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  1. Radiohead are good, in my books. I think they are overrated but I understand why. They are the Tarantino, Nolan, etc of the music world. It is great for the industry to have an artist or act you can uphold as the pinnacle. It makes them boring to me because the edges that would make them more challenging aren't there. I like Pitchfork, but I don't understand it's purpose anymore. Pitchfork became popular for focusing on indie rock, less popular acts and biting criticism of boring major label acts. There were times that I would be angry about a review - the Mars Volta getting a 4 or someth
  2. Magdalena Bay's album Mercurial World is amazing. It's a blend of pop and house. It reminds me of 2am at the club.
  3. I'm surprised to see Wilco and Neutral Milk Hotel there. Pitchfork has definitely gravitated away from the indie rock focus and I'm shocked there is a contingent of the audience that would pick Wilco as their favorite album. I am shocked how little female representation in the top 20 there is and what albums are. Lorde's Melodrama is not what I would have expected. Definitely thought Fiona or Beyonce would have been in the top 10-20. I know they popped up later (20-40 if I remember). Its also surprising that Frank, Kanye, Radiohead and Sufjan have multiple entries in the top 20, but
  4. Yeah, she is really good. STFU is an excellent song as well. I have been on a music listening binge. Pitchfork put out two good pieces for their 25th anniversary: the 200 most essential artists of the last 25 years (https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/most-important-artists/) and the list of the future of music (https://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/pitchforks-25-next-list/) So I have listened to a whole lot of music the last two weeks: DJ Rashad - Double Cup (2013): Man, so much of pop and hip hop sounds inspired by DJ Rashad. What a great album.
  5. How am I just hearing Rina Sawayama now? She is great. Her debut album sounds like Mariah Carey meets Korn with little flourishes of present day electronic music.
  6. L Kids were away this weekend so I watched a bunch. Eighth Grade: this was really good. A movie about a shy and quiet Eighth Grade girl that is framed as a horror movie. Really good movie. Nomadland: Visually stunning and well acted. Felt authentic and genuine portrayal of those who were left behind by trauma and loss. Bo Burnham Inside: this is branded a comedy but I did not really find it funny. It's very interesting and music is great. The Devil Wears Prada: my hundredth time watching the movie. So good.
  7. It's all I ever think about.
  8. I'll answer my question a few days late, because my work has been hell. SOPHIE - OIL OF EVERY PEARL'S UN-INSIDES (2018): A masterpiece. SOPHIE mastered the art of music - make something that sounds interesting, that is incredibly poppy but also challenges you every step along the way. Each song escapes genre and description. The middle of the album challenges you more than entertains you. The almost 6 minute Pretending at times is just ambient noise and abstract screaming. It all comes to a head with the greatest 1-2 punch in music ever. SOPHIE has sung the entire album about her intern
  9. This may be the best 5 songs posted at a time. That probably reveals a lot about me and tells you my age. Paper Planes and With Every Heartbeat are top songs of all time contention.
  10. The struggle is real. Although you get to watch kids films at a certain point. Some of them will be good.
  11. @Liam did on the TV and Movie section, but I figured I would pose the question here - what is everyone's favorite album, songs and EPs of the last decade?
  12. I would agree, but I think the relative size of the map in Breath of the Wild and the fact it is an island make it fine in my books. Realistically, there are six distinct biomes - the snow, the lava, the mountain, the desert, the heavy jungle area and the field. I think having 6-7 different enemy types that are reskinned/varied in each biome, 3-4 big baddies and the scattered Guardians is fine. I wished that there were 2-3 unique enemies for each biome on top of that.
  13. I really do not like open world games, as they rarely if ever respect your time, hold your entirely too much and opt for vastness as opposed to interesting. That being said, Breath of the Wild is the greatest game ever. The decision in having distinct biomes that transition into one another is very wise. The south east of the map is the desert, the mountains above and snow at the top of the map and so forth. I am on my second play through the game. I put it down for months and pick it up and play after a bit.
  14. Post your thoughts on everything you watch. I have kids and cannot watch movies these days, but I do get the odd night to myself.
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