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  1. I do wonder just how far Blizzard is going to push the Classic bandwagon in terms of expansions. I look at the current state of the game now, and really it's been a turnoff ever since WoD for me in terms of all the new shit that's been added. While I'd be happy to see Classic go as far as Mists, I'll be equally content if LK is where it ends.
  2. Yeah, we're just running amok at this point:
  3. The Claptrap voice makes this hysterical ^_^ Just raided the first ADVENT Blacksite:
  4. So, with the ability in my lastest games to now build Sparks, I found the perfect voicepack for it: Borderlands Claptrap Voice Pack Part 1 - WTR - YouTube
  5. 'Le Grille'?! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

  6. I've been thinking about doing a legacy challenge, just debating if I want it to be on Sims 2 or Sims 3. Sims 3 has the benefit of a changing neighborhood and a much more open world, while Sims 2 has a lot of the more enjoyable content. I suppose the question with any would be which expansions to use. Even the most minimal expansions for Sims 3 will just add more cheaty stuff to the game. That's absent for the most part in Sims 2, the only real glitch I'm aware of has to do with the University gym where your Athletic skill will just skyrocket. Sims 2 also has it's fair share of ex
  7. If you're playing with Ultimate Collection, check out Any Game Starter. It lets you create a game with whatever content you want, the only issue is you have to recopy your mods into it. They have one for Sims 3 as well.
  8. So, just finished up the X-COM 2 campaign. My only real complaint was in the very last part of the last mission, wounds to other people were causing my troops to lose their cool. This was actually a tactical benefit when my Templar lost it and went nuts by a squad of Vipers I had forgotten about, but still annoying, especially when it's they're freaking out and I'm like "Oh come on, Mox has gotten worse shaving!" The very last Avatar basically dumbassed itself. I hit it one, it teleported right next to my Reaper (who had yet to move)...so, shot number two from the Reaper, teleports into d
  9. Well, natural death. Even then there's non-cheaty ways to get around it.
  10. That's been in since the first game! And if you want building empires, there's Crusader Kings, but then again, your characters can (and will) die .
  11. The thing I've found nifty for dealing with the Lost is a Sharpshooter. Not so much for the sniping, but the free pistol shots just make it fish in a barrel. Just had my first encounter with the Hunter. They didn't do shit. Here's what I managed to roll on it: So, ok, Blast Shield negates grenades, which kinda sucks. But it also doesn't do a damn thing to negate what the grenades do to structures, and yeah, the Hunter was behind a building, but my Sharpshooter was perched up high and I had a Templar right around the corner. He didn't do shit.
  12. UFO was hunting me. I decided to deliberately provoke it. This is the result:
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