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  1. "Montero" came out in full today. Aside from the songs we've heard it's also got features by Elton John, Miley Cyrus, and Doja Cat. Lil Nas X and CashApp are also teaming up to give away $500k.... in Bitcoin, if you quote his tweet and drop your cashapp username and 3 favorite songs from the album.

  3. all I'm saying is, my parents won't be home for a few days, and I have a full case of Capri Suns AND my cousin is letting me borrow his Super Nintendo. SOOOOO....

  4. CLDY

    Cover Songs

    There's also quite a few Enter Sandmans. Go figure, people probably wanted to cover the songs they'd heard the most off this album. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I'm assuming it's an AEW launch scenario/database, being as AEW was first announced (IIRC) in the early months of 2019 and this starts at the end of 2018.
  6. I think my bold prediction is that the Lions win it all!
  7. The way the cast in that show plays off each other so well is just A+. I'm on episode 4 (came out last week, I think?) and it's hilarious.
  8. I know everyone's heard this song a million times and the Miley cover a million times already at this point as well, but I really dug this.
  9. CBS & Usher are making a game show out of activism. Seriously. AVClub:
  10. And had fans chanting "WE WANT TRUMP" and "SPEECH". By the way,
  11. CLDY

    Cover Songs

    I think my favorites so far are the covers by Alessia Cara & The Warning, Ghost, Juanes, Rina Sawayama, YB, OFF!, Royal Blood, Cage The Elephant, Ha-Ash, Jose Madero, Chase & Status, The Neptunes, and pretty much all of the "Nothing Else Matters" covers.
  12. CLDY

    Cover Songs

    The Metallica Blacklist comes out today.
  13. You hate to see a Greg get a redemption story.
  14. Accuse his team of being communists and they all walk out in protest?
  15. Nioh: The Complete Edition is free on Epic right now, normally $50 USD.
  16. This song's grown on me. At first I didn't care for Baby Keem's verse but after multiple listens I've come around on it, kinda. Kendrick's verse is fucking killer tho.
  17. Drake not maturing certainly explains some things, then.
  18. New Reservation Dogs: seems like it's becoming clearer what happened to Daniel. Heartbreaking episode. Surprised there's only 2 more episodes left, but I think they'll both be incredible.
  19. Oh my fucking god. I don't know what else to say. EDIT: Just at a total loss for words right now. I've loved him ever since my first watch-through of The Wire.
  20. Tripwire Interactive's president John Gibson has "gone on the record" as being anti-choice. This is the same company behind Maneater & Killing Floor 2, as well as publishers of Chivalry 2.
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