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  1. https://www.amazon.com/FRIDAY-13TH-ULTIMATE-DVD-COLLECTION/dp/B00UGPDMAY I scored this one on Amazon for around $13 a couple months back. Currently watching them in order each morning when I get home from work.
  2. It’s mostly nostalgia for me. It’s always strange to see A Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th all super clean on Blu-ray. It just doesn’t look right when I watched them 20 times on grainy vhs in 4:3
  3. I believe it is. It's gone for $60 - $100 on ebay recently.
  4. It's a double that I didn't spot, along with the three Final Destinations I ended up with 😆 Horror just feels right on VHS. It really does take a lot of hunting and combing through the Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist Ads/Thrift Shops I found all of this today off a Market Place ad for $10
  5. Going for nostalgia this year and going to experience some of these on VHS and my old school Sony Trinitron. I feel like there’s no other way to watch nightmare on Elm Street.
  6. Has anyone heard of Never Hike Alone? It's a fan made Friday the 13th film, and it's better than at least half of the theatrically released films in the franchise. Trailer: Full Movie:
  7. Damn, this news really hurts 😢 Insane he was so sick and able to keep that schedule. May he RIP.
  8. I’m the opposite. I’ve started over two times, each with the idea of playing honorably only to realize that my Arthur Morgan is an evil SOB
  9. For Active Areas I look at their career on cagematch (where it lists the promotions they worked) and activate those areas
  10. There is a Super Mario Maker 2 update coming that will allow the creation of “worlds” with multiple levels. Hopefully this gets some decent level designers putting out “games” in the spirit of the actual Mario games. Might give it another try.
  11. My son’s birthday was today. I think he was more impressed with the party they threw for him on Animal Crossing than his real life one.
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