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  1. The Saints are in for a rough couple of years.
  2. Very good hires on both fronts. Also good news for @livid's Niners as they get to keep Adam Peters.
  3. And so arrives the day when two of the best players of all time in Bonds and Clemens officially miss out on the Hall of Fame and then have to wait for the Veterans Committee. Real great system to have writers who have never played being the gatekeepers of baseball's highest honor.
  4. Ryans has all the makings of a fantastic hire. Not just the hard-nosed defensive mindset he brings to a team but most importantly the fact that he seems like a great leader that would relate to the players and be able to get the most out of them. Let him pick an offensive mind he trusts as OC and let him do his thing. He definitely should’ve been getting more of a head coach push than he has.
  5. Fair enough, but it feels odd that he hasn’t been brought up as a finalist for more gigs. Yes the Jags might’ve been perceived as the favorites from the get-go but that doesn’t mean other teams shouldn’t have made the push. Even if you don’t hire someone I think there’s value in picking the brains of every qualified candidate you can find. Separately, I’ve seen it theorized every year that the further you go in the playoffs, the less likely it is that you’ll lose a coordinator because teams don’t want to wait until the Super Bowl and possibly get left at the alter, losing out on their 2n
  6. I would not hate the Daboll hiring but I'm not about to be over the moon celebrating the hire either. It's going to take time to get the pieces to even build a good scheme there. I'd certainly think/hope that nobody they can hire could possibly be less qualified to run a team than Joe Judge...but that's about the lowest bar imaginable. It's definitely imperfect, Joe Schoen put out a great statement about casting a wide net and talking to tons of qualified candidates, yet just about everyone and their brother expects Daboll to get the job. He's already in town for his second intervie
  7. It's really absurd that Hackett having Rodgers gets a pass but Leftwich having Brady means he's apparently unhirable. Again, the "offensive genius" label teams try to hire almost exclusively is given to white guys. I've read that the league should try to get more black coaches into offensive coordinator roles instead of positional roles. But then owners will just find a way to move the goalposts again.
  8. Dan Quinn, Nathaniel Hackett, and Kevin O'Connell are the rumored finalists for the Broncos head coach job.
  9. As much as people want to dunk on the Panthers for picking up Darnold's 5th year option...it really does make sense if you have even the slightest hope he could be serviceable (and if they didn't feel that way, they wouldn't have traded for him). I imagine there will be a similar discussion about Daniel Jones' 5th year option this year. Conventional wisdom would be to pass...but there are probably people in the building who feel he was in a system which gave him zero chance to succeed, especially with the worst offensive line in football his whole career. $21 million is a relative drop
  10. Baker Mayfield liked this tweet. Truthfully I think after a game like that, over half the fanbases in the league are sitting there wondering if they have a QB in place they have a prayer of winning a title with. I mean you could list all the starting QBs around football in September and break them into three tiers: elite, serviceable, and bad. And I bet you'd see a near direct correlation in the fanbases expectations for the season. Elite QBs = "we can win a SB". Serviceable QBs = "we can compete for a playoff spot and then hopefully peak at the right time". Bad QBs = "When is the d
  11. I'm sure they'll look at the OT rules, but the owners had to be dragged to the current rules kicking and screaming. They'll probably go back to "well, defense is part of the team, make a stop" which is rich coming from a league that goes out of its way to favor offense. I think their real concern is not wanting games to go on endlessly. Which is why I'd probably say if the first team scores 7, the second team is required to score 8 so the game ends either way. You could take it further and say if the first team scores 3, the second team needs a TD. Basically the only way there's ever
  12. Yeah, Daboll is gone. Even though I don't like the idea of the Giants rushing their HC hire and possibly not doing their due diligence, Schoen's relationship with Daboll makes it hard to not think he's got his mind made up already. At bare minimum, someone else would need to blow him away to make him back off of wanting Daboll. I could see that hire happening before the end of the week which would then allow the Bills to swiftly promote Dorsey. As a Giants fan, I have a level of skepticism around Daboll because obviously he's benefiting from elite level QB play. But he's been there th
  13. Still can’t believe how bad the defense was with 13 seconds left. Put Belichick in that spot and I guarantee he’s telling his secondary to commit holding and concede the 10 yards in exchange for 6 seconds.
  14. Cincy only barely beat KC by the skin of their teeth last time. I could see KC blowing the doors off of them next week. Wonder at what point the average NFL fan turns on the Chiefs because “ugh, Chiefs again???”
  15. Chiefs win the toss. Could easily see them just winning it here and Allen never gets the ball. I hate the OT rules, always have. The usual refrain is “make a stop or don’t complain” but with these elite level QBs it’s nearly impossible to do so.
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