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  1. Reservation Dogs is one of the best FX series of the last decade. What an absolute masterpiece of a show. I wish it got more seasons, but I understand the creators’ decision to end it where they did. Still. Incredible show. Would recommend to anybody.
  2. I keep wanting to buy a Cubs hat but goddamn dudes (MLB), I am not paying $35+ for a snapback. I feel bad even paying $20-25 when I buy a hat.
  3. I went through a phase where I really listened to a lot of High On Fire, and this song rips and Matt Pike is a good guitarist and all, but every time I listen to him I feel slightly guilty because he seems to be a conspiracy-minded type. Claims he does it to be "provocative", but y'know how that shit goes. Still. He's only one part of this and fuck, now I'm bummed that I missed High Tone Son of A Bitch when they were here 2 weeks ago.
  4. I'm behind everyone else, but Barry S1 finale
  5. I'm nearly done with season 1 of Barry and jeeeez. What a show.
  6. Love that thumbnail. Love Frank the Tank's reaction to it. Because what else can you do? 🤷‍♂️
  7. Seconding Black Flag's "Damaged". Black Sabbath's "Vol 4"
  8. I forgot that Major League Football was still a thing. Have they played a single season, anywhere, at all, so far?
  9. Adding more to this: he was visiting the apartment of a friend, when a guy involved in a domestic dispute with said friend forced his way in and shot Trouble once in the chest.
  10. Being reported this afternoon that Atlanta rapper Trouble was murdered while visiting a friend, according to his s/o.
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