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  1. That there was seemingly nobody to lateral it to at all other than linemen 10 yards away either. They clearly were just ready for a Hail Mary to the end zone. Yeah everyone was covered but stranger things have happened when that ball ricochets, might as well have chucked it. They had a couple of respectable years capped off with a Fiesta Bowl trip in a crappy conference and that was enough to dupe them into thinking they were becoming a football school. Completely ruined Big East basketball over that nonsense.
  2. Oh yeah and I haven’t been to an NFL game since 2013. MetLife absolutely sucks, zero character in that stadium, seats are cramped, and on those big plays when most stadiums rise to their feet, won’t happen because half the crowd are crotchety 40-year season ticket holders that will yell at everyone to sit down.
  3. Awesome, two TDs for Waddle the week I had to cut him due to a roster crunch.
  4. And the game ended with one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen.
  5. I can't believe UConn actually won a game.
  6. Yeah, McCullers is hurt. Activating him for a game 6 or 7 would look very fishy and probably get investigated unless another player gets a very blatant injury during the series. Chances are he’s fully out until the World Series if they advance. In other ALCS roster news, I’ve always mentioned having a soft spot for Matt Barnes. Not only a rare Connecticut athlete to make it pro but actually being from my town. Anyway he made the All Star team this year as the Red Sox closer, got rewarded with a new 2-year contract only to then immediately fall off a cliff in August and September t
  7. Minnesota Vikings vs Carolina Panthers (1) Los Angeles Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens (3) Arizona Cardinals vs Cleveland Browns (2) Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots (4) Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers (5)
  8. So it’s down to an NL East division rival or three out of the last four world champs. This sucks. Kinda don’t even want to watch. Probably will just end up being background noise for me if anything.
  9. Despite making the playoffs all three years he was the full-time manager, including being the hottest team in baseball down the stretch this year, the Cardinals have fired Mike Shildt. The team cited "philosophical differences" but rumors are suggesting the players weren't a fan of him.
  10. Adam Schefter is trying to play damage control and saying that sending an unpublished piece to Bruce Allen for him to review is something he’d never done before or since. Yeah, sure. I get that re-confirming info with your sources is normal. But giving the dude a full article to edit and it just so happens to be the only time he’s ever done that? I think it’s been obvious with the rate at which he’s broken stories over the years that he has pretty high up sources within most organizations, something like this can only make me assume he does stuff like this all the time. Not that th
  11. Astros going right back to being great after the cheating scandal. Red Sox rehiring Cora and immediately being great again. Hinch meanwhile served his time and seems to have the Tigers headed in the right direction for the not so distant future. Somehow Beltran and, by extension, the Mets ended up getting the worst of all of it. Even though Beltran got immunity from punishment as a player on that team, they were PR pressured into firing him, and then they got stuck with Luis Rojas who was terrible. If everyone else is back, Beltran deserves a shot but the Mets won’t be giving it to
  12. Theo Epstein basically admitted as such when he stepped down from the Cubs and went into the league office instead. He felt he played a part in negatively impacting the game's watchability because he was one of the early adopters of analytics that every team follows. It's a game filled with strikeouts, walks, infield shifts, and in general just long stretches where absolutely nothing is going on. Even as a lifelong fan of the game, I find there are long stretches where I'm checking my phone because the game itself is just not holding my interest at all. It's fun to watch the truly dominant
  13. Boston stamps their ticket to the ALCS. Probably to be joined by Houston as I can't imagine them losing three in a row, but you never know. Rays were heavily favored to take out Boston but the playoffs are such a crapshoot, especially in the first round. The Rays are a funny team to think about. TV networks are glad when they get knocked out. The league, despite wanting better ratings, also loves seeing them do well because it's proof that small markets/small payroll can't stop a team from winning if the franchise knows what its doing. The union probably hate the Rays for much the sa
  14. That managed to be both an MVP-level 4th quarter from Lamar and a monumental choke job from the Colts
  15. Bills beat the Chiefs convincingly. Chiefs in last place of the AFC West through 5 weeks, just as we all drew it up.
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