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  1. Sure, I still have the Yahoo Fantasy app on my phone and all >_>
  2. An anonymous Street Fighter V player breezed into a tournament in California, won all of his matches, and won the finals 3-0, then asked that his winnings ($100) be donated to charity before leaving
  3. I just finished Harley Quinn. How dare this show be this good and make me feel so many things in just one episode. 😠
  4. I think the first time I saw The Hives was on Conan O'Brien. His old NBC show after Leno had a fucking ton of what you called "The" bands on as musical guests. Also the first time I was introduced to Thursday, and at the time I hated them, but then I went back like 7 or 8 years later and now I fuckin' love Thursday. I never gave ATDI the shot I should have. Pretty sure "I Try" and the Fatboy Slim song that she's on are my only experiences with Macy Gray. I like what I've heard though.
  5. I'm familiar with both of those bands! ENT more than Gorerotted, but I definitely recognize the name. Neat.
  6. I think I'm 2 seasons behind on Saul now. Pretty sure I got around to like episode 1 of season 4 but never finished it, and I only got around to that because it went up on the AMC website as a sneak preview sort of deal?
  7. I have Slipknot songs on some playlists for nostalgia reasons. It's funny to me because when my friends loved them when we were teens, I did not care about them at all. I'd listen to them, sure, because that's what someone else insisted on putting on. But it didn't really tickle my pickle, but then again, throughout my teens and early 20s I was pretty firmly rooted in that "I only listen to tr00 METAL not NU-METAL BABIES" bullshit, so it's not saying as much as I think it is. All that said I don't honestly mind them now. They're whatever. Corey Taylor is a very self-important dipshit. Volum
  8. Spider-Man 3 has a title now. Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  9. Harley Quinn S2 E9 spoilers
  10. I don't think I finished the final season of The Good Place. It's on the list. Listen, god, everything's on the list, ok? What if I don't want to feel bittersweet right now?
  11. https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/02/22/seattle-mariners-kevin-mather-fernando-tatis
  12. Their publicist confirmed they've broken up. 1993-2021.
  13. I keep meaning to watch that. I'll eventually get around to it. After I finish S2 of Harley Quinn, I'm going to watch Schitt's Creek, maybe I'll do What We Do.. after that.
  14. I never finished BoJack I think. I got pretty far in to the last season but I was pretty out of sorts every time I watched it so I can't even remember what all happened.
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