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  1. Erasure takes me back to the mid 00s and exploring all of the great synth, new wave bands of the 80s. Erasure never really had the crossover appeal in the US to my understanding and they were never really considered in the same vein as other great new wave artists. A Little Respect is such an uplifting song.
  2. Me too. So much fun. Fred Schneider is a top level front man. He is a fabulous Jello Biafra.
  3. This is interesting. Pacman battle royale sounds interesting if it is on one big board. Less interesting if everyone had separate boards and send ghosts to my board.
  4. Love Shack probably used to be a guilty pleasure song, but I think hindsight has allowed for people to appreciate the B52's back catalogue and it is not really a guilty pleasure song. I think I wrote before when the B52's were there for Rock Lobster - Ricky Wilson dying of AIDS really impacted the band. They moved away from art-pop and transitioned to just straight up pop. And who can blame them? Ricky Wilson was one of a kind and could never be replaced. Instead of trying to replicate what they had before with someone new, they changed directions and went pop. Love Shack was actually wr
  5. RPS

    Music that is great

    Dillinger Escape Plan's Irony is a Dead Scene is amazing. I have been obsessed with it recently. The whole EP is maybe 20 minutes long, but it fucking rocks extra hard. It is like normal Dillinger Escape Plan, but far more playful. Mike Patton's vocal performance is unreal - veering between complete nonsense, bizarre and silly non-sequiturs and just traditional hardcore vocals. I really like Dillinger Escape Plan's entire discography, but Irony is a Dead Scene is very special. It is probably my definition of a perfect EP.
  6. We just finished. My daughter was so sad it ended. All of the characters were so well done. This is going to be one of those cult classic shows.
  7. I did not give to give my eulogy of George Michael. Fuck! George Michael, his discography and Faith meant so much to me at a young age trying to figure out who I was in the world. I knew who George Michael was post-cruising. But I became obsessed. I secretly bought all of his albums and would listen to them on repeat. I was into punk rock, hardcore and metal, but George Michael was someone I could look up too. I would watch his E True Hollywood obsessively. So much of George Michael's solo discography is interesting in retrospect of him being gay. Sure, at the time I am sure there
  8. Interesting. Why do you think that? I tried using all the different weapons, but I really got addicted to the Bow. I have only exclusively played with the bow like 90% of the game. And I find that I have fallen into a pattern of really only selecting certain Gods and boosting those benefits. Example - I always start the game off with the trinket that allows me to visit Dionysus right away and select his grenade cast. After that, I basically make sure that either my attack or my special are deflect (preferably special) and try to either get Doom or Hangover as the other. Dash can go
  9. Hades is a really good video game. I just beat it on my 28th run. And I did back-to-back victories over that asshole dad of mine.
  10. I think it will likely be Fiona Apple's Fetch the Bolt Cutters. But I have really enjoyed Lady Gaga's Chromatica. It is such a fun album.
  11. Yeah, I checked after. I got it. This is fantastic because me and the hubby had some money set aside to potentially buy next gen. Now we are just going to use the money to buy a 4K TV to take in the XBOX.
  12. Yep. Wait. Did you do it on EB Games website?
  13. I got PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 on XBOX for free. I have been steadily obsessed with over the last month. I have pretty much done all the maps and gotten A-B scores on everything. I was a little bit sad. But I thought - why not play the OG PAC-MAN Championship Edition on XBOX 360. So I picked that up. Wowza. What a great game. I get that people play video games for different reasons and the like, but PAC-MAN is the perfect video game. I think if someone asked me my desert island game, PAC Man Championship Edition would be on that list. Clearing boards, getting the ghosts to cha
  14. I did not get an XBOX Series X or S. Nice humble brag.
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