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  1. Is Gamefly, or it's likeness, still a thing these days? Other than RedBox, I haven't used a rental service in years.
  2. This is probably a stupid question, sorry. Where would someone in the States be able to watch Premier League matches? The only TV channel that plays them for me is NBCSN, but I don't want to pay for cable just for one to two channels. Are there any streaming services or on demand services out there? I'd like to keep up, but have no idea where to watch. Edit: I asked about on demand services because most of the matches start extremely early or I'm at work while they're taking place.
  3. Lj.

    Apex Legends

    I'm on PS4 as LjPunk if anyone is up for some games in the near future. I'm in the Central US Timezone.
  4. DDP is on the Joe Rogan Experience right now! Talking about past & present day wrestlers/sharing stories. Check it out if you get a chance.

  5. I'd love for this to happen. Most of my games in EWR are based off of either very current RW Scenarios or very specific Historical Scenarios. I'd be more inclined to switch to TEW if there were more Historical in particular.
  6. Lj.

    WWE 2K18

    How did you do it? I purchased the Deluxe Edition, so I should have access to the DLC Packs at some point.
  7. Lj.

    WWE 2K18

    Are there any quality hashtags for created wrestlers on PS4? I thought I read on a previous page that someone had a little stash.
  8. Lj.

    WWE 2K18

    How are the loading times? I want to get this year's edition, but I'm hesitant since last year's loading times/screens & repetitive nature soured me quite a bit.
  9. Lj.

    WWE 2K17

    How do you challenge for a title in this God damned game? I've been #1 Contender in NXT for what seems like months, finally got into a feud with the current champion & the feud ends in what seemed like less than a week. My character has an Overall of 95 & was on a hot streak up until it was championship feud time. Half the time it seems like this game isn't actually difficult, just designed for you to fail if you don't follow an invisible game plan.
  10. Is there an option to turn down the amount of replays in games?
  11. Heartbreakingly beautiful. This got to me. Not many things do that anymore.
  12. Perfect! I've messed around with MyLeague's setting, but had no idea MyCareer would need some tweaking too. Makes sense though, thank you.
  13. Is there a way to get your team more active in MyCareer? Something in the settings perhaps? Get a little tired of my team making dumb plays or just standing still on both Offense/Defense.
  14. FIFA or PES 2017? 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Owen


      Yeah, that makes sense. I always have enjoyed PES's offline modes more than FIFA's.

    3. Adam


      I don't play online and I only ever get FIFA, but then I'm always keen for the presentation to be good in any game.

    4. New Damage

      New Damage

      My flatmate has FIFA17 and I have PES17. I always get PES and he gets FIFA. He's said that he doesn't like FIFA17, and it's worse than FIFA16. But he really likes PES17 and thinks it's better (especially with the importing of teams being a lot easier than it was last year).

      I haven't actually played FIFA17 yet (except the demo), but whenever we play each other, we always play PES17.

  15. Any tips on settings for defensive & offense? It seems like my team will just stand around on both ends of the court unless I physically try to control everyone or they react way too late. I'll post my Fantasy League Laker's roster later on if anyone needs more details before offering advice.
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