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  1. A couple of things that were really minor in the grand scheme of things, but that just happen to be a couple of my biggest pet peeves;
  2. I'm finding it really difficult to articulate, but my main criticism from that episode is why Loki? It felt you could have slotted pretty much any villain into that story and it would play out the same, if not better. A literal Asgardian God pulling "this can't be real" reactions doesn't work for me, and it didn't seem to rely on anything unique to his character. Maybe that will change as it goes on, but so far I'm not sold.
  3. I didn't hate WW84, but it wasn't good by any measure. Just a clunky, disconnected plot and deus ex machina after deus ex machina, which made it feel like a superhero movie from before the MCU started to figure out the formula. Other than some really dubious stuff raising questions about consent, it was a sort of enjoyable bad movie, whereas Man of Steel I actively hated watching, and Batman vs. Superman I think might be my least favourite film I have ever seen.
  4. I love it, and really need to rewatch it. Though I think my favourite Herzog movies (documentaries aside) are probably still Fitzcarraldo or The Enigma Of Casper Hauser - possibly because the latter was the first of his films I saw, though, and I have a soft spot for it. The man's a genius, either way. I watched it last night, and it's appalling. No character development, abysmal pacing, just piss poor in almost every sense, and at least an hour too long.
  5. Every year there seems to be a dissection from a musical theory perspective of why we lost, and while I never really understand it, I think that's probably the lesson we need to learn. I don't think it needs to be a big name performing, because with very few exceptions the acts put forward by other countries aren't exactly household names overseas either. While it's easy to blame politics for not getting any points from the juries, I don't think that holds weight for the public vote, nor can you really blame Brexit for the UK not getting any votes from Australia or Israel - at some point
  6. Tuareg people are a traditionally nomadic people of the Sahara, and their traditional music is really fascinating. But where it gets exciting is bands like Tinariwen, who play what they call "Desert Blues" - basically adapting their music for electric guitar, and blending with a rock/blues tradition. Tinariwen are the most well known of the genre, and rightly so, as they're fantastic - they've collaborated with Warren Ellis from The Bad Seeds/Dirty Three, Stephen O'Malley from SunnO))), Micah Nelson, Mark Lanegan, Kurt Vile....lots of cool people. A lot of their stuff is really heavy, bu
  7. the version of Televators is absolutely gorgeous, it's one of my favourite releases this year - and I've actually been tracking new releases for the first time in forever. Mdou Moctar's new album was released today, and there's a couple of brilliant tracks on there. Between him and Tinariwen, I think modern Tuareg music might be some of the genuinely coolest music in the world.
  8. Skummy


    Tick tock, it's tough guy o'clock
  9. Skummy

    EWB Listening Club

    I went for Kendrick Lamar, because I remember being really impressed by the album on release but I don't think I've listened to it since. I'd be happy with Thriller, though, as I've never really done a deep dive into MJ albums. Kid A and Dark Side Of The Moon I've heard way too much over the years!
  10. Yeah, it was released as an EP before the album - though my first memory of The Darkness was MTV2 playing "Get Your Hands Off My Woman", which I think was a much better song, but never had the mainstream success. I loved them at the time, then went off them pretty quickly, and if I heard them now would probably appreciate them with a bit of cosy nostalgia. That Tatu song is great, irrespective of any of the surrounding controversy and PR guff, just a brilliant pop song. I really like YKYR, but can't really justify it making this list. Wilco are a band I like some stuff by, but
  11. Skummy

    EWB Listening Club

    I adore Jagged Little Pill. There's basically no way I could approach that album with any kind of unbiased, objective take. It's ridiculously of its time, but I don't have a bad word to say about it.
  12. My Fire Pro stream was a frankly preposterous thing to do, so thanks to all the EWBers who checked in on my nonsense. I kind of divided my time between half-arsed commentary and general chit-chat, depending who was around and how engaged people were in the chat. I don't really want to plan anything more complex than that, but it was fun while it lasted, and killed a lot of downtime for me, so I'll probably keep it up. I'm running a Twitter thread keeping track of the stupid tournament I'm doing, from here on down: Thanks to everyone who helped me navigate how Fire Pro rules
  13. I noticed the second sample, not sure where that one's from. The story about the guy never taking off his mask is definitely Mr Wrestling 2, because they mention him meeting Jimmy Carter while wearing it.
  14. Somewhere around 7pm BST tonight I'm going to be streaming a simmed Fire Pro tournament because I've got nothing better to do. Never done this before, no idea what I'm doing, not expecting it to be a success in any way whatsoever, but feel free to drop in. www.twitch.tv/patrickwreed
  15. I've recently listened through all of this, and I absolutely adore it. Brilliant stuff. I've just listened to the first episode of Three Bean Salad, the new podcast by Mike Wozniak, Ben Partridge of Beef & Dairy Network, and Henry Paker. It's nothing groundbreaking in concept - they're given a topic and asked to talk about it with zero preparation. The first episode is "Posters", and it's the first thing I've listened to in a long time that had me genuinely laughing out loud while out walking this afternoon. Discussion of Henry's teenage fantasies, speculation about what posters
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