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  1. If every time Tatis launches a homer the announcers don't scream "FERNANDO TATERS", well, something's wrong
  2. I think I've noticed a couple samples that are from wrestling, but I can't place where they're from exactly. There's a bit in one song about a guy who never took his mask off and even cashed checks at the bank masked, and I think that's the Mr. Wrestling 2 sample right? Then there's another sample that sounds like a commentator talking about how someone's ripping at the mask.
  3. Jake Ehlinger was found dead in his residence on the UT campus. Only 20 years old. His older brother Sam just got drafted by the Colts this past week.
  4. New Czarface/MF DOOM album Super What? comes out today. Esoteric explained that it was recorded in April of last year, mixed and mastered over the summer, and shelved due to the pandemic. Album has a "DOOM Side" and a "Czar Side". EDIT: listening to the first track and there's an Orange Cassidy reference, nice.
  5. CLDY

    The Punk Thread

    For some weird reason I always forget Bad Religion are west coast. Also, going back and reflecting on the Misfits, man, they really just kind of suck ass don't they? I mean musically, it's fine, but they're just super awful misogynists and it's dismissed as "shock for the sake of shock, don't worry about it". But given what we know now about Graves and Jerry Only, I'm more inclined to belief they're actually just fucking awful pricks eh?
  6. https://www.sie.com/en/blog/announcing-playstations-new-partnership-with-discord/
  7. I feel like that depends entirely on how much of a fan of Kojima you are vs. the Assassin's Creed games. I'd probably get Assassin's Creed myself because the appeal to Death Stranding is, to me, "wow this game is bonkers" and I'm afraid that would lose its luster just a few hours in for me, personally.
  8. https://www.pcgamer.com/overwatchs-new-mei-skin-draws-criticism-for-cultural-appropriation/
  9. Any Red Wolves or Razorbacks drafted so far? I saw that Rakeem Boyd declared for the draft, dunno if he's been drafted tho.
  10. Anyone keeping up with the Miles Morales books? #25...
  11. Anita Lane passed away, she was probably best known/remembered for being in The Birthday Party with Nick Cave and being a fairly frequent Nick Cave collaborator.
  12. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it’s true.
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