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  1. Army of the Dead prequel starring the guy who played the safecracker in that movie. Set during the early days of the zombie outbreak, when he's apparently just getting into the safecracking biz.
  2. CLDY

    Cover Songs

    Here's J Balvin's cover of "Wherever I May Roam". EDIT: Ooh, here's Jon Pardi's. Not really sure who this guy is but Wikipedia says he's a country singer. I can dig it.
  3. I walk down our driveway with earbuds in to get the mail and by the time I'm turned back around the things are already falling out of my ears. I can't imagine skateboarding with earbuds in.
  4. Apparently it's fun but very pay to win if you want to really progress through it.
  5. To be honest I use mine as a media machine more than anything else (like 1st or 2nd gen XBone). Probably going to reup my GamePass subscription at some point just so I can play MLB The Show 21 some more, though.
  6. The longer Bryant doesn't get dealt the more it hurts. Just rip the bandaid off, already! Trade him! I'm never going to be ready but the longer the wait..
  7. https://www.polygon.com/22588407/activision-blizzard-sexual-harassment-sexism-california-lawsuit
  8. Speaking of graphics cards, Amazon's MMO is in beta and it's frying RTX 3090s. Those were $1500 graphics cards at launch.
  9. Did he say something else or is this literally all about the home run you mentioned?
  10. How did I ever watch Bones. Jesus Christ, this show is large garbage. HA HA, BONES CONFUSED GROUPIES AND GROUPERS!! LMAO!! SHE'S SO QUIRKY, THAT SCIENCE MIND HAVER!
  11. CLDY

    EWB Musicians

    I 100% fuck with that Dead White & Blue song, VP. That shit slaps. Now if only there was a vocalist. 🤔
  12. CLDY

    EWB Musicians

    EDIT: Wrong thread, ofc ofc EDIT AGAIN: I am gonna listen to that song, though, VP, sounds up my alley
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