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  1. Bit late but RUi Patricio COleman Boateng Hummels Marcelo Di Maria Rakitic Paulinho Willian Aguero Lewandowski
  2. Could I get an invite? My username is LarZieJ
  3. Would love to play this game without playing against randoms. These guys can be so annoying, most of them leave after they are dead instead of finishing off their tasks. Or you kill someone without anyone near, a guy in the chat says it is blue because my mate next to me got killed and he told me. lol.
  4. If there is a spot left, I have the weekend off. And nights shifts during the week.
  5. So happy Schitts Creek won that Emmy! Halfway through series 3, can't stop watching.
  6. Just watched the first episode of Line of Duty, could it be I stumbled upon another great British show?
  7. So I just found out there will be a Jackass 4 next year, somehow I'm excited for this.
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