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  1. Succession has basically had the belt for two years.
  2. Minnesota Vikings vs Carolina Panthers (3) Los Angeles Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens (1) Arizona Cardinals vs Cleveland Browns (2) Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots (5) Seattle Seahawks vs Pittsburgh Steelers (4)
  3. New Orleans Saints vs Washington Football Team (3) Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers (5) Los Angeles Chargers vs Cleveland Browns (1) Green Bay Packers vs Cincinnati Bengals (2) Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs (4)
  4. Trey Area time! I'm optimistic but it might be pretty sloppy.
  5. At least it looks like it kinda follows the actual plot of the games instead of whatever the fuck the Jovovich movies were doing.
  6. He is still an improvement over what a lot of teams *cough* 49ers *cough* have so a trade isn't out of the realm of possibility.
  7. Bet that USC job is looking mighty tempting now...
  8. Pleasantly surprised by Ramin Djawadi having an album out this week. His Game of Thrones work is fantastic but seeing him live was an incredible experience. Willing to listen to him at any time.
  9. I don't think it's that bad of an idea. A lot of kickers drafted in the past few years are still playing and most of them for the team that drafted them. I think it used to be the case but it's starting to change as the old guard starts to fade away a bit more.
  10. Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions (1) Indianapolis Colts vs Miami Dolphins (3) Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers (5) Carolina Panthers vs Dallas Cowboys (2) Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos (4)
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