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  1. He looks way too happy for someone who joined the Dark Side
  2. Oh boy, a legendary weapon! Let's look at the stats!
  3. ...Oh Jesus, the porn mods with that
  4. You have three days. If my twenty billion dollars are not delivered by then, the hostages will die, and the world will hold you responsible! 

  5. Hmm. "The Social Distancing of Haruhi Suzimaya". Given the power of her moods, you can bet that would have everyone interested in saving reality shitting their pants .
  6. Nice. . Nice. .......nice. God help me, guys. Here we go .
  7. Death's perspective when he plays my cheesed up custom ruler to a game of chess:
  8. People think I'm crazy, 
    'Cause I worry all the time. 
    If you paid attention you'd be worried, too. 

    You better pay attention, or this world we love so much might just kill you. 

    1. Mick


      I could be wrong now...

    2. Mick



  9. So, giving a regular game a shot for a change. Started as Venice, 769. Making boatloads of cash, and as my first leader, Serene Doge Cassio Andolini, took the seducation focus banging anything he could to increase the number of sons and thus, trade posts. When possible, I'm legitimizing all my kids. After Cassio dies, Angelo, his genius son, takes over and does the Doge's duty of banging what he can. But some of those daliances produced an interesting scenario. Angelo's nephew Merigo (a slow, lustful monk with no lover and no bastards, mid 40s) had a Karl
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