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  1. I looked into doing one set around 1910 (so after the first, but before the second, Gotch vs. Hackenschmidt match), but I just don't know how well TEW can simulate the wrestling of that era. Stats for practically everyone involved would be little more than a best guess, because there's so little surviving footage, and for anyone outside of the bigger names, little in the way of reputable coverage either. More than that, there weren't really wrestling promotions in the sense that they operate in TEW - there were either one-off matches organised by a couple of promoters and/or the wres
  2. I'm doing a Kingdom Hearts playthrough at the moment and dropped Chain of Memories within the first fifteen minutes, so good luck with that. The closing stretch of 1.5 is tough - definitely agreed on that penultimate boss, found that absolutely infuriating. I'm currently on Birth By Sleep, as the third of three characters. Getting nearer the end. I finished 1, my other half is playing 2, then we're sharing out the others until it gets to me playing 3, but we've really slowed up lately.
  3. I'm not sure if it's technically an "album" or not; Pitchfork called it a "song cycle", I don't think it got a physical release. It's called Year Of The Horse, it's ridiculous and high concept, but I loved it.
  4. in fairness, I couldn't tell you anything about most of the names on the list other than that they made lovely music this year.
  5. I'm not sure what my album of the year is yet; I've been trying to keep track of new releases and recording comments on them every week, to try and actually have a handle on these things for once. I've also highlighted the albums that really stood out for me. Towards the end of the year I'll probably go back and revisit the highlighted ones and see if they hold up, and decide what the best albums are. Though these are a few artists who had albums out this year that I already know will likely make the cut: Beautify Junkyards Fucked Up Mdou Moctar Nick Waterhouse Tom Jones Lu
  6. What If; A fun thing I read over the weekend about Thanos, that's not really an MCU thing but still funny. There's a hero called Gorilla-Man. He's ageless, but stuck in the body of a gorilla. He became Gorilla-Man by killing the previous Gorilla-Man. Presumably, that curse carries over, and anyone who kills the current Gorilla-Man becomes the new Gorilla-Man. Which means that when Thanos wipes out 50% of the population, there's a 50/50 chance that doing so would have transformed him into a gorilla.
  7. Charlie definitely needs to be able to do stunt bumps - she loves a balcony dive, and doing a dive off a ladder in your first match out of retirement is the action of a mad woman. Rhia at this point, if I were thinking in terms of old EWR gimmicks, would be something like a "Franchise Player". Dominant heel who thinks that everything does, or at least should, revolve around her. I don't know how much the Loki schtick will stick around beyond that entrance, though she loves it, so I expect to see it make more papearances. Sammi definitely needs pretty high hardcore stats, she's a luna
  8. It was pretty bleak, but predictably so. I agree that it was very Doctor Who, and called the "he can't prevent it from happening no matter what he does" story almost immediately. The Trevor Slattery one-shot has been added to Disney+ recently, and it annoyed me that it's set up as a documentary, and then not filmed or presented as one at all.
  9. Skummy

    WWE 2K22

    I imagine that there's a shit ton of stuff they need to remove from this. If they started writing a career mode last year, it would probably have quite predominantly featured The Fiend, and I expect there was a bunch of other Bray Wyatt related content too (they seem to love using him as an excuse to put in supernatural silliness). While some of the releases over the last year wouldn't have amounted to much more than just removing from the game, I imagine the likes of Bray, Bryan and Strowman at least have entailed some pretty significant rebuilding. That's before you get into how fundame
  10. gutted by this. He was incredible on panel shows - no matter how old and tired the format, he was able to be genuinely hilarious and inspired. His stand-up is superb too, and 15 Storeys High is one of the most criminally underrated sitcoms going. Devastating loss.
  11. I went to a jazz concert last week - Tim Garland and Jason Rebello - without knowing the venue when I was invited to it. It turned out to just be in a concert cellist's garden, with a marquee set up. Very odd. Next up is Magick Mountain next week, followed by Perturbator in September, Shonen Knife in October, and Richard Thompson in November. I haven't been to a properly busy gig yet, so not sure how it'll make me feel being in a proper crowd again. Very much intending to hide away at the back somewhere.
  12. That's how I see it - it was a bang average game, with none of the open world elements that made Red Dead great. I don't think it would be worth remastering, and would be a disappointment to anyone expecting anything akin to the RDR games.
  13. Skummy

    Cover Songs

    He did a fun interpretation of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap a while back too;
  14. I hate that Arctic Monkeys song largely because I've seen far too many posh southerners do it on karaoke and put on the shittest attempt at a Sheffield accent to sing it.
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