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  1. It would be great if someone could make some logos and banners for some of these new feds that are being added into EWR.
  2. Could someone cut this pic for me please....... This is Christine LeMaster, a new model girl hired by the WWE for anyone wondering.
  3. Do you have a pic of Tony Kozina when he's not in that gimmick?
  4. I'll put this in this thread also.......anyone got a UWA banner? It's the only fed I have that I don't have a banner for.
  5. MTV has a bunch of pics up of the WSX guys if anyone wants to use their site to cut pics.
  6. For the guy who wanted the Burchill...... Is that what you wanted? Hope it helps.
  7. Anybody have any Banner and Logo pics of WSX?
  8. There are some new pics of Daniel Rodimer here..........http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/profiles/d/daniel-rodimer.html He looks quite a bit different than he use too, so if anyone wants to do some cutting I think a new pic would be in order for him.
  9. Akira Tozawa isn't on the game........anyone got stats?
  10. A couple more that I'd be very happy if someone could cut........ Victoria Crawford... And Serena Deeb....theres several pics and links to her site/myspace here so I'll leave the link instead of just 1 pic. http://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/profi...erena-deeb.html
  11. If someone wants to do some cutting I found a picture of Brooke Adams....
  12. Ok a couple people from AAA I don't see in the game..... Copetes_Salazar Hijo_Tirantes Oriental Piero Tirantes Tropicasas If anyone has the info on them I'd appreciate it so I can add them.
  13. I'll once again list the people I don't see on the game............. Apollo_Starr Candi_Valentine SW people........ Ruby_Goldstein Kid_Nichols Evan_Inferno Derryk_Crosse Brady_Roberts Anyone have stats for these guys?
  14. Ok so I'm going to post the names of the people I don't see in the game that you have pics for.......I'll start with the Japanese. Ryuji_Hijikata Muhammad_Yone Yuuki_Ohno Syuji_Kondo Shinobu hiroyuki_kondou And now for the ECCW pack. Azeem_The_Dream Machette_Brown Kyle_OReilly Junior Harv_Sihra Gurv_Sihra Freddy_Funk El_Phantasmo Volcano Veronika_Vice Terry_Joe_Silver T_Kasaki Sid_Sylum Scotty_Sweatervest Nikki_Matthews Mikey_Dasheezits Ok now none of those people are in the game.............If they are in your game I'd like their stats or to know if they are
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