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  1. Speaking of Always Sunny side projects....AP Bio is great! More than makes up for the let down it is for having Peacock for WWE shit.
  2. Steph Curry is playing OUT OF HIS MIND
  3. In a vacuum, I agree. I think Sewell is great but if you've already spent a 1st round pick and upwards of $7.5M the past two offseasons at OT that means you should focus on the rest of the OL or add a weapon. When you can basically do both, that's the direction you should go in, especially when the gap between Chase/Pitts/Sewell is kind of negligent.
  4. Chase is the right choice at this point, honestly. They spent a 1st on Jonah Williams two years ago and signed Riley Reiff in the offseason (you could argue why they should have done this at all). This year's OL class is deep from the edge to the middle well into the second round so they can figure out where to go with that while taking BPA with #5. I think Chase is one of the best WR prospects in awhile so whether it's him or a generational talent like Pitts, it's the right asset allocation move. Then again it's the Bengals so whatever decision is made is probably the wrong (and cheapes
  5. In other news, new BROCKHAMPTON is killer
  6. The NFLPA was basically using skipping voluntary workouts as leverage to adjust the offseason schedule, which the NFL did.
  7. Looks dumb and ridiculous and I cannot wait!
  8. Edmonds but Drake is in Las Vegas now.
  9. It's on Netflix so yeah, I'll throw it on but won't be expecting much.
  10. I don't think he's particularly good but they needed another body back there I guess.
  11. I loved the ending. I felt like it really stuck the landing, which I had been worried about the show doing for awhile.
  12. Yeah that was intense. Very curious to see where they go from here.
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