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  1. Skummy


    I'd contemplated doing a T-shirt of the Dungeon of Doom with Greg poorly Photoshopped in Kevin Sullivan's place, but it wasn't worth the effort.
  2. I like that Pharoah Sanders album getting some recognition too - I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but what I've heard was brilliant. I actually didn't know Sanders was still alive until I saw tracks from it popping up.
  3. Other than a select few, I've fallen a couple of months behind on listening to new albums. Some stuff I've especially liked this year, though: Beautify Junkyard's album from back in January - I didn't know the band at all prior to this, and they've been a great discovery The KLF making their back catalogue available on Spotify and elsewhere First Aid Kit's Leonard Cohen covers album, particularly the version of "I Want It Darker" Tom Jones' latest - his last two albums went the Johnny Cash route of doing stripped down arrangements of blues and gospel songs among ch
  4. Rifftrax have done this one as well, it's bonkers, and has one of my favourite lines of dialogue in any movie ever:
  5. I wanted to like the Angels episode a lot more than I did - the previous episode was peak Chibnall, just unfiltered nonsense, whereas this one was a potentially great episode being consistently marred by Chibnall-isms and being too clever for its own good. Leaning heavily into the potential of the Weeping Angels in a folk horror 1960s setting should be brilliant, and at times it threatened to be. The reason the Weeping Angels are so good is that, like The Silence but better, they lean into some absolute base fears - "what happens when you're not looking?" is a brilliant horror starting po
  6. yep, that's exactly what happened to me the first time I ever played Mario Party.
  7. I loved it - again, on paper would have preferred a full band, but he was fantastic. My girlfriend was worried when he went into his first song straight away that he'd be the sort of live act that doesn't talk to the audience at all, but he was perfectly affable. For someone with a long career, and trying to please everyone, as well as touring to promote a book focused on a specific time period, it could have been a bit of a lucky dip in terms of what songs he'd play, but aside from "Feel So Good" he basically hit every one of my favourites.
  8. I'm going to see Richard Thompson tonight! I wouldn't say I know his music particularly well, but I've been really getting into him over the last year.
  9. I love Tinariwen (actually wearing their shirt right now), but even then I'd struggle to justify them making this list.
  10. I've not listened to nearly enough new music in the last decade, with the exception of this year trying to get back on top of things. Off the top of my head (and it's pretty clear that I spent 2016 working jobs where we had a radio on, as that year is massively over-represented); Beyonce - Lemonade David Bowie - Blackstar Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly Kamasi Washington - Heaven and Earth Eliza Carthy - Neptune Sage Francis - Copper Gone Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree Probably some r
  11. Skummy


    and as Ed Gamble suggested on the podcast, that seemed more a case of her being the last one to film the task and Alex being too proud of the secret to let it go to waste, as he really pushed her toward it. I had noticed the word "Troy" on the crow before Morgana's attempt, but never figured out what it meant.
  12. I think I mentioned it in another thread, but my only criticism of Breath Of The Wild is that the enemies are, aside from Guardians and one-offs like the giant dudes, pretty much all just different coloured goblins and lizardmen. It would make exploring what otherwise feels like a really diverse, living world so much more compelling if you found completely different types of enemy in each area.
  13. I'm not a fan of RTD at all - I think he has an inflated reputation for being the showrunner for David Tennant, which is where a lot of newer fans joined the series. That run had some great moments and great performances, and some of the best (non-Rory) companions of New Who, but also some of the absolute dirt worst episodes ever, and some of the wankiest writing. It was a running joke with some of my friends that you could explain anything away by hand-waving and saying "Time War did it". While in theory I liked that RTD mixed up a "monster of the week" format with clues spread throughou
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