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  1. She self-reported immediately after having a meeting, which I am told by my son is "pretty sus ngl"
  2. I remember playing those games for the first time at age 34! (I was 17 when they came out)
  3. Folks, there's only one diary in the Cube that uses a Pokemon game to allow Sousa to pop off about the somehow palpable differences between being a cis straight guy and a trans lesbian.

  4. I'm for it, one of my mains is Captain Falcon and I can't stand F-Zero, let's see how this goes.
  5. Once I become a lesbian witch it's over for you mfers.
  6. I was spending a lot of time in the cupboard basically until the year 2017.
  7. time to call the game so everyone can go out to Dairy Queen
  8. lol he's gonna have Reds fans defending him to the end because his dad is a famous Reds broadcaster. Hope you get covid, motherfucker. hi I'm in the baseball thread.
  9. They literally did a post mitigating expectations before the last Direct and people still went WHY DIDN'T YOU ANNOUNCE STAR FOX AND PRIME 4 AND GOKU IN SMASH so at this point I don't know what else they can do except make their new slogan GET USED TO DISAPPOINTMENT.
  10. This is a good guide!
  11. This is the only wrestler cosplay I've ever done:
  12. The "don't get caught jacking off" game is at long last the gritty adult reboot of the Gamer minigame from Game & Wario (2013) that we have all been waiting for.
  13. I am never going to finish my museum.
  14. For the last time, if you post it on AO3, I can read it.
  15. Very excited for Venusaur to dry-hump my corpse while calling me a racial slur.
  16. The DLC adds a new standalone chapter that's about... maybe 4 hours long or so? And you can play as four new characters in the regular game once you complete it. I think the standalone chapter is interesting and I like the new characters. When you do New Game+ you can start as whatever house you want! I played Golden Deer, then Black Eagles, then Blue Lions, then the other non-Edelgard Black Eagles route. All three of the last ones were New Game+. Genuinely think the New Game+ is excellent so it's worth doing--first thing I'd do is use Renown to buy yourself up to maximum professor level
  17. He is a sweet little bean and I had a fun little air squad with him in Blue Lions along with Ingrid and Seteth, all in flying classes, but he was basically Bad Claude in that role and I haven't been able to figure out something for him to do that's good.
  18. This is how I choose to come back after two months: by telling you that all you're missing is the worst archer in the game who can't stop yelling LONATO.
  19. So nothing of value was lost.
  20. I know, right? Didn't even send me a towel, smdh.
  21. Nope, I'm the one next door to Able Sisters, with the workbench in the side yard.
  22. Oh, thank you! I think I may have pink rainboots already so I'll probably let my wife take them. I have a bad tendency to buy up all colors of everything that comes through Ables that I even remotely like. But yeah, no problem on the fruit, if anyone else needs fruit let me know, I have all of it.
  23. Opening up again right now. I'm eating so I can't really show you around but you're welcome to look around. Don't forget to actually buy the wall from Saharah and not just use tickets.
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