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  1. RIP Bob the defecting Elite Stun Lancer and....whatever the name of the dead Andromedon I hacked in the last mission was. Bob was a good former Elite Stun Lancer, he blew up some barrel which bought me an extra turn I didn't really need, and the Andromedon did fuck all until I had my Templar kill it rather than let the hack fail at the wrong time. And now their watch is ended.
  2. The most unbelievable thing about XCOM 2 is watching all the people turning against ADVENT after you let the cat out of the bag. Yeah, like that'd happen .
  3. But I want the left one, not the right one!
  4. Would it kill Square Enix to release the first two Final Fantasy games, or the rest of the Dragon Quest series?
  5. A naked man has few secrets, but a flamed man has none.
  6. Well, I'm just going to sit here waiting to see how many people say Coheed and Cambria
  7. Makes sense, she looks like Lyanna. BOBBY: They ALL look like Lyanna in the dark .
  8. The only problem I see is that Ned's the lover and not Bobby .
  9. While I love the redunancy, I honestly feel like the text for this event is directly inspired by Donald Trump. Also, my 'alleged' accomplishments include basically sacking the shit of the Free Cities, Ghiscari and Qarth, and wiping Lys off the map .
  10. There once was a young lord named Rickon, But the gals at court called him --
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