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  1. Its not entirely accurate though I dint think, only 22 turns on the Big Shows page when everybody who watches WWE knows its surely its 10 times that? Great tool though! Will certainly come in handy.
  2. When you say overwrite, are you trying to start a new game or overwrite them in your current game? If its for a new game, it may be easier to copy the DATA folder from your EWR folder to another location as a backup and then delete the original from the EWR folder. Then unzip the new one into your EWR folder? No overwriting then, it will just go straight in. If however you mean for your ongoing game, you cant do that - the data from the point you start the game is set in stone. (Kind of. Although messing with the data at this point has a high chance of causing errors within the game
  3. After a few months away I come back this morning after watching XSeven on the network last night... Its a sign. Will download and try this out later.
  4. Definitely following this for the Raw/SD WWE and NXT split that Oakesy mentioned!
  5. But they have workers like Jericho and PAC under contract now, so any new game started would give other companies a chance to sign them - especially if you play in a non-WWE game WWE would likely sign them straight up, which would also take away realism. Its a double edged sword.
  6. and according to most news sites, Britt Baker too.
  7. Hey iAmRockyFeller - I know this is a bit old now, but can I please ask how you get the default red and blue bits of EWR to not be, well, red and blue - more grey like you have on your screenshots? Im trying to make a skin - albeit a pretty terrible one as Imnot the best at graphics - and I want rid of the blue in particular. Thanks.
  8. Hey guys. Just starting a new game and Im growing a little meh with the look of the game. I have tried a couple of skins, but none fit as well as Id like. Now Im terrible at graphics - Iv tried, but I was hoping someone would be kind enough to help me out with creating a skin for me. Im looking for an Attitude era 2001 skin for a WWF game WWF Attitude skin Colours - black/white/red Scratchy attitude font for EWR logo with the WWF belt as the main graphic - happy to have some main event level guys on there too as you see fit. Loading screens: - Austin and McMahon from Man
  9. @lukkearthur you legend, much appreciation!
  10. If anyone could KyKy the Toni Storm from the pic in Kurenai post above Id appreciate that. Its much better than the pic I already have of her!
  11. Cheers buddy. Thats not the one I was thinking of, but I cant find a pic anywhere as it stands so that will certainly do in the meantime. Thanks.
  12. Is there a KyKy of the WWE unknown pic - the one that looks like The Miz from a few years ago silhouette, if you know who I mean?
  13. This was legit my first thought on seeing that pic!
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