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  1. Ed Orgeron is out at LSU after this season.
  2. Nothing gold can stay when you're owned by Conde Nast, I guess.
  3. I don't get Radiohead. There. I said it. I mean, the radio singles and stuff are fine, I listened to OK Computer, I listened to part of In Rainbows. I don't know. Not for me I guess. MERGER/FAKE EDIT: I think I've said this before already. Almost positive. All that's changed is I listened to some of the more critically acclaimed albums to see if I could figure out if there was something else.
  4. Didn't expect a Munchies video with Eric Wareheim in my sub box this morning, but here it is.
  5. The view never changes, eh. EDIT: Totally unrelated, but TIL that there's ... theories that AFI's lead singer has been reincarnated multiple times and Davey Havok is his "final" reincarnation and that's what the album Sing the Sorrow is about.
  6. I will now change my prediction to Sox/Dodgers and also root for Kyle Schwarber. To be honest, I wouldn't mind a Dodgers WS just so Pujols can get one last WS ring. I still find it hilarious that everyone poo-pooed him and said he wouldn't do any better as a Dodger than he was doing as an Angel, and he went on to have a pretty fuckin' decent One-Last-Run (presumably) with the Dodgers.
  7. She's since come out and said that claims of her sharing anti-vax stuff on the set of Black Panther 2 are all false, but how much of that is damage control who knows. She did still share that antivaxxer tweet, soooo..
  8. You want the good life, you break your back.

  9. 100%. You've already got Jay Gruden going on radio shows and shit to talk about "the NFL has done a lot for my family" and it sounds like something out of a fucking mob movie.
  10. Jemele Hill writing in The Atlantic: "The NFL is full of Jon Grudens" And the NFLPA is planning on requesting that the NFL releases the 650,000 emails from the WFT investigation.
  11. STFU! also rules, I really liked "Bad Friend" as well. I think these songs are gonna wind up in rotation on my playlists pretty soon.
  12. I'll have to check more of her stuff out, she does a really good cover of "Enter Sandman" that's on the Blacklist album that came out last month. Kept meaning to look her up and never got around to it. FAKE EDIT: I figured wtf else am I doing right now so I clicked on the first video of hers that came up on YouTube. I really dig it.
  13. The runtime for Eternals is 156 minutes. I also missed this last week, but it's been confirmed that it'll have 2 separate storylines that deal with the Eternals in the present and in the distant past.
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