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  1. Al Groh, Charlie Weiss, Nick Saban, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Jim Schwartz, Josh McDaniels, Bill O'Brien, Matt Patricia, Brian Flores, Joe Judge... Fucking eleven, although TBF Groh and Saban weren't part of the Patriots under Belichick.
  2. It will get better. I know from experience .
  3. They'll iron them out. Last season things were looking grim, but come December everything clicked. Bullet dodged but a win's a win.
  4. I came up with the best way to kill Grelod:
  5. Maximizing crafting has its drawbacks. I have, thus far, bankrupted Falkreath, Riverwood and Whiterun, so at this rate I'm pretty sure I'm gonna cause a massive economic depression in all of Skyrim.
  6. *Whistles the song of the Dragonborn while looting* Oooh, Tomato Soup! Still in the bowl!
  7. Walk away. Right now. (Intimidate)
  8. Be wery wery quiet. I'm huntin' dwagons. Huhuhuhuhuhu.
  9. For those interested, Humble Bundle has Stardew Valley for 20% off.
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