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  1. Some bigger news 😮
  2. Okay so this is perfect. Possible Shang-Chi spoilers...
  3. Oh for sure but they all communicate so I can imagine they backed off of Leftwich once he indicated he's likely going for the Jaguars job. Maybe you can hope to wow him but otherwise doesn't make sense to waste either of their time just going through the motions when there's enough of that already with black candidates. To the second point, I 100% agree and I was worried it was going to change the 49ers minds the deeper the Falcons got into the playoffs when it was obvious Shanahan was their guy for weeks. They should really just wait until after the season is done entirely to hire coach
  4. To be fair, Leftwich seems almost like a lock for the Jaguars job. It was a big rumor a week or two ago and things have been pretty quiet for them since and now he's doing his second interview tomorrow so I would imagine they announce that sooner than later now that the Bucs are out. The NFL clearly still has a big problem with hiring minorities at all levels of personnel but Leftwich specifically seems to be set.
  5. Caldwell is denying that he turned down interview requests
  6. Truly amazing that both Harbaughs have such a blind spot for how big of a moron Roman is.
  7. There is a rumor that he's likely the Bears choice.
  8. He does know Sean McVay so he meets the criteria.
  9. 1. Succession 2. The Witcher 3. Loki 4. Ted Lasso 5. Dave 6. I Think You Should Leave 7. Hawkeye 8. Rick and Morty 9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 10. Wandavision 11. Shadow and Bone 12. Curb Your Enthusiasm 13. Heels 14. Yellowstone 15. Billions Best New Character: Agatha Harkness I didn't catch up on nearly the amount of things I wanted to so I guess this is as good as it's going to get.
  10. I didn't say it wasn't! But I think that may be why I'm not an NFL QB. And that's the only reason!
  11. what an absolute child lol
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