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  1. Any chance I could get these pictures of Rebecca Knox/Becky Lynch on kyky?
  2. On KyKy please? Spoiler: Click here to viewAndy Ridge Baby Doll Dustin Cutler(left) and Brandon Cutler(right) Brian/Louis Lyndon Bryan Skyline Flip Kendrick
  3. Can anyone take this on for me? I don't mean to be pushy, I just need them real soon.
  4. Pretty simple request. Firstly, I need this picture cut onto KyKy Then, I need it to have a name across the bottom, like this one does, for example. The name should be Sah'ta Thor Then, I'm going to need names added to the rest of these pictures under the cut. If full names won't fit, just use the last names. Spoiler: Click here to view - John Pariah - Kris Mystical - Kevin Hurts - Bob Pooler - Hunter Spade - Piv Thank you to anyone who can do this for me. I'll have one more request in a day or two.
  5. Hope this is alright. (Y) I'm pretty sure that's Melanie Cruise, not Annie Social.
  6. I have the pic packs, but I'm using the H-Verse mod now and a lot of people are missing. Last time I checked, Boshy's thread was all KyKy, but I haven't checked it in a while.
  7. Would anyone be able to make some good quality cuts on this CW Saton background for me? I use these for TEW, but there isn't a lot of activity at the boards when it comes to cutting. I just want everyone in the game to have a picture. I can provide the pictures to cut. I won't lie, there are going to be a good amount of requests, but I'll only do a few at a time. So can anyone help me out?
  8. Can I get these Viva cuts on KyKy?
  9. Paul Turner Todd Sinclair D-Ray 3000 Thanks
  10. Can I get D-Ray 3000, Paul Turner, and Todd Sinclair on KyKy?
  11. Any chance someone can start doing cuts on Contagious' background? I used his WWE pack and after the database fiasco, he disappeared. I liked his pics and wanted to end up replacing all of my KyKy ones with his, but now that he's gone I need someone else who knows what they're doing to pick up where he left off if possible. Unless he comes back, which hopefully will happen eventually.
  12. Just need these 4 pictures cut onto KyKy. Thanks again to TheKazarian for doing the other ones. Can anyone the rest under the spoiler tag? Spoiler: Click here to view
  13. I got bored halfway through, but here's the ones I did: Thank you very much. Can anyone take on the rest?
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