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  1. I played one game and won. You would think there would be more than 20 Pokemon though.
  2. My partner avoids the hordes and just clears the outposts and kills the odd loner zombie.
  3. What an incredible experience.
  4. Did anyone like Days Gone? What is a good game to get my hubby after he is done that. Obvious zombie games like TLOU and Dying Light he already beat.
  5. Only finished season 1. Season 2 will be started this week.
  6. Succession is good, but damn does it hit close to home.
  7. What a wild ride of a season. I think top sketch was the driving school or Jamie Taco.
  8. But I believe there is a creative mode where you could hypothetically speaking do that.
  9. Yeah my problem was the stutters. It was a great game though. I restarted Breath of the Wild yesterday. 7 shrines down. I have decided to stay in one area, unlock each of the shrines and move on. BoTW is so wonderful. The gameplay is wonderful. The sense of exploration is incredible. I forgot how I just loved strolling around the world.
  10. Tyler the Creator's IGOR is really good.
  11. I cannot believe that Laganja Estranga won All Stars 6 without even competing.
  12. Yes. The cold armor is pretty easy to get.
  13. RPS

    EWB Musicians

    Correct. And the Korg drum machine. I'll probably mess around for a few weeks before I record anything.
  14. RPS

    EWB Musicians

    I bought a baby synthesizer and a drum machine so maybe I'll be contributing to the thread soon.
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