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  1. What a result this is for United fans.
  2. Now ban all 12 clubs from Europe next season. Fuck all of them.
  3. I still don’t see how this can go ahead as things stand. I say that all 12 clubs need to be banned from European competitions for at least three years after all this.
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn is free now.
  5. It really is disgusting the way these owners have gone about this. Not informed any of the playing / managerial staff and literally left them in front of the cameras do answer questions about something that was news to them yesterday as it was us. They really are disgusting human-beings.
  6. I do feel for the players and managers for once - they're stuck in the middle. You might get some that say they want to play in it but I would guess that the vast majority have no interest in it whatsoever. I mean, they already get to play in these big games from time-to-time and every time they do it is based on merit not default. Players of all these six clubs have worked hard to get to the semi-finals of each respective competition and now face the prospect of not being allowed to continue primarily because their club owners are greedy cunts. I cannot see any player sitting back and just ac
  7. The fact that no fans are attending at the moment has definitely helped them get this through. I would imagine mass walk-outs of games if fans were in attendance.
  8. I hope not one single fan turns up to the final game of the season for these six clubs. Not one.
  9. I hate to imagine of the ridiculous rule changes that these lot will think up too. Rolling, unlimited substitutions, no games end in a draw - penalties decide every game.
  10. As it stands, I’m done with Arsenal. Which is something I can’t quite get my head around. It won’t be as easy as just switching off, it’ll be a thing that takes some time I am sure. Half of the reason I wanted us to win the Europa League was so that we could finally return to the Champion’s League and play those bigger teams - now we’re just going to play them by default? Over and over again? Every season the same teams? So that eventually they can become touring games being played in Asia, America etc? Nah. Not having it. Sad thing is, it’s not the club persé, it’s these billionai
  11. I’d love to see what some of these managers think and if we hear from them in the coming days. But seriously, fuck Stan Kroenke and Co. Stealing football.
  12. Reading Arsenal’s tweet made me feel sick. Announcing it like it’s some achievement. Fuck them, hope Emery’s lot batter us in the semi-finals.
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