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    Jolly Old England!
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    Hmm, my interests are too long to put down. Maybe I'll steal the effort I put into my Rooster Teeth account info... lessee...<br />I apparently said... RvB (duh), films, music, video games, the Terrifying Internet, comics, drawing, anime, manga, writing, reading, wrestling... all kinds of stuff. My PS2 (sorry Xbox, you do nothing for me... but my 360 does muahahaha - happy now?) I'm sure there's more there, but hell if I can think of it right now. <br /><br />Hmm... interessant.

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  1. Are you thanking me for the Happy Birthday from 2010, or the sadface from today?

  2. Why thank you... you, person, whose username I no longer recognise, due to my scarceness.

  3. What is this place? Where am I? Why does everything look different?! (and thanks for the bday wishes!)

  4. Happy birthday senorita scarce.

  5. You can't just pop along after a year and half and act like everything's cool!

  6. Why thank you! Hope the boards are doing all right without my fair self there! :P

  7. Happy birthday senorita scarce.

  8. Thank you! I know I'm scarce, but I'm in my last year of uni! Lots of work - I've done none of my dissertation yet! Waah! Doesn't mean I don't have time to visit my dearest brother.

  9. Happy birthday senorita scarce.

  10. Mwahahah, isn't it just?

  11. Brains: The Other White Meat.


    ... Just thought you should know.

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