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  1. I came back, where the fuck are you?!?

  2. Happy birthday, thug.

  3. Shook Sgt. Slaughter's hand tonight. At ease, maggots

  4. Hello EWB!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ace


      I eagerly await the swerve to this.

      But still, HI THUG!!!

    3. Lint


      Hello. how are you? Won't you tell me your name

    4. Kaney




  6. Sounds like the perfect excuse to buy the other version?
  7. You positive about this? Is this how you got it? Because I'd rather not waste my time at Battle Frontier (even if it is lots of fun >_>)
  8. DoubleX, does your Swinub already know Ancient Power? I forgot that it's an egg move.....so now I have to go get the BPs needed for move tutor. Does that take a long time?
  9. About to try to take on the Elite Four with this lineup (All Level 40) Magmar Vaporeon Heracross Tauros Gengar Meganium Overall, training Pokemon has been a bitch, only because there are so few wild pokemon that provide a lot of EXP points. It gets better at Victory road, but it's been a really slow process. I guess your Pokemon can't be too high levels because you still have to make it through Kanto. Glad to hear people are finding the Pokewalker worthwhile. I'll probably give it another try soon. It seems kinda complicated and I didn't have the patience at first.
  10. Funny. That's why I got HeartGold.
  11. So, Heartgold anybody? >_> Just picked it up. Grabbed my Chikorita, at Goldenrod at the moment. Anyone else pick up this latest remake?
  12. Happy 21st, Thug! Boo-yah.

  13. *presses EBG's keys*

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