting pitcher is taken out of the game, the DH goes away and becomes a pitchers spot. The theory is that teams might take the leash off of their starting pitchers a bit and you'll see guys staying in games longer because losing the DH would disadvantage them. But I think a workaround would be to bat someone 8th or 9th that plays the natural position of your DH and then you can just make the DH go out in the field later. Would really screw over the guys
  12. I can only imagine what a mess it would be letting the Assistant GM run a modern era game. Thankfully we just have the four minor league teams at this stage, so realizing my lowest minor league team which has no roster limit was comically overloaded stood out like a sore thumb. I went through and cleared out anyone from that team that either my scout or OSA saw had no potential. Released like 150 guys in one go. Checked the calendar and saw it was December 25, 1963. Uhh, Merry Christmas.
  13. The Bills have announced their plan is to return to full capacity attendance this year with proof of vaccination. Only a matter of time before other blue state teams start to follow suit (and for Trumpers in those states to go "BUT MAH RIGHTS!!!!")
  14. Live in and learn I suppose, I just figured handling the minor league signings etc would get overwhelming after a while but I wasn't expecting the dude to go overboard. Most of these guys he signed have like a half star potential but with only four minor league teams how does he expect me to develop 200 minor leaguers? Big dummy.
  15. Resumed my Mets game after I fell down the rabbit hole of re-doing the entire league history. The 1962 Mets were predictably terrible at 63-99, although it's not even in the same stratosphere of how bad they were in real life. My pitching was atrocious and terrible infield defense likely didn't help. I ended up shoring that up by dumping a veteran for Roberto Pena who is a good fielding 3B and, as I tried to shop around a couple of veterans I didn't want anymore, the White Sox to my surprise wanted both and were willing to unload Luis Aparicio to me. He wasn't hitting very well but dam
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