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  1. GotMik! To me, I have always thought that the make-up, the gowns, the personality, celebrity impersonation and the lip syncs are what are the most important things for a drag queen to have. GotMik has had the best make-up and gowns all season. I have enjoyed her personality the most. She is probably the worst lip syncer out of the bunch, which means she will probably end up losing because the finale will be a lip sync.
  2. Don't be sorry. I am decidedly not in a noise rock or experimental phase at the moment, so not in a head space to listen to what you posted, but I think this thread has devolved into longer pieces that people can write and share whatever. Blogs are dead. So we need someplace to have long pieces about music. My head is not into experimental or noise rock because after being in a holding pattern of listening to electronic/ambient music, I have gone down a pop music rabbit hole. I have previously written here that I become hyper obsessed with certain genres/albums/artists and can just spend
  3. Dynamax Raids are amazing. Best invention in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Low key obsessed with them right now.
  4. This is my definition of the one of the most perfect dance songs. So the song heavily samples an older cut, Can U Dance by DJ Fast Eddie, Kenny 'Jammin' Jason. Armand, however, transforms the song from a more interesting techno/electronic song into dance floor heaven by just taking that one sample and amplifying the track to a million. The first bit of the song is just building up to the sample. The non-sense vocals French vocals and the slow build up with the Hi Hat kicking in culminating two minutes into the song just hitting that amazing "Can U Dance" sample tha
  5. I never enacted it. I think around run 20-25 you start to feel good about the game. It is about incremental improvement and obtaining knowledge of the boons. By run 20-25, you have a good sense of what boons you are good with and the combos you want to make. I stopped playing when run 40-45 I was just beating every run even with making it more difficult.
  6. There is an easier mode on Hades. I believe it is called God mode. If I recall, it scales the difficulty down each time you die.
  7. Yeah, I guess it is really about what people find offensive. I would probably take no issue playing Kill the Poor by the Dead Kennedys because it is very obviously satire and for the most part, someone might not even be able to decipher what Jello is saying. However, I would probably feel uncomfortable playing WAP unless I knew everyone was on board.
  8. WAP by Cardi B and Meagan the Stallion is what I was thinking about. I actually really love the beat and swagger to the song. But there is zero way I would ever play that song in mixed company. There are so many laugh out lines in that song that make me snort when I hear it. But again... I cannot play it in mixed company. It is funny you ask this question, because it relates to Nine Inch Nails. I think when music is obsessively produced, which is what I think of when I think of Nine Inch Nails. One song that makes me think of this is the song Only by Nine Inch Nails. You could sit and
  9. It is so interesting, because I can distinctly remember the songs from Lulu years after not hearing them because they are so memorable. Just not memorable for the right reasons.
  10. To describe one favorite lyric from the album is just so difficult. I am indifferent to "If I waggle my ass like a dark prostitute/Would you think less of me".
  11. I had no frame of reference for this song and I listened to it and definitely fits the bill. The song is very descriptive of the message of the song. I mean, I personally like Closer by Nine Inch Nails better, but this is a catchy little tune.
  12. Is Nine Inch Nails Closer the greatest song that you cannot play in mixed company? I don't mind the odd swear word but the line "I want to fuck you like an animal" is just inappropriate in 90% of situations.
  13. This stands up. It's both audacious and completely unlistenable. I think it's interesting it was made but the thought of listening to the entire album is my definition of torture.
  14. I have been listening to Jai Paul constanly the last two weeks. Every winter, I would travel down south for a week and get a break from the cold Canadian winter. I never listened to this song while walking the beaches of Mexico or Nicaragua. But this song is so bright and shiny and feels me with such joy. There is something about the disorientating about the arrangement of the song and vocals that reminds me of being in a foreign country where you barely speak the language, don't know anyone and are just free to explore a whole new place. Maybe it is the time traveling lyrics?
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