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  1. I came back, where the fuck are you?!?

  2. It's incredibly fresh, that's for sure. I think it'll take a few listens for me to get used to, just like SexyBack did...but I am unequivocally pumped that JT's back
  3. Happy birthday, thug.

  4. Naiwf, you damn purist. Bring on the jersey patches. Woooooo
  5. Makes no sense why Orlando would want that mess instead of Houston. They could probably get at least Lamb or Royce White along with some other young assets and the Raptors' lottery pick.
  6. Jeremy Lin's gonna have an amazing year in Houston. He fits their system perfectly as McHale loves running his offense through the PG (See the monster years Lowry and Dragic had). Finally, something went right for Houston this offseason
  7. Pretty sure with that Lowry trade, the Rockets have moved completely into rebuilding mode....or at least PRETTY PLEASE?
  8. Unbelievable episode tonight. Don's gonna be reeling for years.
  9. Rockets dumped failed 09 lottery picks Jordan Hill, Jonny Flynn, and Hasheem Thabeet and got Marcus Camby, Derek Fisher, and a 1st. Backup big man? Check. Backup PG while Lowry's out? Check. First rounder in a deep draft? Check. Small victories for the win!
  10. I would hope that after Bowie over MJ, Darko over Melo, and Oden over Durant...that it wouldn't happen again, but Hasheem Thabeet was drafted 2nd overall
  11. I just don't see why the owners would want this when they already have a minor league system with better coaching in the NCAA. They could just make players go to school for 2 years and not provide the NBDL alternative.
  12. They'd have to raise the NBDL salaries considerably. Remember, minor leaguers get huge signing bonuses which helps make the decision easy. Not sure if the owners would be willing to pay for that, especially with high school players being pretty hit or miss.
  13. The league only seems stacked because of the super-teams out there. For every Miami or New York, you've got a Charlotte, New Orleans, Detroit, Toronto...I can't see expansion being a good thing for this league right now.
  14. Mountain Dew presents....ThuggyFest...powered by Mountain Dew Livewire Friday: Coldplay / The Black Keys The Strokes / The Shins / Phoenix The Maccabees / Two Door Cinema Club / Young the Giant Jeff Mangum / Sharon van Etten Saturday: Kanye West & Jay-Z The Killers / Foster the People / Vampire Weekend The Vaccines / Bombay Bicycle Club / Noah and the Whale Lana Del Rey / Childish Gambino Sunday: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Wilco / Bon Iver / Mumford & Sons Fleet Foxes / Andrew Bird / The Civil Wars The Tallest Man on Earth / The
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