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  1. We had absolutely no business winning that game Happy we won, But we play like crap for 90% of that game.
  2. What a difference a week makes. After the Pick 6 on the first drive I was thinking "Here we go again" And then the boys stepped the fuck up, Fucking love it.
  3. TRIPLE SHOEYS BOIZ! I'm legit still buzzing, I joked with my housemates that Danny would beat Max off the line and drive off into the sunset. But I didn't think it would actually happen. 😍 I also didn't call Max power topping Lewis either but here we are.
  4. You said it better, I just attempted to post the IG post. Who will be the one to carry the "funny radio transmissions" mantle?
  5. F1 2022 will not have the Kimi
  6. You all thought I forgot right? Adam Trautman, TE @Berober
  7. I put on the Commodores and that shit just came on
  8. Nah I'm still mad about waiting for as long as I did to have Thomas snaked from me 2 picks out
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