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  1. Who's everyone got? I've never watched before this season of both US and UK, but my other half watches it with a group chat every week so I've been following it a bit. I genuinely can't see how Kandy made the final - it just seems to be that the judges enjoy her personality, but there's no way she's one of the best queens of the series. Rosé is fantastic, and I would be happy with a win there, but I'm Team Gottmik all the way. Just absolutely nailing every challenge, with some fantastic looks, and a great presence and energy to everything she does.
  2. Skummy


    It was so good. The combination of Lee Mack becoming increasingly competitive as the series goes on, and Mike Wozniak's mad crab movements was superb. The "organise objects with your face" task was almost too much for me, I found it genuinely hard to watch. Thankfully Mike made up for it by smelling some brie and saying, "if it's wedge time, that's three sides". His repeated use of "it's X time" is wonderful, as is Greg finding him obviously delightful all the time. I had said early on that Mike was going to win, but I'll settle for him losing spectacularly. My girlfriend s
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favourite games of its generation, I absolutely adore it. It was the first game I played on the PS4 that felt like something I was really getting my teeth into and justified the purchase, and made me feel like exploring a really interesting and dynamic world. I wouldn't say I got open world burn-out, but it did have the problem of the open world aspects sometimes meaning that I was losing track of the story, and that it didn't seem to progress as naturally as it might have done had I just focused on the main game. That said, it probably managed that divide
  4. It sounds to me like the new episodes will basically be "as live", similar to Rifftrax Live or the old Cinematic Titanic stuff. It's not necessarily what I want from my MST3k, but could be a nice middle ground between the touring show (which is likely where the real money is) and a full-blown new series, and obviously allows them a far greater degree of creative control than Netflix or another platform would allow them. I like Jonah, and think the Netflix series was by and large pretty great, so would gladly take as much as I can get - I like Rifftrax, but their writing and running jokes
  5. I never watched Friday Night Dinner, but he was absolutely incredible in Chernobyl. 54 is no age.
  6. I sunk well over a hundred hours into Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii. It had the problem a lot of open world games did where it feels like it just throws a hundred plot twists at you all at once out of nowhere, and it's really hard to keep up, but actually it's your own fault because you spent the last thirty hours doing fetch quests and seeking out obscure collectables and forgot what the finer points of the story were. I'm sure it would all flow really well if you just followed the narrative instead!
  7. I have a Puerto Rican friend, through wrestling, who grew up in a family that pretty much only knew Puerto Rican music and hip-hop, and it wasn't until he was a teenager that he started discovering other music, and getting into punk and hard rock. His partner told me a story about he had been really blown away that he had been in a car journey somewhere in Europe, and the other wrestlers there played "Turn The Page" by Bob Seger, and he was amazed that they knew it because he thought it was just some obscure track that another friend had always played when they were driving. His partner
  8. Apparently I hit 59 books last year - that sort of thing is always skewed, as it includes graphic novels that I probably went through in one sitting, and my shortest book was Orwell's "Fascism And Democracy", which is a 36 page pamphlet. Looking over the list, it was a good selection, though a bit heavily weighted toward wrestling books as I did a lot of research for my own writing toward the end of the year. I'm not sure how much effect lockdown had on my reading - on one hand, I had a lot more dead time, but on the other, I used to read on my lunch break, or I'd sit in a coffee shop ove
  9. Skummy


    two episodes in and I think Mike Wozniak might already be my all-time favourite contestant.
  10. Skummy


    Mike Wozniak is going to be an absolute stand-out this series.
  11. I think Galaxy 2 is probably the greatest 3D platformer ever made, just an absolute masterpiece of level design married perfectly with controls and gameplay mechanics. Everything that Mario titles are great for, but just done to perfection. My simple test of if a game is well made or not is if, when you're doing badly, you blame yourself or the game. If you're blaming the game - the camera's in the wrong place, the controls are too clunky or unresponsive, the level design is unclear, or there's something just cheap like an enemy you don't see until the last second - it's poorly made, but
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