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  1. Bale on the bench for Spurs. Should get a 20-30 minute run-out in the second half I’d imagine.
  2. Taking physical nature out of the game! /oldman In other news, Brighton signed Danny Welbeck on a one-year deal. Good signing for them if he can actually stay fit.
  3. I saw two players swinging high boots at a loose ball. I just think it’s harsh and another example of VAR looking for things that aren’t obvious errors. Mitrovic however has had a terrible day. Lookman looks a real quality signing by Fulham.
  4. Absolutely delightful goal from Lookman. That’s another shit VAR decision for me.
  5. That tackle from Richarlison was genuinely appalling. On another day, Thiago’s leg gets snapped in two much akin to Ramsey/Eduardo. On another note, why did United sign that van der Beek? If he can’t get in the side when Pogba is out, what’s the point?
  6. Doesn’t seem that way. Game has been dreadful so far. Leno could have done better with that Aguero shot, parried it right into Sterling’s path. Don’t think either side deserve to be winning but maybe this will put some life into the game.
  7. Amazing that Chelsea neglected to really improve their defence.
  8. Crystal Palace signed Jack Butland for an initial £1m. Seems cheap.
  9. I only see the sneak-peek. Episode 2 seems to be online in places though, which is weird. Didn't it only start last night?
  10. We finished Haunting of Bly Manor last night. I'm surprised at the mixed reviews it got, mainly because people seemed to assume it will be a true "horror" like Hill House was, but clearly it's a completely different type of series. I really enjoyed it, the last three episodes in particular were up there with the best episodes of TV I've seen in quite a while.
  11. If they can make up for that shit-show of a final season, sure.
  12. There's more international friendlies next month?
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