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  1. My nephew lost his parents copy of Mario Odyssey for a month.
  2. Good Ones was the type of track you are leaving the club to go to bed and you are in line for coat check and you are at the front of 30 minute line but you abandon it to go to the dance floor and you order another round of tequila shots and it becomes 5am and you are at the afterparty and they don't let you bring your bottle of aspirin into the club because it could be G and so you decide you'll go home but the song comes on again and it's like "I guess I have to go in" so you ditch the aspirin and your shirt and it's a few hours later and it's now time for breakfast so you get McDonalds and i
  3. Two episodes in and this show is making me question existence.
  4. Rina Sawayama and Charlie XCX teamed up for Beg For You. It samples Cry For You. Both songs are bangers. Charli XCX is what 2022 needs.
  5. I actually listened to that on Friday and recommended it to my dad but I'll listen to their other album from 2020. Did you like Rise?
  6. I'll be watching the new Australian Survivor season. We can jump start the old Survivor thread if you want million.
  7. I actually did not love that mission. I enjoyed it, but not as much. My favorite of the new maps was the Berlin nightclub. Only because I miss nightclubs and dancing.
  8. What should I listen too?
  9. I enjoy the games but I wish there was one more thing you did. Hitman are just puzzle games where you do four main activities - interact with items, try to pick up clues about where people or items will be, kill/subdue individuals and wear costumes to explore the environmental elements. It is fun, but I find it somewhat shallow. I think if they worked out a dialogue system, the game would be excellent. I find exploring the areas interesting, but I always get disappointed at the assassinations because I find them shallow.
  10. I presume backwards compatible with the PS1?
  11. Me and the better half watched Hacks. It is fine. I'll probably finish up the first season but I don't know if it wants to be prestige comedy or turn your brain off comedy...
  12. Anyone into retro consoles?
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