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  1. Just because he didn't go there to play for him doesn't mean he doesn't like playing for him. Like I said, I wouldn't be surprised if they fired him but considering the unusual nature of this postseason and generally "super teams" take some time to gel, I also wouldn't be surprised if he stays. Which isn't to say it would be a good idea to bring him back, I could just see the justification being made. And again, neither is happening without Kawhi's blessing so if he's okay with Doc being back then the decision to bring him back won't immediately eliminate his desire to come back either.
  2. Regardless of whether they keep or fire him, they're definitely doing it with at least Kawhi's blessing so not sure I buy the idea that it would tank their chances to keep him.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets fired but I'm betting he gets one more year with the current roster. Well, Kawhi and PG at least.
  4. Not that your overall point isn't right but the Seahawks were looking for QB help, they just thought it would be their big FA signing Matt Flynn.
  5. Rivers throwing ill-timed picks is the most normal thing I've seen in 2020.
  6. This and the fact that I guess there's some trade show happening at the Cardinals stadium right now are why they're leaving it up to players to demand otherwise. Seems dumb.
  7. well that didn't take long.. The NFLPA better remember all these deals at the next CBA negotiations when the owners try and say they lost money due to Covid.
  8. That one isn't done yet but is close apparently. Aaron Jones also might be the next RB to get paid.
  9. So a couple RBs just got paid...
  10. It wouldn't be the NFL if they didn't take too long to make an obvious decision!
  11. That's likely the plan, they would just swap the home games.
  12. Anyways, in movies that actually look good...
  13. Won't matter, I'm repeating this year!
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