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  1. Billy Madison is a movie I have watched over and over and over again. Every time it is on TV I have to watch it. Loved him as Billy's loser mooch friend that lounged around the pool all day and stole 30 bag lunches!
  2. Its even worse now when the whole game ends if the host quits.
  3. Kingpin on VHS for nostalgia. Bill Murray is such a great piece of trash 😅
  4. Game & Warriors and Yoshi’s Woolly World are both still worth playing on Wii U if anyone was wondering
  5. How is Yoshi's Wooly World? My son loved Yoshi's Crafted World and actually cried when we completed it. Was thinking about picking that one up.
  6. Just snagged a Wii U for $70 on Marketplace! Are there any must play games aside from Nintendo land that haven’t been ported to Switch?
  7. https://www.tewdb.com/img1213.htm I believe that mod may have what you are looking for
  8. I forgot that the Series S is all digital. That’s a hard pass on that alone for me 😕
  9. I get that there is a chip shortage, but the online only roll out has made it a scalper’s paradise. Bots buy up all of the stock and they get resold for two times the price. It’s pretty disgusting. I have no desire to buy an inferior S model either when they’ll probably turn around and release a revised model a couple years from now.
  10. The way both Sony and Microsoft have rolled out the next gen consoles with the online only BS has made me give up on even purchasing one of the consoles this generation. I’ll stick with Nintendo.
  11. Came in to say this. Most I’ve enjoyed Cena in a movie role ever. He’s fantastic.
  12. Shaun of the Dead is a damn classic. Truly a movie I could watch over and over.
  13. The Smells Like Teen Spirit cover and the human trafficking/red room opening was superb.
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