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  1. So from what I'm learning they added a second day for that When We Were Young festival, but it's still fucking *rife* with issues. People on the waitlist are being auto-charged, and auto-charged for the festival's original date. And you can't cancel or get a refund. And one person who tried to cancel/get a refund got called a bitch, a cunt, and then had a dick pic sent to them. So... sounds like that's... ... going.
  2. When I was in high school I had a friend who, he and his older brothers held Hudson Hawk in high regard, a favorite movie, etc. from I guess seeing it as kids. The first time I saw it at their house I was like "wow, what the hell is this movie??" but I just kind of smiled and pretended to enjoy it because they seemed to really like it.
  3. https://www.gq.com/story/keefe-righteous-gemstones (Some slight season 2 spoilers if anybody isn't caught up, btw.) But yeah, I totally agree with this. Keefe is low-key one of my favorite characters in the show. "A baby in the body of a man for the first time" is a great way to describe him imo.
  4. Life With Louie on Fox Kids was one of those shows that was both "my shit" and also an indicator of when the Fox Kids block was about to end. For a few years at least that was always the last or second to last show to air during that block, then it was local TV bullshit.
  5. I think "Bat Out of Hell II" was the first album I ever saw the cover to and thought "wow, this is sick, awesome" Suppose I'll listen to some Meat Loaf while I get ready for work this morning, then.
  6. Righteous Gemstones S1E07: Soon I'll be on season 2! And caught up with everyone else! EDIT: hooooooly shirt, that whole episode.
  7. I have absolutely no concept of time because I just started Righteous Gemstones like a week ago and came here to edit it into my list. Then I looked it up on Wikipedia and season 1 was in 2019. 2019!!
  8. I dig it. I assume that's what they'll be playing on their Kimmel appearance tonight then.
  9. Everything about the ETID breakup seems like a huge fucking mess, holy shit. Keith Buckley finding out he was getting replaced on Twitter, finding out that the band broke up when he was told to "check Twitter"... that's pretty messed up. EDIT: Just read Micciche's statement too. The whole thing sounds pretty fucked.
  10. Can do. Also, Righteous Gemstones S1E05 (I know, I'm a season behind)
  11. Being reported that King of the Hill is being revived by Greg Daniels & Mike Judge. They have a new company together called Bandera Entertainment, and so far there's a slate of shows they're working on - including one for Netflix - but one of the ones announced (with no other details given) is a KOTH revival.
  12. soooo I'm checking my emails and I get one from MLB.com Insider, and it turns out I guess the MLB has its own NFT marketplace. sigh. not at all surprised (wow rich people want to jump on whatever's trendy to make more money?!), but still. sigh.
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