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  1. I watch the US Office basically on a constant loop between other shows. Love the show. You also have 2 podcasts about it, one about the history hosted by Brian Baumgartner (Kevin in the show) and a weekly one called Office Ladies hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Pam and Angela) in which they talk about an Episode each week.
  2. I started rewatching Bojack last night! Lovely so far!
  3. I enjoyed the first episode! Anyway anyone else watching Resident Alien? I'm loving it so far!
  4. Casablanca is great Kanery! Most films with Humphrey Bogart are good!
  5. Another player in Holland took the same drug, which masks other drugs, said it was an accident, got suspended for 2 years. I'm afraid Onana is done for this season and half of next. His contract expires 2022. And he is already being punished for taking it accidentally, so UEFA took that in their decision. So he might could've gotten 2/3 years, but they gave him 1.
  6. So the Black Clover anime will be ending at episode 170 in about 8 weeks, march 30th. I will miss it, they are saying they'll have a big announcement following that episode. Hopefully they'll announce that it will go seasonal. Won't mind that at all. Or that they are taking a break because of a movie. Again the Spade Kingdom arc that is going on now in the anime is epic.
  7. Isn't it available through Crunchy? I can't watch it in Holland at all without pirating it. Season 4 of Attack on Titan just keeps giving and giving. So many amazing episodes back to back. If this seasons is finished I will rewatch the entire show just to watch everything in a shorter period of time.
  8. Anyone else watching the final season of AoT? It is so damn great. The build up of the first couple of episodes to this? Can't wait for next week.
  9. Sometimes that's not necessary! Anyway, the final season of AoT has started!!!!
  10. Last episode of Haikyuu! was amazing! And Jujutsu Kaisen might be my favorite of all the new anime!
  11. Tonight is the final episode of Supernatural. Will be weird seeing this show come to an end.
  12. Eli Roth's History of Horror is back!
  13. I thought I had replied with my phone! But I didn;t sorry Ruki! But it has been described by Dam. Today the second episode will be released and I'll be watching it straight after Haikyuu!
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