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  1. Yeah they re-signed Hill to something like a 2 year 20 million dollar deal in the off-season. No idea what Jameis is on but I would imagine it's pennys
  2. I for one hope they get pounded tomorrow
  3. It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Looking forward to lights out and away we roll tomorrow.
  4. Max is getting revenge...with interest. sigh
  5. Big. Dick. DeCosta It's like they put Ozzie's brain in a younger more aggressive body... Good lord.
  6. Looking back I actually don't know what I was thinking. I must have been half asleep when I accepted it and only saw "oooh CMC handcuff for slight downgrade in QB and steak knives" I'll be in my bunk in the fetal position is anyone needs me.
  7. You definitely won't be seeing me trade for another 5 years after this shitshow.
  8. Yeah obviously I didn't expect Fitzpatrick to get benched.
  9. Morgan Freeman narration: As it turned out, They did not have their guy.
  10. Yeah that was a barnburner, Can't even be mad. Thought I was pretty safe too but Russ just had to go super sayin. GW, See you in Week 11. Hopefully I'll have CMC back by then.
  11. I like this plan. I liked it even more when I finally figured out a half decent in joke team name
  12. Just doing my bit for the greater good (the greater good) Now the next question is do I let the team name ride through the season?
  13. You know it! One of these days I'll convert one to another ship 😅
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