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  1. Padres get: 2B Adam Frazier Pirates get: SS Tucupita Marcano, OF Jack Suwinski, RHP Michell Miliano Frazier will likely play a super utility role in 2B and the OF for the Padres, he also is under contract for 2022. Padres really gearing up for that playoff run, good for them.
  2. Luis Rojas once again proving that he is lost in terms of in-game management. Rich Hill makes his Met debut, throws five scoreless innings on only 49 pitches, facing the Jays lineup two times through. Jays hitters looked confused/frustrated at the junk he was throwing up there. But whatever stats there are on pitchers faring badly the third time through, you can multiply those for Hill. Dude throws a big slow curveball and fastball that averages 88 MPH. Fun to watch but there's no way big league hitters can get fooled by him a third time, and there's a reason his recent teams never e
  3. DeShaun Watson is reporting to Texans camp, in no small part due to this: The NFLPA is really useless.
  4. I’m old enough to remember when players were told of the potential long term health risks of playing football, they said I don’t care, I’ll take the risk to play the game I love. Now it’s “I’m not going to get the vaccine because I don’t know the long term health risks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go get in the equivalent of 40 car crashes over the next 3 hours. Thank you.”
  5. My workplace has very similar rules from what your place is trying to go for. Everyone has to check in at the front desk, employees who had provided proof of vaccination to security were added to a list to allow them in maskless. Unvaccinated employees and guests have to keep their masks on at all times. We have temperature reading devices too, although they are pretty wonky. I apparently clocked in at 122 degrees one day on a hot day, they let me sit there in the lobby and wait a bit because pretty I'd have been long dead if it were accurate, and then minutes later I clocked in at 98.
  6. Being in the HR realm, there are companies out there that are so determined to go back to in-office working, or require substantial enough travel, that they are flat out firing anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. And they are completely allowed to because they are in employment at will states. But nahhhhh the first thing anyone ever says is "LAWSUIT!!!"
  7. I like it. No guarantee Hill stays healthy and he's another guy whose spin rate has dropped drastically since the sticky stuff crackdown, but they're desperate for arms and it cost them nothing. As long as it doesn't preclude them from getting another starter, no harm in this at all.
  8. December 18, 2020: announcement that the Indians name will be dropped July 23, 2021: new team name and logo announced And yet we're now into month 13 of the Washington Football Team.
  9. Rays get: DH Nelson Cruz, RHP Calvin Faucher Twins get: RHP Joe Ryan (Rays' No. 10 prospect per MLB Pipeline) and RHP Drew Strotman (No. 17)
  10. Aaaaand the White Sox say Mercedes is back with their Triple A team and in uniform tonight.
  11. The four month journey of Yermin Mercedes: One of the best early season stories, the 28-year-old rookie won April Rookie of the Month for the White Sox. Up through May 18th he was slashing .344/.396/.547 with 6 HR in 139 plate appearances. He dared to hit a home run off of a position player in a blowout, leading to his own manager Tony La Russa publicly browbeating him for violating the "unwritten rules". After that very incident, his slash line plummeted to just .190/.220/.196 with 1 home run over 118 plate appearances, ultimately leading to him being demoted to Triple A on Ju
  12. The poor Kraken social media manager, having to hype up the draft making posts like “who’s excited for tonight?” followed by a bunch of responses like “no because the picks are all leaked”
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